It’s time to get and stay in your happy place!

Trying to do ALL the things is burning you out. You’re feeling overworked and overwhelmed and girl, this doesn’t have to be your story. Your life can actually bring you the joy and peace you desire and deserve.

The days of constant clutter and chaos that has you wanting to hide in a corner or go spend a few nights at the nearest hotel are over.

You have the power to create a home and life that feels good to you. One that feeds your heart and soul and I’m passionate about equipping you with the support and resources to make it happen.

At Routine & Things, our core values include supporting you with:

Caring for your home and yourself with intention, grace, and gratitude.

Cultivating a home of happiness, joy, and love.

Connecting with and supporting moms on this exhausting yet exciting journey of motherhood.

My Story

Hey there, I’m Ashley! 

Wife to a hilarious man, girl mom to two little angels, nurse educator, and self proclaimed mom motivator. It’s my mission to support and equip moms with cultivating homes and lives full of abundance as well as make the challenging and tedious parts of motherhood more exciting through routines and a positive perspective.

I’ve always been the girl with the yearly planner and structure has always been in my DNA. But when I decided to start my entrepreneur journey on top of transitioning to a full time stay at home mom, I struggled with balancing it all. Laundry was overflowing, tv was my daughters’s best friend, and the chaos of it all turned me into a moody mess.

I was overworked, overwhelmed, and over feeling like I couldn’t get a handle on my home, let alone my life. I felt like couldn’t get my stuff together, constantly playing catch up and wishing I could get away from it all. I knew something had to change.

One day I made the decision to pick back up the gifts and tools I already had. Using routines, I began to create and find my rhythm at home. I also got back to being the planning nerd I once was before. By shifting my mindset to have a positive perspective of home and using routines as a roadmap to more peace of mind, I started to feel the weight lift and recognized the power I possessed to add breathing room to my life. To control the chaos rather than it controlling me.

I had to stop putting other things over what truly mattered and get clear about what was serving me and my home- even if that meant not being able to give 100 percent to every area of my life and saying no to certain things so I could make room for what I wanted. I began to create routines that not only worked for me and my family but routines I actually looked forward to. This is when I slowly began to experience the joy and peace I never imagined was possible.

Unfortunately there’s no manual for motherhood, no step by step guide for running a home or caring for those within it. No how to video to walk you through the highs and lows of homemaking.

I started Routine and Things for moms like you looking to kick chaos to the curb. To light the way and guide you to finding fulfillment at home and in life.

I’m here to support you in getting and staying in your happy place because life is too short to accept anything less, so let’s make it count

xo, Ashley