Secrets Of A Homemaker

As you are well aware, homemaking takes effort and work. But luckily there are tidbits of information that can help make the journey a bit easier and more fun. We know more than we think and are constantly learning from our friends and community. It’s about time we start to share the love and knowledge we have acquired on this journey with those around us.

In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, I’m sharing with you my favorite homemaking secrets that will help you manage your home like a boss.

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[Intro] Routines, my absolute favorite word, but you either love them or you hate them. And either way, I strongly believe that routines can be a springboard for improving your home, yourself and your life. I'm Ashley Brown, and this is a routine and things podcast. In each episode we'll dive into a specific routine or point of view that will move you closer to enjoy life more and more each day. Trust me, you're gonna want to keep listening, because you're well on your way to getting and staying happy.


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Hey, welcome to the routine and things podcast. I am so happy that you're joining me yet again this week. If this is your first time tuning in, thank you. Thank you so much girl, for tuning in, listening to this podcast. Today is going to be a really, really dope episode because I'm going to be sharing with you some really juicy secrets like so juicy gonna be so good today. It might just be, you know, I might just be exaggerating just a tad bit when I say juicy secrets. But I'm telling you, the things I'm telling you today may just change your life. So it's a good thing that you're listening. If you've been listening for a while, I will do want to also say thank you to you for listening, for being a part of this community. I'm here for you, so if you ever want me to talk about anything specific, if you ever want for me to just talk about anything, I can always bring on guests to talk to you and to give us their wisdom. So whatever you're struggling with right now, whatever you have been thinking about wherever you feel stuck in homemaking, in motherhood, in life. Let me know.


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Send me a message. You can email and let me know what you would like for us to discuss and for me to help, to bring you to support you in your journey of life. So I wanted to put that out there. Before I get into the secrets of a homemaker, I do want to say today and give you some encouragement, but just letting you know that wherever you are, that you are doing your best. I don't want you beating up on yourself. I don't want you giving yourself a hard time, today. I want you to know that you are doing your best. If you ran out of the house with like a chicken with your head cut off, you are doing your best. If you hardly made it to work on time, you are doing your best. If you are still in your robe and your children watching TV right now, girl, you are doing your best. Even if you feel like you're not doing your best, and that you could be doing better, the fact that you're thinking that you're already doing your best. So I want to give you some encouragement today, wherever you are because I know that motherhood can be challenging, trust me. I'm in it with you. I know that life can throw us curveballs. Trust me, I'm in it with you. But at the end of the day, I want you to know, girl, you are doing your best.


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All right, so let's get into the secrets of a home maker. So I'm going to be sharing with you today some things that can really help you in home making, right helping your home, give you some things that you can do within your home that you may not know about. It's a lot of things that we as homemakers do that we think everybody knows because we do it and we're constantly doing it and it's just second nature to us or we learned it along the way. The thing about it is, a lot of times, other people don't know what we know. So I want to share with you some secrets that I know for a fact that I use in my home. And I also want to share with you tips and tricks and things like that, that can help you as well. So let's get into it. So I'm going to be going through each routine, because as you know, or maybe as you don't know, I believe that there are five routines you should have for your home, children, cooking, cleaning, self care and planning. And so with that, I want to go through each category of routine and give you some tips and things and secrets that I've learned along the way and that I've learned from other moms that will definitely benefit you in homemaking.


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So let's go ahead and start with the children's routine. Right We need some things that's going to help us with that kids because, girl, these kids! We love them but sometimes we just be like you're doing way too much right now and I don't know, you too cute though. But let me go ahead and share with you some things that I've learned along the way that I think could be really helpful for you. So when it comes to our children, some of the things I have learned, I have four things, four secrets, I've learned, that may be really beneficial for you. So the first one is about lessening TV. So I know as moms we want to sometimes just lessen the amount of TV and like, just visual stimulation that our children are taking in and we want to just, you know, lessen that a bit because you know, it's just not the best for our children to be in front of the TV all the time because a lot of times it's just so much propaganda on TV,  like okay, cut it out, y'all. Cut out all the propaganda, like stop selling my children stuff, like just start with all the advertisements. So you might be wanting to lessen TV for your child, I want to share this secret with you. So in order to lessen TV, one of the things that I've learned, I learned this from another mom. Shout out to @umispeaks. So if you're not following her, follow her, she's another dope mama. And she actually shared this secret with me and so I'm sharing it with you today. So I wanted to lessen like TV time with your child, what you can do instead is play audio books for your child. So one place that you can find, like children, aged audio books, and like, books and movies that are in audio is by going to Spotify. Spotify has an entire playlist where it's a bunch of kids movies, kids books, that you can play on audio, so this can help you lessen TV time. So even though they're not looking at it, they're still hearing it and this can even actually help them, when I think about it right now, it can help them to just be more, like just be better auditory learners. So, with that being the case, that's one way that I've started to lessen the amount of TV in my home is by having my daughter listen to audiobooks, and she'll just be like listening to it. And she'll sit down, she'll probably sit down for about 10 minutes, and after about 10 minutes, she'll just start doing her own little thing. But it's still good because she's hearing it and sometimes she's like, what was that and she comes back to it. And so this can be one great way to lessen the amount of TV that your children are watching. So just wanted to share that tip with you. And like I said, if you want to learn more about this, I am going to have the Spotify playlist linked by going to, so you can always go there. So like I said, everything that I'm mentioning most of the things if I say is linked, then that means just go to


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And the second tip is, this is for the potty training stage, I'm in it girl. I am in , even though she's like almost out, but I'm still in the potty training phase. It's been a little bit rough, but to God be the glory like we making it through, we are getting through it. But one tip I want to share with you because my child has just been peeing up our house. I'm gonna be real honest and all the way over with you today. She's been peeing up our house. And I remember one moment I was walking around and I started just smelling pee. I'm like, no. Where's this at? How do I get rid of this pee smell? Because I tried to scrub it. It wasn't out the next day. I said, oh no, we can't be having this. And so I was on IG one day and what I remember is strolling my IG feed and I ran across a mom hack and it said that you can use shaving cream in order to get the pee smeel out of either your bathroom, out of carpet, and that's what I did. I used shaving cream. And so I found out about that secret from thefunnymama. So I do follow her on IG. If you're not following her, another dope mama for you to follow thefunnymama. She shared that tip with me and that was such a helpful tip. Although, I did not use it because we didn't want to go out and buy shaving cream because it was late at night and we wanted the smell gone. So what we did instead, which is another tip for you is we use baking soda and vinegar. That's exactly what we used, baking soda and vinegar to help get out the pee smell and it worked like a charm. So I just want to share those two tips with you when it comes to potty training and getting out pee smells. You're welcome. There you go.


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Now the next tip, that deals with your kids, is about their eating. This is for toddlers, so if you have a toddler, I don't know, it might not even be for toddlers because I know some older children that be acting up when it comes to them eating certain nutritious foods. So what I start to do about a couple of months back, is I started to actually put foods that I knew she probably would not eat into foods that she actually liked. And I got this idea because I was hanging out with, because I was passing by a neighbor and I was telling her all about how she did not want to eat veggies and how my daughter was just like, I'm not eating this. And what she did my sweet sweet neighbor is she blessed me with a book. And the book is called "Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Seinfield. Yes, this is Jerry Seinfeld's sister. And this book is absolutely amazing has changed a lot. So I have started to put different things in my daughter's food. So like in the book, she says to puree any type of white beans so I buy chickpeas, a lot, garbanzo beans and I puree those, you know what I put them in mac and cheese, and it works. So, so good. My daughter does not have a clue, even though sometimes she'd be scrunching up her face, but she'll still keep eating it. But yes, so that is a trick that I've been using.


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Also, another great thing in the book is to mash up like basically baked sweet potatoes or just cook them down in like water and boil them and then mash them up and spread them on bread before you actually make your grilled cheese. And because they're the same color, the kids do not have a clue, like my daughter does not have a clue and I make that for her all the time. So that's just ways that I've been trying to get in and sneak in some foods that I know that she probably will not eat into foods that she actually likes. And also love making smoothies, that's another suggestion. So if you're trying to get in greens like spinach or even you can put kale. You can put those into a smoothie like I do. My daughter loves smoothies, and she does not have a clue. She drinks it up. And it's really good to help them go to the bathroom to FYI, if they haven't problems with that. So yes, that is another tip that I wanted to give you because we know sometimes our kids are just like not trying to eat the food. And we're like, no, you need this though, for your health and for your well being. So the book will be linked, okay, so you can go check it out, it will be linked. And it's been a really helpful book for me, she gives a bunch of recipes with a bunch of different vegetables and fruits, and it's amazing.


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Next, the last tip I want to give you about children that can really help you in terms of just learning is I want to tell you about a way that you can get your children free books. And so one of the ways is by little free library. So if you're not sure about what this is, they are like a little libraries that are usually in your neighborhood or, or in certain neighborhoods. And so what it is, is it looks kind of like a just like a box as homemade,  it stands up. And basically what you'll see is a free library. And it's an entire company that runs it. You have some people that like do this on their own, they make their own little library box in their neighborhood and on their street. We have one on ours, which is great because I have gone down, and I have picked up books for my daughter. Because the way that it works is you can take a book, and then as long as you bring it back, that's great. And even if you don't want to bring it back, as long as you take a book and then you put one back in there, you can do that too. So you can swap books from it, or you can take it and bring it back. So it's just like a little library that's closer. Especially it's some neighborhoods sometimes that don't have libraries close around. You may have a little free library in your area. So you can google this little free library, or I will also have it linked for you as well. So you can check it out.


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The next way that you can get free books is through Imagination Library. Oh my gosh, I love them. So Imagination Library was started by Dolly Parton. And so how this works imagination library is you can sign up for it is in a specific area, so it may or may not be in your area, but you can look for it to see if it is. But what happens is when your child is born, you can sign up for it. And from the time they're born to five years old. Every month, they will send your child a free book in the mail, so wonderful. My daughter just got her first book like a month ago, and we're waiting on her next book and she loved it. She ended up getting "The Little Train that Could" which she absolutely loves reading that book. And so it's just a great great program and a great way to make books and learning accessible for those who may need it. So go look it up. It is going to be linked if you want to see if your city provides this, if your neighborhood provides,you can see on the website, so it's called Imagination Library and it will be linked. So were those some really good secrets. That was some good information. When I was shared these things, I was like, yes, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And as you saw, the people that shared these things with me, we're moms, that's why we are so so important to each other to help each other out and support each other. So really, really good tips. I hope that you found them helpful.


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Now let's move on to cooking. I'm going to give you three secrets that I want you to know when it comes to cooking. First secret is in order for you to cook less double batch your meals so I love to double batch dinner. So when I cook dinner, I will make a second portion of that dinner. So just basically doubling the recipe is what double batching means, doubling the recipe. So double the recipe in order for you to cook less throughout the week. This is definitely something that we as homemakers do, if you haven't been doing it girl, go ahead and start it because it's going to help you. You can have the leftovers, your family can have the leftovers, you don't have to cook the next night, it's absolutely amazing. Which kind of leads me to my second tip, which is to use your freezer. So what I will do is usually take the second portion that I cooked and put that away for a time when I need it. So I put it in the freezer, I put it in a good container or either a plastic bag, doubled up and I put it in the freezer so that when I need a quick meal I can just pull it out defrosted the night before and then that's dinner for the next day. So the freezer is your friend. Let me say it again, the freezer is your friend. Freezing your food also help you prevent food waste and help you to save your coins and save your dollars. So it is just amazing what a freezer can do. And you can use and you can put anything in your freezer like legit like you can put almost anything in your freezer. You got some shredded cheese that you like oh, I don't want this to go old, girl you wrap that up in some good plastic wrap, double wrap it, put that label it, put it in the freezer, girl, take that back out, thaw it, it's still good.


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If you want to put it on the casserole, you want to put it in some lasagna it's still good, you want to put it on the pizza. It's still good. I'm telling you. You can put any thing in the freezer. So start using your freezer because that's something that we do as homemakers. That's something that I've learned along the way. And it really really helps. You know when bread is getting old and you're like, I think that's about to start getting old, girl if you pop that thing in the freezer, it will stay for another about two, it will stay for a good amount of time. Basically, I got free I have bread in the freezer right now. I just popped some tortillas in the freezer and I was like you know what, I'm not even using this right now. Put it in the freezer, take that out the next time I want to make like a taco casserole. So good. So that is a tip for you.


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The last tip or secret that I want to share for you is for easier or quicker cooking, use appliances that can help you. The two appliances that I think you should have if you're a homemaker are either a crock pot or a pressure cooker. And I'm gonna say pressure cooker for number one Because this is a game changer. I have an instant pot, I had another pressure cooker before which works great I still have it when I want to meal prep and meal prep really quick. I have that and it is amazing. The instant pot is amazing.The crock pot is amazing.I don't use my crock pot as much. I use it more in like the wintertime, but honestly I love my instant pot more because it's quick. We need stuff to be done quick sometimes. Sometimes we forget to take the meat out the freezer, and we're like, oh shoot, didn't thaw the meat. No worries, you have your instant pot, you have your pressure cooker, so it doesn't matter. That's what I love about it. And you just put that frozen chicken in there was some good barbecue sauce, some Italian dressing. You set that, you forget it. In 15 minutes you got some shredded up sure that chicken up, 15 minutes you have shredded barbecue chicken done. Put it on some bread, put it over some rice, put it on some mashed potatoes and you're done with dinner. Add your veggie on the side. That's it, girl. Go get you a pressure cooker. I'm trying to tell you. Go grab that instant pot because I know you probably be eyeing it. Just go ahead and grab it. It's gonna be so helpful for you. It's been so helpful for me. My mom got me my first one and it's been amazing. So I wanted to share that with you. The instant pot will be linked to so just wanted to put that out there. But those were some secrets that maybe you did not know that could be really helpful for you in terms of cooking.


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Alright, next let's talk about cleaning. Okay, so cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I have four tips for you when it comes to cleaning. The first secret is hand mopping. I know you might be like Ashley, what the frick are you talking about,girl?  You coming out with a secret talking about hand mop my floors? Yes. I am. You heard right, hand mopping. I just recently started doing this and it has been just, I've been loving it. I mean honestly like, I love it because one is more effective than a mop than a standard mop like honestly it's really more effective because you can get those cracks and crevices. It's so effective for cleaning your floors I'm telling you and use that standard mop just holds so much bacteria it's crazy. So you can't wash them. And so because of that I started hand mopping because I was like I cannot sit up here and use this mop anymore. Like this is nasty. So I started to hand mop and it's been great because you can just throw it in the washing machine after and wash the rag. I use a microfiber cloth. It's amazing. I just make sure I have on me like some really good pants I don't have on shorts I have on pants, because you don't want your knees getting messed up too much. But it's been really really good. So that is a secret for you.


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And if you're like, Ashley, I'm not trying to get down on my hands and knees and scrubbing the floor. The second thing that you can do is use a Swiffer. So if you have a Swiffer at home, all you do is attach a microfiber cloth to that really well. And then you can mop your floor with that. And you can still pop the cloth in the washing machine to wash after so that is a secret for you. So the second secret in terms of cleaning is adding essential oils as a fragrance for your bathrooms. So an easy way that you can do this. Okay, if you want to add fragrance to your bathroom, and you don't want to use an aerosol spray, or you don't want to use a plugin or anything like that, or a candle right because you can't keep the candle lit. If you don't want to use those things. What you can do is use essential oil and what to do with the essential oil is you put a few drops of your favorite essential oil, I love lavender, love it, love it, love it. You put a few drops on the inside of the toilet paper roll the cardboard portion and that gives you a bathroom smelling so good and  people be like where's this smell coming from, your guests and family will be like, girl what you got in this bathroom? Be like my secret. So that is a really good tip about adding fragrance to your bathroom.


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Another secret in terms of cleaning this is something that I didn't know for the longest time until I started owning a home. And that is that you need to wash your freakin washing machine. I cannot be the only one. Raise your hand if you did not know this. And I know that you are probably raising your hand because I did not know that you need to clean a freakin washing machine. I ain't never seen my mama clean no washing machine. I ain't never seen my grandma clean a washing machine. What are y'all talking about? But it's crazy because they do need to be cleaned because after you clean them, you be like, oh yeah, this did need to be cleaned. So what you do in order to wash your washing machine and when to clean it, what you do, you need certain ingredients, you want to have white vinegar, baking soda and a cloth, okay. And what you're going to do, and it is multiple ways that you can do this, you can google it as well, but I'm gonna give you the way that I do it. You add two cups of white vinegar, it's a half a cup of baking soda, and you kind of mix that around. And what you do is you pour it into I have a top loading washer, you pour it into the washing machine, and then you run a cycle on the highest setting at the highest temperature. Okay. And so that's what you do, and you go ahead and run that and then after it's done, you wipe it clean with a cloth, a damp cloth, your washing machine is going to be clean. And you take that same solution and then you can take just like in a spray bottle, white vinegar or you just put it on the on the cloth like I do, and then you can clean like the rubber portion. So let's say you have a front loading washer, even for some top loading washers too, you have like a rubber portion. You go ahead and you clean that with vinegar and you're gonna see like just some stuff start I'm telling you it's, it's crazy, your washing machine does need to be clean. So yeah, so that is a secret that I didn't know for the longest freakin time. So you're welcome. And you only have to do that every six months. So it's not many times every six months.


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Next, the last secret when it comes to cleaning is how to actually clean out your food disposal, how to prevent a lot of gunk in your food disposal, or how to keep it from not smelling. So the secret to this is to add a piece of a lemon in your food disposal and then turn it on and what this does is that acid from the lemon will remove caked up like stuff in particles from the blaze and prevent it from smelling. So that's what you do. Then after you run the blades, you're going to run some really hot water and let it go down. And that is the tip. I got that secret actually found a handyman that came over to fix our food disposal. So that's how I know. But yeah, that was a secret I learned and I just wanted to share with you if you didn't know because sometimes those food disposals be acting up and you'd be like, okay, I can't even use this sink I put nothing down the sink.


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Alrighty, let's move on to the next routine, which is self care. So I'm going to share with you two secrets when it comes to self care, because you may be thinking to yourself, I don't have time for self care. I can't find the time for self care. What are you talking about self care, Ashley like, I know I need to do it, but everybody keeps talking about I need to do it, but aint' nobody coming over here helping me to do it. So I'm gonna share a secret with you in order to get in your self care time without anybody helping you,  you either need to wake up early to do it, or you need to do it at night when your kids go to sleep. That's it. So I like to wake I do both. A lot of the times, I like to wake up early for the kids to get up and do some myself care. So I like to read my Bible, whether it's on the Bible app, whether it's my physical Bible, I like to read some scriptures in the morning, sometimes I will journal as well in this will help me to just clear my mind before the day starts. And also I'll do self care once the babies go to sleep as well. And my girls, so what I'll do is sometimes take a bath, or I'll journal at night as well, I will listen to a meditation before I go to sleep. And so that is some of the ways that I like to make sure that I care for myself and find that time actually create that time for myself is by waking up early or doing it after the kids go to bed. So that's a secret for you. If you're like I can't find the time, I can't find the time girl. Sometimes we're not gonna be able to find the time. We have to create the time and that's by doing things that might feel difficult. But that's gonna help us keep our sanity. So that's my tip for you.


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Alright, now the second thing in terms of self care that I think is really important, a secret that you may not be doing, what you could be doing is to find a home hobby. Like when it comes to self care, sometimes we think we have to leave outside of the house, that we have to just go outside the house, do something like manicure pedicure, go get a massage, go to the movies by ourselves, go out to a restaurant by ourselves. All that  just sounds wonderful to me to be perfectly honest. But also I do things inside the house as well. And this is where finding a hobby can come in and like really figuring out what it is that you like, in order to start doing that hobby. So baking is one of my hobbies. I love, love, love baking, and it helps me get in myself care because it's something that feeds my soul like I honestly I love to bake. So that's a hobby of mine also love dancing. So I'll just turn on like 90s- 2000s. I mean, you probably have heard me say this before because I love 90s- 2000s music and I just have a old soul, something about it. And so, I love 90s- 2000 music so I will just jam out today in dance and vibe out so that is a hobby of mine too. I love dancing. I love going to like dance classes. I mean, it's just amazing. So finding a home hobby is really really important.


Ashley Brown  29:32

Other home hobbies that you could get into just some suggestions, things like knitting, crocheting, and don't look for your eyes and be like knitting crocheting is for old people. No, it's not because it can really be beneficial. I remember when I was working as a nurse, they came in and taught us how to knit and I absolutely, no they came in and taught us how to crochet actually wasn't knitting, it was crocheting, and I loved it. So crochet girl, get your crochet on. Crocheting. You also do like painting, learning how to paint at home, like watercolor. Creative writing, you can write poetry. Your hobby could be just coloring. Caring for plants could be your hobby. Calligraphy. Like the list goes on and on. I actually think I want to do a podcast episode about hobbies. So if that's something that you would like more information about, let me know. But yes, find yourself a hobby because when you find yourself a hobby, you're going to be doing it because it feeds your soul and it's a form of self care. So that is another secret. That's what us as homemakers do some of us do is we have a home hobby.


Ashley Brown  30:43

Last but not least, you know, I had to talk about planning now you know that. So in terms of planning some secrets for you. Because planning is huge. You hear me talk about this all the time, and if you don't, and it's your first time hear me talk about planning, planning is my jam. It is something that is going to help you keep all of your routines and rotation going to help you achieve consistent peace in your life if you plan because being in the unknown and so many unexpected seeds can drive you crazy. So planning is huge. So some secrets I want to share with you when it comes to planning is first of all, you want to use a planner that works. Okay, so you might use a planner that works for you because you are more likely to use it, when you buy one or create your own that actually works for you. Because if it doesn't work for you, you're not going to use it at all. I'm telling you, you're not so, buy one that works for you, create one that works for you. Second secret to stay consistent with planning is to place it within your visual path. So what I mean by this is sometimes we'll buy planners and next thing you know they're like on the books shelf that we never go to, or they land up in a space that we are not even looking in or that we rarely go to. And then we wonder why we haven't planned in two months, because it wasn't a visual cue for you. It was out of sight, out of mind. So I like to say is put in sight, so it's in mind, so you can remember it, so you can remember to plan. So I like to put mine on my dining room table like my planner legit stays on my dining room table, and if it's not on my dining room table, It is close by my dining room table. So I always know where my planner is because I use it every single week. So it's such a routine for me that honestly, I don't even need a visual cue for because I'm gonna be like, where my planner at? Like, where's my planner I need to plan I need to plan. So that is a tip for you. If you've been finding yourself forgetting about your planner, just forget about planning in general. Put your planner in an area that you are going to see on a daily basis and that you will not forget to look at and that you will not forget is there. Okay so that's a tip. Little secret for you.


Ashley Brown  33:13

The last secret when it comes to planning is to use erasable pins or use pencils. I love pens because I love like color ink, I love like writing  my life, I plan out my days in color I just like that because I can put like the things I really need to be like done and read and just like color coding. So that's why I love to use erasable pens. So I buy mine usually online or from Target and I forgot the brand name but I will link it I will be sure to link it for you. And they are amazing because they come in a range of colors. They are so pretty. They're gel pens and they're erasable. So when it comes time for you to like switch up something because either you're not feeling the best on that day or just you didn't get to something and you want to do something else, etc. Like, you can actually just erase it. So you don't have so many marks on your freakin paper because that just is a pet peeve of mine. I don't want to see a whole bunch of marks, and like just scratching off stuff. So if you're like me, erasable pens would be amazing for you and I will have that linked. That is it. Those are all of the secrets I have for you today. I feel like those some really juicy secrets. I don't know about you. But as I said before, everything that I mentioned would be linked will be at And I will put that in the show notes as well. I really hope that you enjoyed the secrets. I really hope that this podcast episode was really helpful for you and that it's going to help you in terms of your home making journey and just in life as a mom.


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Be sure to come back next week because I'm going to be giving you some more encouraging words, I am so happy that you're here with me, so happy that you are a part of this community. I'm telling you, you don't know how much I appreciate you. I really, really do. If you have not subscribed to the podcast yet, be sure to hit that subscribe button you do not want to miss any episodes that come out. And then also while you're there, rate and review the podcast, please I would really appreciate if you would rate and review today. Also, please share this podcast with someone today as well. But yes, thank you so much for listening today. As always, I hope that you're enjoying wherever you are, and whatever you're doing. I'll talk to you later.


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