Managing Your Home When You're Not In The Best Mood

In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, I’m sharing how and what you can do to still manage your home even when you’re not in the best mood. I’m sharing ways that I cope and what I find helpful to get me through those moments/seasons of life.

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[Intro] Routines, my absolute favorite word, but you either love them or you hate them. And either way, I strongly believe that routines can be a springboard for improving your home, yourself and your life. I'm Ashley Brown, and this is a routine and things podcast. In each episode we'll dive into a specific routine or point of view that will move you closer to enjoying life more and more each day. Trust me, you're gonna want to keep listening, because you're well on your way to getting and staying happy.


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Hey, Hey, welcome to the routine and things podcast. Alright, so this week, we are talking about how do you actually manage your home when you're not in the best mood and we're diving right on in. So this was something that was really on my heart to talk about because just the other week, I was like really in a funky mood and, like I get in little bouts of moods every now and then where it's just like, okay, I'm not for today. Like, I know you feel me with that, like, just not up for it today. So that's what was happening, one day, the other week ago. And so what I did was I really just leaned into my routines and leaned into God to really help me to push through on that day. And so I wanted to share with you like specific ways that you can really help to still manage your home and do the housework and do the things that you need to do within your home and loving your home even when you're not in the best mood. Maybe because we're not gonna always be in the best mood right? Like, it's certain days or certain seasons in life that can weigh heavily on us emotionally. Even physically right that affects our mood and our well being, and whether that stress or that moodiness or just change in mood, I don't really like to call it moodiness per se, but just that shift in your mood and in your, really in your spirit. It can be emotional, it can be physical, it can be mental, spiritual. It just depends on what season of life you're in or what that day is bringing to you and how you're feeling but, there's still things to do.


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You have to also kind of decide I want to say this that isn't a day depending on your mood that you should push yourself, right. Like, if you're physically not feeling well, I don't think that's the day that you should push yourself personally. Like when I don't feel well and I'm sick. I'm not really talking about being sick per se, even though that can affect your mood, because when I'm sick, I usually don't do much when I don't feel well. But if my mood is just off and it's more like emotional or spiritual or anything like that, where it's not a physical thing going on with me, I still know there is  things to do. And a lot of times, I will still get myself moving, because that helps me a lot when it comes to shifting my mood and lightening my mood. So I want to share with you today some ways that you can manage your home still, even when you're not in the best mood. Let's get to it.


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So some things that I did that day and some things that might be helpful for you,  when you're not in the best mood, is one to lean on God. I mean, I'm a God girl. So that's my go to. I legitly lean on God. God is everything to me and how I lean on God is I do this through prayer, meditation, devotionals, journaling, reading my Bible, right? Like, even my Bible app that I have holy version, I've talked about that before. I'll link it in the show notes. But I do that, I lean on God. One of the devotionals that I'm reading at this current moment is "100 days to Brave", and that's by Annie Downes. I'll link that in the show notes as well. But I'm reading that because in the season that we're live, I need, I need courage, and I need to be brave, so that's something that I leaned on that day, and that I continue to lean on, and to help support me to help support me so I lean on God. God can really be helpful in terms of just giving you his strength, right? Like God is beautiful, because he will help you out in your time of need,  so I'd love to go on the God. So this is something that you could do in your own way. It doesn't have to be in the ways that I just listed but connecting with God can really help to boost your mood. Also, I lean on my routines. That's something that I do, I lean on my routines. Of course, I'm the routine queen. So I love me a good routine, now. I love to create some good routines. But I do this because they're really beneficial. Because when your routines become habits because my routines, a lot of them are habitual for me. So even though I may not feel like cleaning for that day, I'm usually on autopilot when it comes to cleaning, especially certain things, so  it doesn't take me much to do it.


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And the great thing about like getting up and doing something even when you're not in the best mood, and sometimes that'll give you a burst of energy, especially when you accomplish something. Like if you're not in the best mood, go wash some dishes or go sweep the floor, and then tell me after you, or go clean the bathroom and then tell me after you accomplish that does that not help to lighten your mood. Does that help give you some energy to continue to accomplish things. It really does. So that's something that I will do is just lean into my routines and I just work within  my routines for the day when I'm not in the best mood, I don't do anything extra. I just do my routines. I don't do anything on top of my routines. I don't clean anything extra. I don't do anything more with my girls. I just work within my routines. And the one routine that I really lean on also when I'm not in the best mood is my self care routine. I think that that routine is really vital for me when I'm not in the best mood. And so I will give so much love to myself on that day. It's ridiculous. So yes, so that is definitely if you don't have that routine, or if that's something that you feel like you need more of is just a care for yourself. Start creating a routine. Start creating a routine, a self care routine because it can be really beneficial in those days where you are not in the best mood.


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And then the next thing that I do is I give myself grace. Like on a day that I'm not feeling my best, like, I'm not beating up on myself about it. Like the house will be, like, straighten up the next day or  we eating out, like I might not be in the best mood. So it's like, I'm not going to beat myself up or make myself feel bad. And I don't want you doing that as well. I don't want beating yourself up and making yourself feel bad for not feeling the best. Because sometimes the world and make us feel like we shouldn't be anything but happy. And that's not life. And that's not truth because we're human, we have feelings. And so if you're not in the best mood, it's okay. Right like, This too shall pass. That is my mantra. This too shall pass, that and I can do all things through Christ. But yes, like your mood is not going to last. Whatever mood It might not be as positive as you would like, or just a mood that you probably don't want to feel. It's not gonna last always, right. So it's okay if you're in that mood. But give yourself grace that day, be easy with yourself, honor yourself or hold space for yourself in that moment or for that day. And if you don't feel good, that's why I say work in your routines, lean on your routines. And a lot of times when I give myself grace, I see that actually accomplish more than I thought I was gonna accomplish for the day. Like when I beat up on myself, it's like not pretty. So that can really limit you if you're beating up on yourself. Because you're just speaking negativity, right? And so if we are having grace while having compassion that really can help us to actually accomplish more. And at the end of the day, you'll even see it to accomplish more than you even thought you could. So yeah, so give yourself grace.


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And then something else that I think is really important to highlight when it comes to managing the home, when you're not in the best mood is something that I love to do is just things that light me up. That's why I say a self care routine is super important. Things that bring me joy is what I will do that day. So whatever brings you joy, whatever lights you up, like whatever sets you on fire, whatever, like you just love, do it. If you like Netflixing and like bingeing Netflix, do it. If you like, have you some pancakes in the morning, and ice cream after you eat your lunch or whatever, like Do it. Do whatever you need to do in order to make yourself feel great. Or to love on yourself. Right, like do it. So one thing that I love to do is I love to play music. I absolutely love to play music. And so I'll turn on my gospel playlist, and me and my daughter be in here jamming and praising God. I love my gospel playlists. I actually am going to be sharing this playlist with you. Because if you're ever not in the best mood, just know you can come back to this episode. And even now you can go listen, right like I'm gonna put my gospel playlist on Spotify and you can go download it, I'll have it linked in the show notes for you if you want that because I think it can be really helpful and beneficial for you.   


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And it was so sweet one day on IG, I wasn't in the best mood that day like I was talking about, and I asked this community for gospel songs that help uplift them, and people send in so many songs. So many moms in so many songs, so thank you, whoever contributed to that, because that was really beautiful. And that's in the playlist as well. So I'm gonna put that in the show notes. So you can definitely go listen to that. And always refer to that. If you're not in the best mood. I'll just refer back to this episode for it. And also one more thing I want to share with you that I think that you absolutely love is an EP by Kristin T, I think that is how you say their names and I was given this EP and gifted this by Antonia of MomSpace&Co. She's absolutely just great and awesome and just so supportive of moms. She's a mom herself and I was in an accountability group with her and she shared this and so go check her out she's on IG MomSpace&Co. It's called the manifestation, it's on iTunes and I am going to link it because it is absolutely like legit amazing like if you're not in the best mood go listen to this like right now. Even if you're in the best mood it's gonna just lift your mood more.  Go listen to the manifestation it's gonna be linked below. I'm telling you the first song you going be like, what the freak is this? Like, this is amazing Ashley. So thank you Antonio for that. So that's just something I love to do is listen to music that really helps boost my mood. I also have me a cup of coffee, or I'll watch Netflix. But music really, really helps me.


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So whatever brings you joy, just hold on to that, like really get to know what really lights you up and then do that we're not in the best mood. So that's it, I really just wanted to give you some ways that you can still maintain your home a manage your home, even when you're not in the best mood. And I'm not saying your home is going to be spick and span, when you're in the best mood, but at least it won't get like too out of hand and you can still accomplish some things, even if that's just loving on yourself. And I also want to share just lastly, it's okay to not be good all the time or to not feel good all the time or be in the best mood. Some days are harder than others like legit like some days you're just like, okay, can I get a pass today? like can I go around the corner and cry like, Can I do that? So things happen and things come up. And it's okay to feel your feels like it's okay. We're not robots, we're humans. Feelings come and they go. And so like I said, one of my favorite mantras when I don't feel my best Is this too shall pass. So there's something for you like when you're not feeling your best, and you feel like you want to go hide. Just say this too shall pass, because it will, it will pass.


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So hopefully this was helpful for you. Please come join me next week we're diving into how and when to ask for help at home, because we need help. And we're not gonna try and play Superwoman. Right. So how and when to ask for help at home, which is another thing that can help you and we are not in the best mood. So we'll talk all about that next week. Please make sure you subscribe if you haven't already. And Oh, please, please please rate and review. Please rate and review the podcast. I would love you forever for that. And also share this with someone that you may know share this with a friend with somebody you pass by that needs what this podcast is all about. But until next time, I truly, truly appreciate you. I hope that you have an awesome, awesome week. And I hope that you're enjoying wherever you are and whatever you're doing. I'll talk to you later girl.


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