Realistic Self Care For Moms

How is your self care routine looking these days? Non existent? Barely alive? Do you wish you had more time for self care but haven’t quite figured out the formula for making it happen. I understand this all too well. It took me a good bit of time to commit to caring for myself on a regular basis but once I did, I found so much peace in being a mom and caring for my home.

In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, I’m throwing it back to the time I co-hosted an online event with Michelle Goodloe, social worker, therapist, and self care expert and we spoke about ways we as moms can realistically care for ourselves on a consistent basis. If you’ve been wanting to get serious about adding self care into your everyday life, this episode is for you!

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[Intro] Routines, my absolute favorite word, but you either love them or you hate them. And either way, I strongly believe that routines can be a springboard for improving your home yourself and your life. I'm Ashley Brown, and this is a routine and things podcast. In each episode we'll dive into a specific routine or point of view that will move you closer to enjoying life more and more each day. Trust me, you're gonna want to keep listening because you're well on your way to getting and staying happy.


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Hey girl, so welcome back to another episode. I am throwing it back to the time that I worked in co hosted with Michelle Goodloe of the G.Michelle resources and she helped and blessed us so much by talking to us all about self care. And so me and her co hosted a rock your routine self care event. It was all about how do we realistically care for ourselves so that we can rock our self care routine. So I'm so happy that I'm able to share this with you, just in case you missed it or just as a refresher for you. I hope that this is helpful. But like I said, today is a special episode, we're going to talk all about self care. Do you have a self care routine? Do you wish you had more of a self care routine? Does your self care routine need to be revamped? What is your self care routine looking like these days? If you feel like you've been neglecting yourself, this is the perfect episode for you to get you back on track with caring and loving on you, mama. Alright, so let's go ahead and get into it. I hope you enjoy it.


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Hey, hey, hey everyone. Welcome, welcome, welcome to rock your routine. Tonight we are talking about self care and just specifically about how to make self care more realistic for you as moms just for us as moms, right? Like self care is super important. And it's something that I feel like I've had to get better with. And so that's why I wanted to have this live and really have this event where we can delve into the self care routine and dove in to how can we actually care for ourselves on a more consistent basis. So I'm so happy that you're joining. So before I move on, let me just introduce myself if you're new to who I am. I am Ashley Brown. I'm the owner and founder of routine and things. So tonight, we are really delving into the self care routine. And that is something that we're going to focus on because I want you to be able to rock this routine, and I'm super excited to have be co hosting with Michelle. I'm gonna put her on in just a minute with Michelle Goodlo, she is a therapist, she is a self care expert. She's also a social worker. And so she is here giving us all of the juice about self care and really helping us to really cultivate a space and like find time for self care because she's really all about helping busy individuals like us. Make sure that we're caring for ourselves on a daily basis. So this is her jam. So I'm so excited to have her here.


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But, um, first off, let me just tell a little bit about why this is so close to my heart. So self care, like I said before is something as moms that we really, I feel like sometimes just forget about or we want to do, but if you're coming on Say hi, I would love to know who's joining self care is something that we want to do a lot of the time but one thing that I've heard is that we you know, you can't find time for it. I have a free Facebook group, and the Facebook group I have, I posted it a question about what is your biggest struggle when it comes to self care? And the overwhelming majority of moms and women said, it was- Hey to me, sure. Thank you for popping on and hopping on here. So a overwhelming majority said that finding time was the issue. And I can definitely relate to this because when I first had my my oldest daughter, my first daughter, I mean, I'm telling you, I didn't do self care, I feel like until she was about until she was like one and a half. I felt like I didn't really care for myself because it wasn't so much because I felt guilty excuse me, it wasn't because I felt guilty. It was more so because I was like, I need to be here with my baby if she needs something or I just I'm just busy running around trying to manage household trying to be a great wife, a great mom. I was working at the time. And so it was just really, really hard for me to really find the time to actually carve out the time for self care at that point. I didn't have the perspective, that perspective about self care that I have now. So yes, so that is basically the why I feel like self care is so, so vital.


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But we have Michelle Goodloe. Like I say she is a therapist, she is a social worker, and she helps busy individuals like us find time for self care and daily self care is really, really what she's going to help us with. And just realistically talk to us about was what's going to be most beneficial to us as a mom. So I'm so excited to have her on. I am going to turn things over to her and oh, before I turn things over to her, I forgot to mention She's also the creator of G Michelle, self care resources. And so this is a blog but also like I say she has a self care journal and she's always helping busy folks, really find time for self care. So let me go ahead and hand things over to her and she's going to just get you know, talk about her jam, and talk about what she talks about. But like I said, Michelle, the overwhelming majority of women and mom said they can't find time for self care. So you can you can chime in on that.


Michelle  06:12

Yes. Hi, everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to join us for this conversation. I really appreciate you Ashley for not only creating this space specifically for moms, but for that being one of your platforms to talk specifically about self care. I think one of my basic definitions of self care is the practice of identifying and addressing your needs on a regular basis so that you can show up as the best version of yourself. That's the focus. That's To me, that's what self care is. I know there's a lot of discussion. I know folks say that self care is trendy, and things like that, but self care has been around a long time. We just call it different things.


Ashley Brown  06:55

Yes, exactly. And I agree with that because I was just writing down in my journal I journaling the other morning and doing a devotional. And what I wrote down in my journal was I was thinking about what am I working on at this point in my life. And what I said was, I'm trying to become my, my best self. I'm trying to become the best version of myself. And so I think that that just is so true when you say self care is becoming the best you I mean, it really is. That's what self care is.


Michelle  07:27

Yeah. And we're all in different stages of figuring out who that is. Especially if you are a parent. I mean, this is such an important role. And just a little bit more about me, actually described some of the roles that I have, and I'm a daughter. And I remember watching my mom and seeing her really sacrifice for myself and my younger brother, to have and to be safe, and to have everything that we wanted. She had to sacrifice something for herself and I recently got married a few months ago. My husband I are really talking about starting a family and really thinking about what does it mean for us to show up as our best selves, as we, you know, take on these new roles in our own life. This is just so important. So self care for parents, specifically, if you're a mom can be really, really challenging. And we're going to start talking about that a little bit. Ashley has shared some really important things with me about one of the concerns y'all have, and that is time, finding the time to show up as your best self or engage in the practices that help you show up as your best self. So I think that's a great place to start.


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Yeah. We have a question to Michelle. Yeah. So is self care a process or actions?


Michelle  08:40

What a great question. I think self care is both. I think self care. Again, going back to that definition, it's understanding what your needs are. Okay, back to be the hardest step especially for a mom with color, especially black. Sometimes we are minimizing, ignoring or even denying what our needs are. just pushing forward, because society tells us we need to be strong, we need to be carrying the load, we need to be taking care of our kids. So the first step for self care a lot of times is just getting into the practice of identifying what you need, and getting really good at that. I like to tell my clients, you want to become like a student of your needs of understanding what your needs are, then the practice is addressing those needs on a regular basis. So knowing what those needs are and addressing them. And these needs need to be rooted in what do I need to do to show up as my best self so I think it's a process to learn how to do that. And I like to say self care practice because with anything you want to get good at you got to practice it.


Ashley Brown  09:41

Yes. Oh my gosh, I think that is so beneficial. Like you say, What do you need? Right. And sometimes, when I when I hear that sometimes I think sometimes that can be hard for us to figure out what we need. I mean, honestly, I feel like that's where we like for me personally. Let me just speak for myself. I feel like sometimes I'm like, What do we need, Ashely? Because sometimes I'd be thinking I need this. And I'm like, maybe not. Maybe it wasn't that maybe it was something else. So I sometimes just go trial by error, like, just be like, okay, so maybe it wasn't that let me go to something else. Maybe Maybe you actually need something else that you didn't even think that you need it. And so I feel like when you say that, I'm just like, Yeah, but it can be so hard. I love that you said, think about what's going to help you be the best, your best self. I think about that. What do you need right now it's going to help you be the best self? So I'm gonna make sure I keep that in mind for the future because that was great.


Michelle  10:36

Absolutely. And it's, again, when we talk about time and self care, I want to move past some of the media images of self care. There's a lot of self soothing practices like going to the spa, taking a bubble bath and things like that. Those are wonderful things that can help you show up as your best self, but some of the harder things are slowing down. Or taking really deep breaths when you're feeling anxious, or deciding to put that boundary up when it comes to taking care of your kids, right? Those are also self care practices that sometimes people aren't talking about because they're not as popular. But they are just as essential. And so again, going back to that, that definition, you want to think about what your needs are right now what, what's getting in the way of you and the best version of you, right? That's how you can start identifying those needs. And I know we talked a little bit about my self care journal, but that's really what my journal is supposed to help folks do is to figure out okay, what are these components of self love that I'm missing more? What are the practices that I need to engage in to practice self care on a regular basis? Are my relationships helping support me become the best version of myself? So there's questions in there that help you figure those pieces out.


Ashley Brown  11:57

Oh, that is awesome. I love that. First of all, I need to get your journal. I'm going to get your journa, l'm not even playing. I'm gonna go get it tonight. I'm serious, because that's what I need right now. That's what I need. And if you're resonating with this, throw some hearts, because like you said, it can be self care, like you said, we think about it as the bubble bath and as going to get our nails, manicure, and our pedicures and all of that. But what you said just was so just hit my spirit, because that's one thing that I've been trying to practice is slowing down and really being able to just be and not do. Okay, so let me just say this. I'm a I'm a recovering overachiever. I mean, I'm telling you, I will sit. Right?Yes, I will keep going and going and doing and doing and doing. And then when I sit down, I'm like, well, what's next to do it? What? Sometimes it's so hard to just be and it's so interesting, I just did a podcast episode I just recorded one about just being because it is so beneficial when you can just sit and slow down, because it gives you time to process and to dig deep and so and just to get down to really who you are, especially if you're doing the work. So Ilove that you brought that up.


Michelle  13:23

We've got to talk about that a little bit more. I know I'm having my own work around slowing down and taking things off of my plate. And so again, talking about time, we go 24 hours in a day, right? Hopefully, a chunk of that time is spent sleeping, hopefully, on a good day. Exactly. Then we have the times that we commute, right getting dressed all those different components. And then the time we spent either parenting full time, parents, I don't even think there's such a thing as parenting part time, right? We're parenting full time if you're a parent. Yeah, there's so many different ways, whether you're at a work setting right, supporting your family financially, checking in, or if you're at home with your kids, all the components that come with that. So your time is so limited. You want to make sure you're incredibly intentional with the time that you spend taking care of yourself. Right? And that means getting up just a little bit earlier before the kids get up so that you can have some time to yourself to enjoy that cup of coffee. Right? Or to watch the news without any interruptions. Right, put a candle on, right. Is there a chance for you to do a journal memo? I have a lot. You know, I love journaling. But some folks writing is not your thing. That's not your jam. That's okay. Is there a way for you to use your phone to do a voice memo? Right? And to kind of just get your thoughts out people well guided meditations Do you know they make guided meditations that don't last all day? 62nd guided meditations are some different apps like the calm app, C-A-L-M, calm. And I just learned about the liberate app and this is an app specifically for folks of color from communities of color so calm and liberate okay. I have a bunch of stuff to this is what is for. So you know, okay searching for resources. The resources are right there that we recommend to practice self care. But it's it's how can you utilize the time that you have no matter how limited it is? Because of course we would love an ideal world to have hours of time to spend with ourselves. But we know that's not realistic.


Ashley Brown  15:28

Exactly, exactly. And you said that we can get the resources and those apps from from



Yeah, I have a couple of very specific guided meditations that other folks have created that either you have to download an app to use or you can use them on YouTube, and they're free. It's on under self care resources, guided meditations.


Ashley Brown  15:52

Okay. I totally agree that, like you say, like carving out that time and like he's like I just started waking up at 4:30 in the morning girl and it took me a while because I mean, I have a little small baby. She's seven months. Yeah, but she just started sleeping through the night probably like a month or two ago and I was like,  Ashley, you have to start getting up earlier than your kids because you're not like, anytime I wake up when my kids wake up I feel like I'm I don't have time to myself and I'm rushing I feel like it's like a it's very interesting. Even just me and my bestie we're talking about that today. She woke up earlier and she was like, this is where it's at, like, this is what it's about, like she was able to have time to ourselves, get some things done around the house. And that's my story too. Like that's why I've been able to get so much accomplished before my children wake up and that helps us to be more even more present with our children throughout the day. Also, may we go to work like be more present there and it's just, it's just a beautiful thing. So I definitely agree that we have to try to find those pockets that we can care for ourselves. Also, I love that you mentioned that just because, you know, you mentioned like, you don't have to like to journal or write, right for self care because that's a lot what people say like journal journal. And I know I know some people it's like journaling is not for me and that right to each his own. So I love that you say that. Do you think you could give some some other ways? Like just some self care? Yeah, some other ways for self care if you do not like writing,



Of course. I, if you love listening podcasts, right? A lot of times as a mom, you're multitasking. So if you can, and a lot of people say you know, multitasking, you want to try your best to be present. We know we know. But if we don't have the opportunity to do that, while you're, you know, taking care of doing the laundry, if you're taking care of your kids, if you're preparing food, have a podcast that you absolutely love, you know, like routine and things. Right, you could have that. Definitely listen to those conversations. There's other really great podcasts out there. I absolutely adore therapy for black girls. By Dr. Joy. She has some wonderful episodes that are really helpful. Also, the balanced black girl is another one of my favorites in terms of really nurturing self care. So if that's something you can listen to, you know, while you're engaging in all the practices and keeping your house in order and taking care of your children, I love that one. Okay. There's ways to take care of your body. Now this one's a tricky one. You know, you know, we have you know, your great gyms and things like that, then you can go to there's a lot of discussion about making sure you stay healthy, practicing yoga, but do you give your body some time to just stretch? There's so much that goes on and just moving your body stretching your body and that kind of commitment I've made to myself this year, and last year is now I've got to stretch every day. And this is something that you can do with your kids. You know, have them get involved if you've never heard of like animal yoga. This is where do you have kids do different animal poses. And it's really fun for much younger children to get with it to and engage in your own yoga practice while they're doing their animal yoga. Again, YouTube is a great resource for that. Just have that playing in the background with your own routine on the side. That could definitely be part of it. I'm a big fan of home gyms as well. Yeah. So really getting it in where you can fit it in is part of this self care about showing up as your best self. You can get your routines in, right even if your kids are in the playroom or in their area with the kids, grab your dumbbells. Grab what you need to grab it, you know, get it going. I had bought some of those bands that you put around. Oh, yes. Let's get your squats. Just incorporate it into your daily life, even if it's just five minutes, 10 minutes. The consistency because again, self care is a practice. Yeah, right. It's a practice. So if you're just doing that 10 minutes a day, right for two weeks and then another week you add another five minutes, huh? Then another five after that that's a 20 minute workout routine you've created that doesn't interrupt your schedule, and you're still there to to be with your children.


Ashley Brown  20:08

Yes. I love that. I love that. Like, you say I was just telling Michelle earlier, y'all that I was exercising with my two and a half year old today and she was doing those burpees better than me. I was like, go girl like, and I had to fit in. My youngest daughter was sleep but my oldest daughter was up and I was like, let me go in and get this exercise in. And I felt so much better after that. Also want to share a resource to the or like you said a podcast that I think could be helpful too. In terms of self care. The podcast is the homecoming podcast by Dr.Thema and she is amazing. So I'm telling you, yes.


Michelle  20:51

Oh my god.


Ashley Brown  20:53

I love her.


Ashley Brown  20:58

She has been getting my life changed again. All the way together. I'm just like, I love her. So if you haven't checked it out, I'm just like, right.


Ashley Brown  21:05

Tell me what I need. Right?


Ashley Brown  21:09

So I absolutely adore that podcast. So it's the homecoming podcast. But yeah, so I just wanted to throw that one out here.


Michelle  21:18

Yeah, I have another strategy too. And this one, I know some moms in the group are gonna be like now Michelle, but hear me out. This is a big one. But when support is offered, please take it. Let me say it one more time when support is offered please take it. Y'all. There is a reason why we need a community a village to raise kids that we're not in a silo in terms of helping kids grow up and there are people in your life who are available. They just sit here like this waiting for you to come up on that offer to watch your kids for an hour or two. Got to utilize your to your community. That's that's how you can show up as your best self because you don't have to do it all. Mm hmm. There are people in your life who want to help even if it's just an hour or two every once in a while they can spend time with your kids. And of course people that you love that you trust with your children that your children know.  We want to include all of those really helpful components of that. But I've noticed in a lot of my work with moms, it's there's not only like a pride but there's some fear around engaging in that help. And I really like to talk to them about that like what are your fears or what what's getting in the way of you engaging in your community. Again, speaking as a daughter, it's nice as a kid to know that multiple people love you and want to spend time with you. Ah, and then they care enough to play with you or or take you to get something to eat  or take it to a museum or a zoo or festival. This is helpful for your kids to again, emphasizing that they're spending time with caregivers are loved ones that you as a parent find safe, helpful and loving. But kids kids like that. Yeah. Oh uncle fellas, our Oh, mommy's best friend, grandma. Okay. Yeah, you're letting kids and especially because I've done a lot of clinical work with children who've experienced trauma. Yeah. Wow, this is actually very healthy for kids in terms of self esteem, understanding they can have that there. There are more than one healthy adult loving adult that can show up and be there for their lives. You know, and again, as a daughter, I still talk to these folks. These folks were at my wedding, okay. Who actually helped out with my parents and loved me and took care of me. This is something I plan on passing down so that whenever I have kids, they know that there is a community here. It's more than just mom and dad. There's a community here that loves you. Oh, look at all those benefits when you're taking support


Ashley Brown  23:54

them, right? No, that was that is I'm so glad you brought that up. Wonder, because you because you are speaking to me. Yeah, I feel like you are speaking to me because I've had the hardest time asking for help, or just accepting help too because people have offered Oh, I help you. I'm like, No, I'm good. I got Yeah, what we'd be doing that,  I just be like, Girl and I remember one time after I had my, my oldest daughter, our friends came over. And so she said, Ashley let me do the dishes. I was like, Girl don't do those dishes, she said girl bye. She went in that kitchen she started doing those dishes. She put them in a dishwasher. She said they put my dishes away. I mean, it was just such a big help. And I was so thankful for her because it's hard sometimes. But I know and I also say this too. We can't do it all. We can't do it all and so and why should we when we have a community like you said. Why should we have to do with all, that helps us and I love the point about other adults loving on your kids so that they know they are loved by other. I mean, that right there. I didn't even think about it. That was a gem for me.



We have these conversations.


Ashley Brown  25:11

Right. So I love that to me. She said, that's a good point, right Tamesha. That's a good point that she said, No adults loving on your kids. And they know and it helps with their self esteem because we want our children to have great self esteem, right?


Michelle  25:26

I was one of those kids,right? Most kids Yeah, all kinds of play aunties and uncles who just through throughout my childhood, my adolescence, they were there. They supported me, it my parents. So the messages that I received as a young child were, oh, this is what a community looks like. This is what extended, truly extended family looks like in addition to my own biological family, I felt very loved. I'm just saying that as a product of that. Yeah, I can only share my experience, you know, as I like that.


Ashley Brown  25:56

Yes. I love that. Oh my gosh, I love that so much, Michelle.


Michelle  26:00

Yeah, there's this one thing too, I don't know if anybody had a question about it,  but it's something I know that I talked about with parents a lot is kind of like this feeling of guilt around practicing self care. It comes up and I'd like to address what comes up in the room. And for my parents who have watched the movie Inside Out, I love personifying feelings.  If you haven't watched it, I strongly suggest watching with you children, a wonderful film. I'm not getting paid to say that it truly is, indeed. But I like to say guilt is a feeling that shows up it's like an uninvited party guess they just come on in with all its baggage, and it just gets all comfortable. And you have so you didn't ask it to come in. Once you do it, right. But it's a very burdensome feeling. And it's very much rooted in punishment. So when we're feeling guilty about something, it's like, we have a fear of being punished. So you notice yourself feeling guilty about practicing self care as a mom, I want you to reflect on that question, what fears are coming for me if I decide to identify my needs, Mm hmm. And address my needs, so I can show up as the best version of myself. What fears do I have around practicing self care? Why exactly am I feeling guilty? Don't let this party guests come in and ruin your day, figure out why it's there because it's there for a reason. And the more you can get familiar with it coming in, and taking up space in your life, the more control you can have over that feeling. Because, again, we've made so many reasons why self care is essential, especially as a parent, and I know y'all know, your kids are looking at you. They're watching you. They notice when you're exhausted, they know when you're sad, or when, as a former children's counselor, I want y'all to know I talk to these kids in counseling. And they know they have so many feelings around watching their parents. So when you notice that guilt coming up, I want you to question it and know that you have a right to take care of yourself and your kids want you to show up as your best self.


Ashley Brown  28:03

Yes. Oh my gosh, I'm telling you


Michelle  28:07

not to make you feel guilty.


Ashley Brown  28:11

Those are the facts. Exactly. Those are the facts, man. That is something. I mean, when especially when this this was really because I said before that guilt isn't really something I deal with now. But before when I was working full time, my guilt was around. Well, how am I care for myself? Well, I haven't seen my babies for like, all week. Like, I don't want to see my babies. I want to hang out with my babies. I want to hang out with my husband and I don't like I'm gonna choose them over myself. Yeah. And that was for me, right. So if anybody resonates with that I was. I was there too. Right? So that was from me at that time. But is there anything else that you want to express about self care that you think is important, for us to know as moms?


Michelle  29:02

Yeah, do the best with what you have. Really try your best to just check in with yourself if you need something emotionally, mentally, physically. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Your community is typically just waiting to be there to help you. They're waiting for your pride to move out of the file. So that they can be there for you. If worst comes to worse, and you notice that I just can't seem to have any time alone, incorporate your kids into your self care plan. Whether that be you guys exercising together, if you're reading them stories or reading them something inspirational, you're having a dance party, even I even want to say taking a break from adulting with kids is very helpful. So teaching them a game that you loved in childhood or watching you know, Disney plus is out there you're watching, watching the movies that you loved as a kid tapping into your own childhood with your children. Those are other self care strategies that can help you show up as your best self. We just need help. have to be creative. And don't forget about you and don't forget about your needs.


Ashley Brown  30:04

That is so great. So we have one question, Michelle, I'm gonna put it up. What is a good way to introduce a newbie to self care?


Michelle  30:15

My favorite question.


Michelle  30:17

So if you're brand new to actually practicing self care, I want you to just envision the best version of yourself, whether you've been that person before, or this is someone you're not familiar with. I want you to really think of who your best person is. And then I want you to work backwards. What happened to create that person? What were the things going on in your life? What were the things you were doing regularly so that you showed up as this magical, glamorous person that you are? If you are brand new to self care, you need help identifying your needs and practices. Start with envisioning the best version of yourself, whoever that person may be and get specific. What are they wearing? What's their body looking like? What's their vibe? What's the emotional state, what's their resiliency like? And then work backwards. Okay, so how did they become that? How did you become that best version? Within those steps is the beginning of your self care plan?


Ashley Brown  31:12

Oh, that is so that is so good. Yeah. Just reverse engineering it like I just love that sometimes


Michelle  31:20

it's like overwhelming to start from the beginning.


Ashley Brown  31:24

Hey, that is a good tip. Hopefully you heard that Jelani. And for anyone else, that's newbies to self care. Definitely do what she say reverse engineer, think about your best so and work backwards and what would they be doing to get to the version? That is amazing. Thank you so much, Michelle. How do you suggest we speak to our families about self care without seeming selfish?


Michelle  31:48

Do you know I have a whole blog on this.


Michelle  31:50

And this particular blog on is talking about the differences between self worth and selfishness This, I strongly recommend reading that Kevin, where I specifically talked about how not everybody in your life is going to understand what self care is. And especially if you're a person of color, or you have a cultural background that has trauma. I mean, there are some cultural implications to not practicing self care or the values that we know, traditionally, some folks think that self care is a selfish act, that it's something that you're doing that and that means that you don't care about your family. And so we have to rewrite that narrative, right? Because that's part of some of the generational trauma around that. It help explain to our families that if we show up as the best version of ourselves, we can actually take care of our kids better. And our kids will then learn to take care of themselves and know that they're worthy of taking care of themselves. So it's sometimes a really tough conversation. And I have several blogs about boundary setting with family members and and loved ones because that is another part of showing up as your best self is exercising boundaries with folks, especially if they're not supportive of you practicing self care, or you and your partner practicing self care, please check them out on to get some guidance around that. Again, this particular blog is called the difference between self worth and selfishness.


Ashley Brown  33:18

But this was so good Michelle, I just want to say thank you again


Michelle  33:21

Thank you for having me.


Ashley Brown  33:23

It was so it was such a beautiful experience and people really got a lot of I keep seeing this is so good. So this was amazing. This was absolutely amazing.


Ashley Brown  33:32

Alright, so that was the rock your routine or a realistic self care for moms event. Wasn't that so good? I mean, Michelle just dropped so much wealth of knowledge, I mean so much. She was so great at giving us helpful tips and advice for really caring for ourselves. So I am so thankful to have been able to host an event with her. So if you want to follow her and to keep up with what she's doing, you can follow her on IG  @thegmichelle, so she is on IG. I'll make sure that also link her page to the show notes as well. So you can go there to find out more because she has so much information about self care, or her website and or her Instagram page that it will blow your mind and it's something that I feel like you should definitely make sure that you go check out. All right, well, that's it for this episode. I hope that you enjoyed it. Hopefully you took some things away. But until next time, mama, enjoy your day. Enjoy the rest of your week. And I hope that you're enjoying wherever you are, and whatever you're doing, talk to you next week.


Ashley Brown  34:41

[Outro] Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today's episode, could you do me a huge favor and take a screenshot and share it on social. And for more routine goodness, be sure to visit Here's to staying happy!

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