Three Tips To Improve Your Cleaning Routine

Cleaning is a constant when it comes to caring for your home. It’s something we can’t escape as moms but it is something we can make more efficient and effective. Having a cleaning routine is a non-negotiable in helping you get and stay in your happy place. A clean home makes for a happy mama and a happy mama makes for a happy life.
In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, I share three tips for improving your cleaning routine. These tips are basic but can have such an impact in how you clean and in the way you feel when you clean. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

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[Intro] Routines, my absolute favorite word, but you either love them or you hate them. And either way, I strongly believe that routines can be a springboard for improving your home, yourself and your life. I'm Ashley Brown, and this is a routine and things podcast. In each episode we'll dive into a specific routine or point of view that will move you closer to enjoying life more and more each day. Trust me, you're going to want to keep listening, because you're well on your way to getting and staying happy.


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Hey, Hey, Hey, welcome back for another episode of  routine and things podcast. I'm so happy that you're here. So today we are going to be talking about three tips for improving your cleaning routine. These tips are going to be so beneficial in helping you to improve your cleaning routine. Cleaning is something that we're constantly doing, and it's something that we're going to continue to do, especially if we want clean homes and so why not have some tips that can help us along the way. So I'm going to share with you three things that I do all the time and that I have a part of my cleaning routine that really helps me and feeling as if you know what I can keep up with cleaning, things are not crazy around here, and I'm keeping my sanity. So I want to share that with you today. This is also a great episode to listen to if you're cleaning right now. Just putting that out there. But let's go ahead and get into this episode, like I said it's three tips I'm going to share with you that I have found super duper helpful and allowing me to feel better in my home and to keep up with my cleaning routine. The worst thing right is for our homes to be cluttered and dirty and just not looking good, right? Like I just found all of us feel that like when our house is looking like it's in shambles and is super duper cluttered, that doesn't make for a happy mama right? So, I just want to share these tips with you and hopefully they are very, very helpful for you as well.


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Alright, so the three tips that can really be helpful in improving your cleaning routine. The first one is to minimize your stuff. This is a major one. Minimization, like minimizing the amount of things you have in your home. I'm telling you when you have so many items in your home, this creates the feeling of having to clean up more often than if you did not have a bunch of items in your home and it also makes cleaning a little bit easier. Right? So like think about it this way. Think about the toys that your children have right now. Or even all of the craft activities that your children have right now or like craft supplies, right? Like those things can really add up and they make for a mess. When I say a mess, I don't mean that in a negative way. But they make for so much clutter in your home. Because anytime my daughter pulls out all of her toys, and I'm telling you, she doesn't have that much, but when she pulls them all out, I'm usually like, okay, like, we need to do one toy at a time, because it's a lot, right? Like, it can be a lot to just see visually, especially if it is a lot of toys that they're playing with or like things that they are having fun with. It can be a lot, especially when it comes time to clean and so minimizing those things that cause you more aggravation or just frustration when you're cleaning can really be helpful. So I know one place that I started was my daughter's toys and that was super helpful to minimize her toys, so she doesn't have as many. But even now, like when I feel as if I'm cleaning up and it's taken way too much time, I started figuring out or just assigning does she really play with certain toys and then I will give them away or if they're not give away-able. That's not a word,  but you know what I mean, if they're not toys I can give away then I just toss them. So that is definitely a way that you can help with your cleaning routine is by minimizing the amount of things that you have in your home.


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And you know, when it comes time to cleaning, like if you're the person like let's even think about the bathroom for a second. So if you're the mama who has a bunch of things on the bathroom counter and when you're cleaning, you have to take all of that down just to clean your bathroom counter or in your bathroom or even in your room when you're trying to to dust and wipe things off, that could be a great indication to really think about are these things needed. And another thing on top of that is can those things be somewhere else where you're not maneuvering them or moving them around as much when you're cleaning because that can make you feel extremely overwhelmed, but also it can overwork your mind and also overwork your body if you're like moving so many things just to clean. So that's why minimizing your things can really be helpful. And you having a better cleaning routine and just feeling better when you are doing your cleaning routine. Minimizing your stuff makes cleaning more efficient, and more effective, and it's easier to manage your cleaning. So that's the first tip that I have for you minimize your stuff. And I am going to put out here I know that some people have a hard time minimizing their things or giving away things or tossing things, trust me. I know that some of you that maybe are listening struggle with this. And it's because you're super resourceful. And that's what I love about you that you're super resourceful.


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Maybe a tip that can really be helpful is to really think about do you need this? Or do you know someone else who may need what you have that needs it more than you? Or can you sell it and get some money for it? Maybe those tips can really be helpful in you giving away some items. So I just wanted to throw that out there because I know that some of us struggle with that. So I didn't want you to feel like, oh my gosh, like how am I gonna get rid of some of my things or minimize some of my things? Maybe if you come from that perspective, that might be helpful, but I'm telling you, once you get rid or minimize the amount of things you have in your home, you're instantly going to feel better. It's like that instant gratification telling you. So even if you don't give away the things, put them in a bag, and just put them in your closet, and then see how better you feel and then maybe that might even encourage you to get rid of some stuff. So I just wanted to put that out there. So that is the first tip, minimize your stuff.


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The second tip is to cluster your cleaning or batch clean. And so this just means putting, like cleaning with like cleaning. So for example, maybe when you are cleaning your home you're like it's a big from day. So I'm going to go through all of the bedrooms, and I'm going to dust and I'm going to make sure that I wash all of this sheets, and then I'm going to make sure that I vacuum all of the floors, right? Maybe that's a routine that you have, a bedroom routine, right? This can be very overwhelming for the brain because you're bouncing around from different actions in different tasks within the same room and that can be very disruptive for your mind and it can really make your mind feel like he it's working twice as hard to get things done. Instead, what is really helpful is if you batch you're cleaning and you put like cleaning with like cleaning. Okay, so I'm just going to put this out here. So let me give you an example of this because you might be a little bit confused and example of this is you saying, it is a floor day. I am going to focus on my floors in my home today. So that means I am going to mop whichever floors need to be mopped. I am going to vacuum whichever floors that need to be vacuumed. That is an example of batch cleaning. Or for example, you say, it's a laundry day so I'm going to do all of the laundry in the house which includes my clothes, it includes our bed linens, it includes our rags or microfiber cloths that we use when we are cleaning up the bathrooms. Right like you might be like, okay, all of today is a laundry day.


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What this does is really help to alleviate any strain that is put on your mental because you are staying with the same theme. You're not bouncing from dusting to vacuuming, to wiping your baseboards just for example. You are batching like things and you are cleaning the things that are similar. Alright, so that can be super duper helpful. Because honestly what this is is compartmentalization, which helps to ease your mind because your mind doesn't feel as overwhelmed from bouncing around to different task. So this can be super duper helpful just compartmentalizing your cleaning, and it honestly makes cleaning more efficient. And it just helps you to feel more at ease when you're cleaning because you are doing the same type of cleaning throughout your entire home. So I remember when I started doing this, I felt so much better because I was like, oh, instead of needing to make sure I have the duster and the microfiber cloth and the vacuum and the broom, I could just have a broom and the vacuum. Right? Well I can just have you know my microfiber cloth and a vacuum like, I don't have to have 10 cleaning supplies with  me going into each room I just only have two, so it's like really helps with that as well. So that is something that has been super beneficial for me and it could definitely help you is to cluster your cleaning or batch clean is another way of saying that. So that is the second tip.


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And so the last and final tip, really if you do the first two tips it will extremely help you with this last tip and that is to keep up with your cleaning. And when I say this, I basically mean to not let cleaning go for so long to where when you start to clean it, clean whatever area of your home, whatever type of thing in your house, that you are not overwhelmed because you know, it's going to take you so long to clean it because it hasn't been cleaned in a while. And you know what I mean by this, like when we go into our  refrigerator, and we haven't cleaned our fridge in a while. No, it's a better one than this. When we haven't cleaned our microwave for a while, you remember, if you haven't cleaned your microwave for a while you go and you clean that microwave. And you're like it's taking me forever to clean this microwave because I'm having to scrub this fifty eleven times and I'm superduper annoyed right now. It's because it wasn't kept up with and so you let things just sit and now it's harder for you to clean it. Or it's more overwhelming for you to clean it. You know when that laundry is backed up, and you're like, oh shoot, I had 10 loads of clothes to do. You already get overwhelmed. You're like, I don't even want to sit here and do any laundr. It's super overwhelming. So keeping up with your cleaning can really help you to feel as if you don't have much to clean and can make cleaning more effective and efficient for you. And the first two tips of minimizing your stuff and batch cleaning can really help with that. But I am going to share with you two tips that can help with this as well keeping up with your cleaning.


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The first one is to have set days that you focus on cleaning. So have set days that you focus on cleaning certain areas of your home because this can help you stay on top of things. So if you are saying Mondays are going to be a floor day Tuesdays are going to be my bathroom day Wednesday is going to be laundry day. This can be really helpful in allowing you to keep up with the cleaning because you know which days of the week are designated for certain things to be cleaned in your home. In the second tip for keeping up with your cleaning is to set reminders for cleaning, so having alarms, having a cleaning list so that you can remind yourself that things need to be cleaned. And I know that might seem super juvenile, but I'm telling you, and alarm can work wonders, putting things on your calendar planner, wink wink, you know how to throw that in there. Planning to clean certain things as a reminder, right, making sure that you schedule it as a part of your day, setting an alarm if you need to, in order to make sure that you clean it or that you get a reminder to clean it can be super helpful and you keeping up with your cleaning. Alright, so that is the third and final tip for helping you improve your cleaning routine is to keep up with your cleaning. And like I said the first two tips can be super beneficial in helping you do this. Minimize your stuff. Cluster your cleaning/batch clean. Like I said, keeping up with your cleaning. Those are the three tips. So hopefully you feel comfortable with starting to do one of those things. And I hope that you try at least one especially if you've been feeling as if cleaning has been very worrisome to you or just been very awaited for you and you're feeling very bogged down by cleaning, try to do one of these three things. And I'm telling you, you are going to get instant gratification especially for minimizing the amount of stuff you have. I'm telling you that right now.


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