When To Revamp Your Routine

When is it time to revamp a routine? The short answer is, when it no longer serves you. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast I’m sharing three indications for when you should revamp your routines so you no longer stay stuck in an unhealthy and un-serving routine.

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[Intro] Routines, my absolute favorite word, but you either love them or you hate them. And either way, I strongly believe that routines can be a springboard for improving your home yourself and your life. I'm Ashley Brown, and this is the Routine and Things Podcast. In each episode, we'll dive into a specific routine or point of view that will move you closer to enjoying life more and more each day. Trust me, you're gonna want to keep listening, because you're well on your way to getting and staying happy.


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Hey, and welcome back. In today's episode, I am going to be sharing with you when to know your routine needs revamping. This was a question that I got asked in a routine workshop that I did and it was a really, really great question. And I went through and answered the question, but I wanted to share some of my response here so that you know, when to revamp your routines and that you have some indications that can put you on the right path for revamping your routines. So that is what we're gonna be talking about today.


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But before we get into things I want to give a listener some love. So this listener is Cinlouwho001. So Cinlouwho001 left a review and she says 'She is about routine queen. Ladies, she gives great simple, inspiring ideas. I promise that you will love her. This will definitely be a podcast you have on your favorites.' Thank you so much Cinlouwho001. Thank you so much. I am truly appreciative of the review, any time a review is left, I am super appreciative. Anytime that you listen, I'm super grateful. But definitely with the reviews this really helps to support the show. So I am so grateful for you. So thank you so much and I hope that you are having a wonderful day.


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So like I said before this question was asked in a routine workshop that I hosted, like I said, it was a great question. And I kind of wish this was an episode that I listened to before I became a stay at home mom, because it would have alleviated so much stress for me and confusion if I would have known when it was time to revamp a routine. And so I want to share what I've learned when it's time to revamp a routine to give you indications as to when this should happen. And I wanted to share with you when to know when it's time to revamp a routine so that you can prepare yourself in advance so that you can alleviate any unnecessary stress or worries, right. This is important in life, the more that we can release layers of stress, the better and when we can prepare, this really helps with that. Also, knowing when to revamp a routine is important because you can clearly identify when a routine needs to shift and change so you're not staying stuck in a routine that no longer serves you. This is what I was doing for a good bit of time when I became a stay at home mom because I kept trying to fit my old routines into my new routine, and that was not working. So this caused me a bunch of stress. So I want you to be able to clearly identify when everything needs to shift and change so that you're not sticking with an old routine and trying to fit a square into a circle. Because it won't fit, they won't.


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So what are the indications for revamping the routing? Let's get into it. So first, transitions. Anytime you are having transitions, anytime you are transitioning in life, this is important to revamp your routine and this can be a minor transition, this can be a very huge transition. So like moving to a new home, changing up the rooms in your home and becoming a stay at home mom, with your kids starting school, becoming a first time mom, going from one child to multiple children, with pandemics, right? I mean, for real, like, if your routine didn't change after the pandemic hit, you have to give me a call. But yes, so any type of transition, this is going to call for your routine to be revamped and to be switched up. If your environment shifts as well, right. And this is because so with transitions, this is because when your environment shifts, you begin to shift and change with your environment and stuff. This means that your routine should shift and change as well, because you're not in the same patterns that you were in before. And so you have to create new patterns or at least tweak the old patterns. That's what revamping a routine is all about. You don't have to do away with the entire routine, many times you don't. It's just switching it up and change it up a bit. Adding some things taken away some things this can really help to create a better routine, and a new and improved routine and an improved routine. So it can be a major transition, it can also be a slight change. It doesn't have to be dramatic or a huge change. So like for example, when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, and even with my oldest, like the early 30 weeks, Iike 35 weeks or so. Like I could still do most of my things myself. I could do the laundry myself. I could still like pick up the baskets, all of that. Around like 40 weeks it was like no, well, it was really 39 weeks because that's when I gave birth, but around 39 weeks, like I couldn't do that anymore, I needed to revamp my laundry routine, which included my husband helping me a bunch with it. And so that is just like a really slight change that might happen to where you need to revamp your routine. Because if I would have tried to still do my routine like I was doing, I would have probably hurt myself or just been super duper annoyed to be perfectly honest or the routine just wouldn't have gotten done. So it doesn't have to be a major change why you revamp your routine. It can also be like a slight change as to why you're revamping as well.


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So another indication for revamping your routine is if you are having trouble sticking to your routine. So if you are missing like multiple days in a row in your routine, this is a clear indication to revamp your routine, like superduper, clear, like missing your routine every now and then, okay, that's going to happen. Let me say that, again, that's going to happen. But if you are missing multiple days in a row, multiple days, many days, this is a clear indication, you need to do something different with your routine because it's not working. Something about your routine is not working for you or your family. That's why it's not being done, why it's being missed or this why it's not happening. So you have to switch it up. And it's not that you're not disciplined enough. So I don't want to hear that negative self talk, like "I'm not disciplined enough", no. Something else is getting in the way. And it could be timing. It could be the activities in your routine, it could be multiple things. But if you see that trend, having trouble sticking to your routine, this is a clear indication to revamp your routine.


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Okay let's move on to the next indication. And this is the last indication for revamping your routine, is if you feel stressed or uneasy doing your routine. If you're feeling stressed during your routine, bingo, it needs to be changed. You should not be feeling stressed during your routine. You should not. A routine is to help you work smart, not hard. So if you're feeling stressed by it, something is wrong, like actually physically doing your routine, if you're feeling stress, something is wrong here. If you're feeling super annoyed while you're doing your routine, and that annoyance isn't coming from somewhere else, right? Sometimes families can annoy us let's be real and so if it's not coming from your family and you're by yourself doing your routine, and you're super annoyed and the stress is coming from what you're doing in your routine. Stop doing it. Do something different. And that does not mean not to do laundry. Okay, let me make that clear. Because you may be like the laundry routine annoys me like crap, right? Why does it annoy you? What are you doing in your laundry routine as to why it annoys you? Maybe you need to switch up something right so if you're feeling stressed or uneasy doing your routine This is important for you to switch it up.


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And you can feel when you're feeling stressed right you will have a body response. So listen to your body when it responds in this way, so that you know that now I need to switch up something because this is not right. So I want to say this about the body response because what just came into my head is like an exercise routine. So you may start an exercise routine of HIT workouts, right, like strenuous exercise, and you're like, "Okay, I'm gonna do this exercise program" it's like strenuous and you're working super hard. And every time you go to do it, you can hardly do it or you're about to faint. And so your body is saying this is too much for you like every time you do it you're about to faint and you are never able to progress through the routine or actually exercise, then this is showing you like switch it up, maybe you can't do HIT workouts right now, maybe just do some muscle building, maybe do some yoga, just do some pilates in the beginning, at least until your body gets accustom to actually exercising. Because if not, you're going to see yourself probably end up not exercising at the end of the day and missing your routine because your body was trying to tell you this is too much, this is stressing me out. This isn't working for me. So when you have those types of body responses to your routines, like stress or noise or just like physical responses that your body isn't able to handle. You might need to switch up your routine, this might be like a really clear indication. So that is the last indication for a routine.


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Alright, so those are the indications for revamping a routine. Transitions. If you are having trouble sticking to your routine, and if you feel stressed or uneasy doing your routine. So now that you know when to revamp a routine, how do you revamp your routine? Right? Because you know now why it may need to be revamped. So how do you revamp it? This is what you can learn if you get the Rock Your Routine Training™. The Rock Your Routine Training™ will teach you how to create routines step by step. And if you want to revamp and like I said many times, it may be that you need to revamp a routine. So if you want to revamp a routine, this process still works because you're going to use the process that I teach you as a rubric for revamping your routine. So getting the Rock Your Routine Training™ is really really helpful for this. And so you can click the link in the show notes to get the Rock Your Routine Training™. To join the Routine Wellness Community, I would love to see you inside.


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But your routine work for this week is to take an inventory of your routines. And think about which ones may need revamping based upon the indications that we just went over. And if you find that your routines need revamping, like I said, get the Rock Your Routine Training™. I am here to help you in cultivating routines that actually work and last and they're going to be really really helpful for your life. So that's your routine work, tag me on Instagram at Routine and Things, let me know which routines you are revamping based upon you taking inventory of them, and we can get you on track with creating a better routine and tweaking it. Also before you go be sure to subscribe to the podcast if you haven't already. And also if you could do me a huge favor right now, if you could review the podcast as soon as this episode ends review the podcast for me. This supports the show and makes it easier for women who need this to find us. And so I would truly truly appreciate it. Well until next time, I hope that you are enjoying wherever you are and wherever you're doing, stay happy and I will talk to you later.


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[Outro] Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today's episode, could you do me a huge favor and take a screenshot and share it on social and for more routine goodness, be sure to visit routineandthings.com, here's to staying happy!

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