How To Better Your Bedtime Routine

How did you sleep last night? Better yet, how did you fall asleep? Having a bedtime routine can improve your overall well being. More sleep equals a happier you. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, you’ll learn 3 steps you can take to improve your bedtime routine so you better your sleep. Cozy up in bed and take a listen!

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[Intro] Routines, my absolute favorite word, but you either love them or you're working on getting there. But either way, I strongly believe routines can be a springboard for improving your home, yourself and your life. I'm Ashley Brown, and this is the Routine and Things Podcast. In each episode, I'll share practical tips and simple ways to help you consistently live your happiest life, one routine at a time. Trust me, you're gonna want to keep listening, because you're well on your way to getting and staying happy.

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Before we get into today's episode, have you ever wondered which routine is the best for you to start right now? If you are unsure of which routine will best meet the needs of your home and life at this very moment, you now have a way to find out. I've created for you a very simple and free routine assessment that will help you identify which routine you really need most right now, to take this quick assessment that will point you in the right direction and get you started with the right routine. Click the link in the show notes or head to Alright, let's go ahead and get into today's episode.

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Hey, and welcome back for another episode. I am so happy that you are here. Today, we are talking about how to better your bedtime routine. How to better your bedtime routine. How to get better rest, how to sleep better, how to get your butt to bed, whatever you think about when I say better your bedtime routine. That's what you're going to be learning today. And that's what I'm be sharing with you because sleep is important. I'm going to say sleep because I've talked about rest before and rest is important too. But resting and sleeping is two totally different things, right? Resting, yes, it nourishes your soul. It helps you to decompress sleep does the same thing. But sleep like actually revitalizes you, rejuvenates you. Because when you get sleep your cells do some really cool things right? You feel refreshed when you get up when you get some good sleep. Like you feel like a new person. You'd be like, dang. Because I'm thinking about when I'm at a hotel, which dang, I want to go back to a hotel. When you're at a hotel and you're sleeping in the bed and the bed is so comfy at the hotel, the pillows, the comforters, and you'll be like, I done got the best sleep of my life in this hotel room, what is going on with my bed at my house. That's still a work in progress. For me getting my bed to feel like I'm in a hotel bed. Because I get the best rest at hotels. Anyway, like really good hotels, like the best sleep. So sleep can do so many wonders for you.

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And sleep helps us to better care for ourselves. Right? This month's theme is self love and self care is a part of self love and getting good sleep, getting adequate sleep, being able to fall asleep in a really beautiful and peaceful way can do so many wonders for your life and you just have renewed energy, you have more intention. Because when you're lacking sleep, as you know, you're not able to focus as well, right? You can't focus, you're not able to be as intentional. So sleep is so important for you. And if you're not getting good rest right now, you're not sleeping well, this is a good episode for you to listen to, because I'm going to be sharing with you how you can actually better your bedtime. Alright, so let's go ahead and get into it. So when it comes to improving your bedtime routine, I'm going to take you through three things that I think can be very helpful when it comes to this.

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And the first thing is to assess what's wrong with your current bedtime routine. Okay, that's the first and foremost step. You don't want to try to create a new bedtime routine, when you don't even know what's going wrong, or what's the issue with your current bedtime routine. So you want to assess that you want to dig into what is actually the problem here. Because many times everything that we do at night isn't a problem. It just may be how we're sequencing things like how, you know how we're putting things in order, it could be the things that we were actually doing at night, a few of the things so it doesn't mean that you have to like do away with everything you do at night. But when you assess you're able to figure that out. It's just like if you were, it's like when you go get your car maintenance and you're like okay, I need my tires rotated. They're not just like okay, let me just go ahead and rotate these tires real quick. They go and assess your tires first because they have to know like, really how does these tires actually Look, do you actually need your tires rotated? Or do you need completely new tires? Right? So that's why assessment is so important. You can't just jump into overhauling your routine without assessing what is actually going on here. Right?What's the problem? What can actually stay what needs to go?

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And sometimes it is an entire routine that needs to go out. Sometimes it's not. So that's why assessment is super duper important. So you have to look at it deeply to decide what is actually the issue. And then once you do that, you can create the routine. And an easy way for you to do that is to write out what do you do at night? Like what do you do leading up to you go into sleep? Do you clean, and then you're exhausted so you go take a shower and you go to bed? Is it you clean and you just sit on the couch or watch some TV and then you fall asleep on the couch? Is it that you are trying to catch up on your favorite shows and you do that and then you go upstairs and it takes you about an hour to get to sleep? Are you scrolling on Instagram or Facebook and then you fall asleep with the iPhone in your hand? Like how? How do you actually go to sleep? What are the steps that you take before going to sleep? What are the things that you usually do? And this needs to be truthful? What do you usually do leading up to you going to bed?

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Because I'm pretty sure it looks pretty similar day to day, if not most days of the week. So all you need to do is write that down. Write down what you do before leading up to actually laying your head on that pillow. Okay, what are the steps? And if you're looking at it, and you're like, dang, I do watch me a whole bunch of TV before I go to sleep? And that is not helping me get good sleep? Right? Because if your mind is going, it's not helpful for you, especially if you want some really good sleep. I know for me, I used to have really bad racing thoughts at night. And I will just keep thinking and thinking and thinking I'm like, oh, shoot! So what is that for you? When you assess that, then you can be like, okay, what's working here? What's not working here? And so that's the first step. That's the first step of this is to decide what's working, what's not working. Assess your routine.

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Secondly, you want to get clear on your goal. Why is it important for you to improve your bedtime routine?Or what is the outcome you are looking to have by creating a new bedtime routine or improving your bedtime routine? What is that outcome you're looking for? Because this is going to be different from person to person. Right? It could be maybe you're like I want to get to bed at an earlier time. That is the reason why you are creating and improving your bedtime routine because you want to get to bed in earlier time. Because you want to be able to get more rest. Maybe it is you want to fall asleep quicker. If you have trouble falling asleep, it takes you an hour over an hour to fall asleep. And your goal of improving your bedtime routine is to fall asleep quicker and easier. Maybe it is to settle your mind at night. Maybe that's why you want to improve your bedtime routine to settle your mind. Whatever your goal is, you need to have a clear goal. And the reason why this is important because when you have a goal, what you add, the actions you put into your routine, need to align with that goal. Because in order for you to accomplish that goal, in order for you to even get on a path to accomplishing that goal, you have to know what the goal is. And you have to have actions that align with that specific goal. So for example, if your goal is to get to bed earlier, and you know you watch TV at night, maybe it's okay, I'm only going to watch 30 minutes of TV, not two hours. I'm only going to watch 30 minutes of TV. And that's it at night. And that can be a part of your bedtime routine, right? TV for 30 minutes or less. It is so important for you to have a clear goal. What is that goal for you? Write it down. Think about it right now. Why do you want to improve your bedtime routine.

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And the last thing I want you to think about when it comes to improving your bedtime routine is I want to challenge you to include a reflective activity. Inclusion of a reflective activity can be so awesome for you. And this is really great because even if there isn't anything physically wrong, that's preventing you from sleeping well many times it's our minds that stop us from sleeping well and when you've reflected at the end of your day, this helps to release the overwhelm in your mind, it helps you to declutter your mind when you reflect on your day. Because your mind may be overloaded, and that's why you're not sleeping well, your mind may be overloaded. And that's why you're not being able to fall asleep quicker or easier, is because your mind needs to be dumped out. Right? Like, that could be a huge thing for you. And so a reflective activity really, really, really helps with this, it is everything.

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I know my reflective activities, when I go to sleep at night are journaling and meditation, and also prayer. Those are the three things that I do to reflect on my day. And they are so therapeutic. Being able to reflect on your day in any capacity is super therapeutic. And it's such a calming thing to do. When you reflect it completes your day. It like basically, it like wraps up your day. It's like, okay, my day is done, when you reflect and be able to actually have that stopping point to your day. It can do so much good for you because you feel like, alright, this day is done. Now I can go to sleep, I've reflected on what happened. Reflective activities, like I say it can include journaling, meditation, silence, verbal reflection of your day, gratitude practice. All of it can be reflection activities, and there are probably so many more, but those are the things that come to my mind. These are reflective activities that you can do.

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And I'm going to share with you specifically some journal prompts that I do. And that helps me to reflect on my day at night when I go to sleep, or before I go to sleep. So three journal prompts. And if you don't have pen and paper right now it's perfectly okay, you can come back to this and re-listen. But the three journal prompts that can help you when you are reflecting on your day are one, what lessons have I learned today? Two, celebrate the wins big or small? You can just write in the wins, big or small. What did you accomplish today? What were your wins? And then the third journal prompt is, I am grateful for and you just start writing. Okay, what are you grateful for? Those are three very helpful and useful journal prompts for you to reflect on your day. Because they're going to help you to clear out that clutter. It's going to help you to clear out whatever you're thinking about in your mind and bring you to the present. You know, release whatever you've been thinking about, and that's going to help you get better sleep.

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These are the three things you want to think about when it comes to improving your bedtime routine. If you have been struggling with getting your bedtime routine in order. If you have been struggling to get good rest, good sleep. If you are always constantly tired, you're like tired? If you are tired, think about implementing these three things. Assess what's wrong with your current bedtime routine. Are you staying up late because you are constantly cleaning at night? Can you switch around your cleaning routines? Are you not falling asleep good because you are watching like three episodes of your favorite shows at night? And maybe you can cut that down to one episode of your favorite show at night. Is that why you're not getting to bed at an adequate time or why you are not falling asleep easier because you're right in front of the TV before you go to bed? Is it maybe your routine isn't the best because you feel like at night and that is your me time which it could possibly be. So maybe about your me time can include your bedtime routine, factoring that into your me time instead of just watching a bunch of shows or scrolling Instagram, your me time and your decompression time can be a part of it to go along with your shows because you know we like our shows. To go along with your shows, to go along with the things that you love and you enjoy. Your bedtime routine can be a part of that, right? So if you've been struggling with that, think about assessing your current routine.

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Also get clear on the goal of why you're improving your routine. Is it to get to bed earlier, is it to you know fall asleep quicker? What is the point of improving your bedtime routine? Why is this going to serve you? What is the outcome you want to see happen? And lastly, include a reflective activity when you go to create that routine. reflection is so powerful, it's therapeutic. It's calming. It will ease you into your night, it will ease you into your sleep, reflection. And so those are three things I want you to think about this week, for you to ponder on and it can be really helpful in you bettering your bedtime routine.

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Alright, so let me leave you with some routine wisdom for today. And that is when you better your bedtime, you better yourself. When you better your bedtime routine, you better your self. So get to improving that bedtime routine. Get you some good sleep. I know how important sleep is, we all do. We tired of walking around here tired. I know I was so better that bedtime girl. If you have any questions for me, you can definitely hit me up on Instagram at routineandthings. Also, if you try one of these things, if you assess your routine, if you create that goal, or if you add in a reflective activity, let me know tag me on Instagram, at routineandthings. Show me that you are putting into practice what is the value to you. And if better sleep is of value to you then put into practice.

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I'm going to ask you for something before we conclude today's episode. So listen up. I would truly appreciate if you enjoy this podcast for you to rate and review the show on iTunes. So if you're listening on iTunes, this is specifically speaking to you. If you could write a really thoughtful review about the podcast, I would greatly appreciate it. What does this do? It really helps us support the show. It helps us to reach women who need this type of information, who are out there googling productivity, and building better habits, homemaking, all of that because they're searching for something that they need. And when you write a review it helps them be like ding ding ding it's a podcast over here that can help. So that's what that does, the gift of giving. And so I would truly truly appreciate if you could leave me a review of this show. Thank you for joining me again today. Be sure to come back next week because we're still going to be continuing the theme of self love and I hope that you continue to enjoy wherever you are and whatever you're doing, stay happy and I will talk to you soon.

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