Simple Routines To Move Beyond Survival Mode

Feel like you're only surviving the day? Are you being more reactive than proactive? There are seasons of survival mode and it can be hard to know what to do to move beyond it. In today’s episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, you’ll learn 3 simple routines you can start that will slowly move you beyond survival mode and lead you to thriving in life. Tune in to stop surviving the day and start thriving day to day!
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Hey, and welcome back for another episode. Okay, so this episode today is a simple routines to move beyond survival mode. First of all, when you hear survival mode, do you feel like you're in that space right now? If so, that's probably why you're listening to this episode. But even if not, this episode is going to be really helpful for you as well. I got this question from a listener. And as she asked, you know, what can I do? What routines can I do to move past survival mode and to help me in times when I'm feeling super stressed or overwhelmed, and life is really chaotic?


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 I thought this was a really, really beautiful question because we can be in survival mode, but not know what to do to move beyond it. And so I'm going to share with you three routines that I personally use in my life that I think can be really helpful for you to move beyond survival mode, because it just doesn't feel good, right? survival mode sucks. Let's just put that out there. Survival modes sucks. And I also want you to know that it's normal to get here sometimes, the thing about it is that you don't want to stay here. Right? No one wants to stay struggling in survival mode, making it day by day, or barely making it day by day, we want to move beyond this right. And so the first thing that is really helpful in moving beyond survival mode is to actually recognize when you're in this space, you may have turned this on today and listen to this episode. And you're not even fully aware that you're in survival mode. 


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So I want to share with you some ways and some indications that may be you are in this space currently. And so if you're feeling like this, this episode is definitely for you. So the first thing is, maybe you feel like you are barely making it through your day. Like your day just does not feel good. Like you're trying like every you're trying to get through every single hour. Sometimes you're trying to get through every single minute, and you're like, Oh my gosh, I'm just ready for this day to end. And that's also how you feel you're like I'm ready for this day to end. And sometimes you're even ready for the day to end before even starts. Then you definitely know you're in survival mode, if this is the case. 


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Another thing that is a huge indication for you being in survival mode is that you're being reactive and not proactive, right, you're reacting to things that are happening in your day versus being proactive and addressing those things before they actually occur, especially with things that you know are going to happen. So those predictable things that you know are going to come up on a daily basis, weekly basis, you find yourself reacting to those things versus being proactive. So this is a huge one and I know sometimes we can struggle with this. And we don't know really how do I actually be proactive and move past this reactionary mode that I am currently in. 


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Many times we want to be five steps ahead. And if you feel like you are always behind that life is craziness right now and you just are surviving the day and you're not thriving, then you're know that you are in survival mode. But you're not going to stay here because I'm going to be sharing with you three simple routines to move you beyond this so that you can feel much better. So you actually are thriving in your day to day and you feel like you are crushing your days that you are joyful that Your days are purposeful that you are happy Right, like that's, that's life, right? That's life. We know sometimes life comes with struggle too. But we want more joy, more peace, more happy happiness than struggle.


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So here's three simple routines that can help you move beyond survival mode. And the first is tidy routine. So a tidy routine is really great, because what I feel like a tidy routine does is it allows you to straighten up your environment. And many times when we can clear our environment somewhat, then our mind starts to become clear, right, we can gain more clarity when we have a clear environment. And so a tidy routine can really help you move beyond survival mode, just by tidying up a little bit, creating a really, really simple, tidy routine. This can really be helpful for not only your space, but also your mind. It helps to declutter your mind helps your mind to feel less stressed. So a tidy routine is the first one I want to share with you. So you can definitely start that one.


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The second routine is a planning routine. So you know, I am huge into planning. If you've been following me for a while, I absolutely love planning and it is my peacekeeper planning is a way that I stay on top of things that I stay sane, honestly. So a planning routine can really help you to move beyond survival mode, because it is going to help you to be proactive versus being reactive. So that's what I love about planning the most because you are able to set up your day or set up your week, and then follow those directions throughout the time, right versus you reacting to what comes you're like okay, this, these are the things I'm doing in my day, these are the things I'm doing in my week, I have it written down or I have it scheduled out, this is what I'm doing. And this really helps you to feel like you are basically owning your day that you are in charge of your day. And that you have some control in this. So that's another routine that you can do and keeping that routine very simple. And planning routines can be weekly planning routine, it can be a daily planning routine, it can be a meal planning routine. Honestly, any type of planning routine is going to be super helpful for you when it comes to you moving beyond just feeling like you're surviving the day. 


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And then the last routine I want to share is very, very important when you are in survival mode. And I'm going to say right now, this is the routine that I feel like you should definitely start you know I don't like to say should. But I feel like this is a routine that is super helpful for you to start when you are in survival mode. And that is any type of self care routine. Any type morning, bed time, exercise, skincare, hair care, makeup your own, it doesn't matter, you need a routine that you are caring for yourself. Okay, a self care routine is one that is very, very important to have when you are in survival mode. Because when you're in survival mode, you are doing everything outside of you like you were you are doing actions that are many of the times outside of caring for yourself. And that just burdens you more and that weighs on you more. 


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So to get out of that survival mode, you want to start with you, you want to start caring for yourself so that you then awaken to this insight that Oh yeah, I am over here and I am important. And when and when you do find yourself important, then that just gives you a little bit more like umph to like, do different things in your day. It basically switches up your mindset, some to improve other areas of your life. Because when you can care for yourself and actually find yourself as important, important enough to do actions that care for you, then that just spreads out into your environment to your home into the spaces that you are in. So that's why I think this one is super important and self care routine when you are in survival mode. And I would definitely say out of all three, I will say this one is really, really important. All of them are important, but I think that this one is the first one to focus on. If you feel like you are way down because if you're in survival mode, that's probably how you're feeling.


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So those are the three routines. And one thing I want to share about these routines is that you want to make them simple. Anytime you are in survival mode. If you find yourself being in this space. Keeping it simple is important. If you struggle with simplicity, here's a rule of thumb for you. Three is the charm, three steps or less in your routine. That's where the tidy for the planning for the self care, no more than three steps. If you struggle with keeping things simple, because it's really, this can make or break you getting beyond survival mode if you create a very complex routine, because when you are in struggle mode, when you're in survival mode, the worst thing that you can do is then enter in something that is complex, your brain can't handle it, your life can't handle it. So you want to keep things simple. So if you're like, if you're if you're the type of person that simplicity doesn't come easy to you, which is perfectly fine. We are all different individuals. That's what makes us special. That's what makes us unique and beautiful, is that we're all different. But if you're the type that likes to dress things up, or you're like, you know what, let me just add that cherry on top. Don't do it. 


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When you're in survival mode, try to stray away from that. So keeping it simple is so important and fight the urge to become overzealous when you start to create your routine. Three or less when you're in survival mode three or less steps. That's what I wanted to share with you. Those are the three routines that you can start if you feel like you're in survival mode if you feel like your life is in need of a more complex routine. This is not true, keep it simple. Simplicity helps you to get a quick win, and can really be a motivating factor to continue to work towards improving your life. So be sure to keep these routines simple. But that's it those are the routines keep them simple and I'm going to share with you some routine wisdom today and that is simplicity cures survival mode. Simplicity is the cure for survival mode. That is it. Create simple routines if you feel like you're struggling if you're feel like you're trying to make it day by day if life feels heavier than happier create simple routines because this is your cure for survival mode and start with one of the three I would definitely say self care some type of self care routine and then you can move on to the others but you got this this is not going to last always survival mode never last always. 


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You are going to make it through this time. You got this you got this if you are feeling like you are struggling right now in survival mode. Just know I'm here to help. You can always reach out to me via email at Hello at routineand or you can shoot me a DM on Instagram at routine and things if you're not following follow routine and things. And if this episode was helpful for you, please let me know I would love to know if you enjoyed today's episode by tagging me at routine and things on Instagram taking a screenshot of you listening. I would love to hear from you. But that is it for today. I hope that you continue to enjoy wherever you are. Whatever you're doing, be sure to come back next week because we have a really really good episode with someone that I absolutely adore. But until then, stay happy. 


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Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today's episode, take a screenshot and share it on social I would love to know you're listening. And for tools to help you start maintain and enjoy your routines. Be sure to head to Here's to staying happy.


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