Tidying To Find Joy At Home and Within with Pia Thompson

Can your tidy routine really spark joy! My guest today says yes. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, I chat with Pia Thompson. Pia is a corporate lawyer turned home organizer who shares the key to a tidy home is a joyful you. She shares by focusing on what brings you joy this will help you get rid of those items you have been holding onto. If you’re ready to start a tidy routine that lights you up and keeps your home organized, this episode is for you! Here’s how you can use tidying to find joy at home and within!

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Can your tidy routine really spark joy? My guest today says yes. In this episode of the routine and things podcast I chat with Pia Thompson. Pia is a corporate lawyer turned home organizer who shares the key to a tidy home is a joy for you. She shares by focusing on what brings you joy. This will help you get rid of those items you have been holding on to. If you're ready to start a tidy routine that lights you up and keeps your home organized. This episode is for you. Here's how you can use tidying to find joy at home and within.

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Oh my gosh, I'm super excited about this episode because it is a fantastic one. I get to chat with a woman that I truly, truly admire and she's gets to bring her wisdom to you all about tidying your home organizing your home. I know that many of you love the topic of organization. So this is going to be something that I know you're going to enjoy. I chat with Pia Thompson, Pia is a truth seeker, Joy finder and Mama to a snack eating ten year old girl. She was a corporate lawyer for over 15 years before undergoing a journey of self evolution based on facing her truth and following her joy that led to her finally beginning to design a life she loves. As a home organizer and konmari consultant in training, as well as a speaker and writer. She has now dedicated her life to empowering women to do the same. Learning how to choose truth and joy through tidying their homes at her company sweet digs. She's been featured in apartment therapy and on Alicia Keys is keys soul care website, and lives in Brooklyn, New York. I am so happy to have had the chance to talk with Pia She is an inspiration for sure. And I know you're going to absolutely enjoy our conversation. 

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So let's get into it. Hey, Pia, thank you for being here. I'm so happy that you are here because honestly, I've been admiring you for quite a bit of time. And I think what really drew me to you was the fact that you I feel like you talked about tidying and organizing in a very unique way. And so I'm not going to give it all away because I could say a whole bunch. But I would love for you to share you know a little bit about who you are and also what you do. Right? 

Pia Thompson  3:49  

Hey, Ashley, I'm so happy to be here with you. So my name is Pia Thompson. I am a former lawyer turned home organizer. And I turn tidying your home into fun self care. So I really do believe decluttering is an act of self love. And while it's fun for me, I'm a little weird. So I do my best to make it fun for my clients, right? So I make them a playlist of tidying tunes, I just try to make the experience a lot of fun and joy and bring a lot of joy to it. So I'm really focused on improving my clients ability to make decisions, right? Because that's what clutter is in your home. It really is a pile of decisions that you've been procrastinating on for a long time. So how do I do that? I basically have you focus on your truth, and also your joy. Right? So what I find is that we settle a lot. We settle with what we have in our homes, we settle with where our lives are. And we deny that the truth we we deny the truth we have inside. And we base our actions on what society wants us to do what our parents want us to do, what the kids are pulling us to do, and we've lose ourselves. And that's how clutter ends up in your home. It really is a manifestation of what's going on in your mind and what's going on in your life and showing up in the physical in your home. And so how I do that is I help clients orient themselves towards joy. Right? 

Pia Thompson  5:14  

So finding your truth finding out what are you really about? What are your core values, what makes you happy, what makes you feel fulfilled, and then I help you guide your choices toward that. And so I am a Konmari consultant and training, I'm trained in Marie Kondo's methods, I'm sure you've heard of spark joy. And so that's essentially what I have my clients do is figure out what sparks joy. And then a lot of them have, of course, ended up with a tidy home, but then also have changed things in their lives, too. So that's been amazing to watch. It's a beautiful thing, and I love what I do. 

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Oh, I love that. Oh, my gosh, I mean, you said a lot of different things. Well, a few things that stood out to me was that it's all about decisions. And I us being able to make decisions, right, and that tidying and organizing your home is just a bunch of decision making, which is so true. And now when you say it that way, really, when I think about it, now I understand why many of us have a struggle with organizing our home. Because like just me thinking about myself, especially at a certain point in my life, I had a lot going on in this mind. And for me to make a decision with everything floating in my mind. It was not happening. And so when you put it like that, I can definitely understand how that is how decision making plays a huge part in organization. And then also just saying, leading with truth, and joy. Oh my gosh, that is so beautiful. Oh my god, like just figuring out who are you? What do you enjoy? What do you love? What are your values? And then that's going to lead you to tidy and lead you to having an organized home? I think that is absolutely amazing. So how does that how does that actually look somewhat if you can share, you know, just as an example, leading with truth and joy, h how would this actually look? 

Pia Thompson  7:08  

Oh, absolutely. So it really is an amazing thing to witness when I'm sitting with a client. So here's, here's an interesting example. So I had a client who was divorced. And she told me that she dresses pretty conservatively. I said, Okay, no problem, you know, so I know that what I know what I can expect. And so if I see anything around that, that's probably not her and I can, you know, be more, I can be guided to help her to let go of those things. Right. So this is what she says she wants to dress more conservatively. And so we are going through her things. And we come across a T shirt from where she went to college. And she said to me, You know, I really love this shirt, but I hardly ever wear it. Why is that? You know, was it tucked in the back of your closet? Or was it in a drawer somewhere that you weren't able to see it? And she said, No, that's not true. She said, What What happened was, her ex husband used to tell her when she wore this shirt, that it looked like she was showing off. And she was being pretentious, because the school that she went to, was a really incredible school. Her undergrad is, you know, she went to a fantastic school. And it's a school that everybody knows, gonna immediately recognize and so, and that's what she told me. And I said, so you don't wear this shirt, because your ex husband told you that it looks like you're showing off. And then she proceeded to tell me how she was bullied when she was younger. And that's why she dresses conservatively and she doesn't want to stand out. And so we had a long conversation about living in your truth. You know, being proud of where you went to school, being proud of the things that look good on your body, and it feels good to you, and letting go of other people's opinions. 

Pia Thompson  8:53  

So that's how truth can show up. It can show up because, you know, you maybe you're you've been a people pleaser, your whole life, right? And your wardrobe reflects the fact that you're just trying to fit in and you're trying to hide, you know, maybe you've been bullied or emotionally abused, even by past relationships. And it shows up because you wear certain things, you have certain things in your home, like, you know, or you even you can even take certain actions outside of your home, right. So she's afraid of risk as a result. So it's not only not only comes out in terms of what she wears, but it also but also it comes out in terms of the decisions that she makes for her life. She's, you know, she's walking pretty slowly and moving through fear. And so we had, you know, I had to hold space for her and listen to her stories and guide her to really start to love herself frankly. And you know, I'm not a therapist. Last I checked them a lot of things lawyer and home organizer, but I'm not a therapist, but you know some of the things that come up, you know, I can hold space And guide, and sometimes clients will let go. But sometimes they're holding on so tight that I, you know, I can't help with those things. And so then I will suggest like, maybe you should go see a therapist, hold on to it, have those conversations, you know, and some of some items really just tug at your soul. You know, they really bring out those questions and things that you've been afraid to ask yourself. And I'm not afraid to ask you. I'm not. Right. I'm not. I'm not giving you my opinion. But I'm not afraid to ask you those questions to get you to make your own opinion and make those choices, right. So it's really a matter of being able to move through that discomfort. And I think as human beings, we generally avoid discomfort, right? 

Pia Thompson  10:42  

Think about it, you know, and think about what our parents did if there was something wrong. Oh, let me fix it. What do you need, let me put a bandaid on it. Let me whatever, my mom still tries to save me, even at this age. I just think it's a it's a parental thing. And so we tend to grow up not like avoiding discomfort avoiding facing ourselves. And so tidying can really give you that opportunity to work through those emotions and work through those things. You can come out on the other side with a better toolkit for how to make good choices. 

Ashley Brown  11:15  

Wow. I mean, wow. So for so for that lady you just mentioned. I know her fear was really standing out and that was possibly limiting her when it came to tiny her home. I know that somebody might be listening to be like, Well, my home is a mess. So what am i fearing? Am I fearing anything? Do you have any other examples of things that people have people that you have worked with had fears about that made them hold on to certain things? 

Pia Thompson  11:49  

Absolutely. So I had a client who was raised in part by her grandmother for a few years when she was younger, I think until she was about five. And her grandmother was quite controlling a little bit bossy, you know, a little bit old school. And so it was kind of like her way goes. And so she was raised in that environment. And her grandmother crocheted. And so her grandma would give her all kinds of things, you know, like, gave her like, she likes infinity scarves. So grandmother made her an infinity scarf. It was like the infinity scarf of many colors, like, like all the colors in the rainbow. And so she would never wear any of the things her grandmother would give her. Give her a scarf and clothes, you know, in a bag and all kinds of things. And all these things were just stuffed in a drawer. So as we're going through her stuff, she started you know, she pulls out something crocheted from grandma. And she's explaining to me why she doesn't use it that she doesn't like it. And so I'm like, Well, why? Why are you holding on to it? She's like, Well, my grandma will come over to my apartment and say, Hey, what is that scarf I made you? Hey, where's that bag. And so the guilt that she would feel and the fear of her grandmother, not of her grandmother, knowing that she got rid of something that she made with her own two hands. She's like, I cannot do this. And so we had a long conversation about people pleasing. And as a recovering people pleaser. I know all about that. Okay, I was playing a people pleasing. I was like leading the people pleasing parade.  We had a long conversation about people pleasing, standing in her truth. You know, standing, you know, moving past her fear. 

Pia Thompson  13:26  

We talked about, we talked about the fact that this item does not represent her grandmother's relationship. And that there's no obligation around this item other than saying thank you so much, grandma. That's it. And then after that, it's yours to do what you want with and that she's not honoring her grandmother by keeping this thing in her home in a corner, just to only put be pulled out to show to like to basically release her guilt around it. So we had conversation, a frank conversation, and we had a good talk. And we talked it through. And by the time we were done with that session, at the end of the session, when she came across more grandma things she was able to say, I see this, I know my grandma intended well, I do not love this thing. It does not spark joy for me, I'm not going to use it, I'm going to let it go. So I had to walk her through in the beginning. But by the end of the session, she was able to talk herself through that and let it go. So that's another way that it comes up. And that's how I know that the client is getting it. And so with my sessions, I really call them tidying lessons, right? 

Pia Thompson  14:35  

I'm sitting with you, and talking to you and helping you work through these choices and of course, helping with storage and organization as well. But I'm making sure that you get homework so that you can take the lesson and apply it and if you have trouble doing the homework, you can always text me and reach out to me hold until our next session. But the whole point is that you are able to move forward and do this on your own. Right. I'm not one of those organizers that says come in tidy some things for you while you're out at the mall. And then you come back and it's like, Oh, nice. And then you hire me again in three or four months when it's a mess again. But the whole point is that I'm teaching you what I know. You can go become a Komari consultant if you want to, but I'm teaching you what I know. And then you can apply it to yourself into your home and also to your life.

Ashley Brown  15:20  

I totally get that. I think that is so brilliant. Yeah, we might have the money to get someone to come organize our homes. But let's be real, it goes deeper than that. And how can we keep up the organization? Our home? And I know you mentioned this, one thing that keeps coming to my mind is, you say that you are okay with asking the hard questions. And so I would love to know, because I'm not sitting here thinking now like, Oh, is it a question that I could ask myself that might start to get me to stand in my truth when it comes to organizing my home? and tidying my home? Is there any question that you could share with us that could help us that we could ask ourselves that will help us in getting started on this path of having a more organized home? 

Pia Thompson  16:06  

Yes, definitely. I can think of a couple of questions, actually. So the first thing is, what would you do? What do you want to do once your home is tidy? So let's say there was no clutter? You had a system in place for you know, getting things back into the places. What would you do with that time? You know, what do you want to do after your home is tidy? That'd be the first thing and I would say, you know, write it down, create a vision around it, put a pin there, get a Pinterest board together, what do you want your home to look like? And what do you want to be able to do? Right? Are there hobbies that you used to do before you don't have time for because you feel all this pressure to put things back and move things around? Right? Or to go, you know, shopping online? Because you can't find something that you're looking for? Right? So all that time that you would get back all that money that you would save? Right? What do you want to do with yourself? How do you want to use that time? And what do you want to do? So that's the first question I say, imagine and dream. We do not allow ourselves to do that anymore. We let little kids do it. And we encourage them to be creative. But as soon as we get a nine to five, all that creativity, and imagination just goes out the window. And then it's like, I may imagine at work and answer to a question. But then when I leave work, I'm not imagining anything else, right? 

Pia Thompson  17:19  

So I say first sit down and create a vision, then the next thing is really take an inventory of your day. What are those things that you do that make you feel fulfilled? And happy? And like make your energy rise or spark joy for you? And then what are those things that you do that do not? Right? I have my clients do this I call it a love it or loathe it list. So it doesn't have to be perfect. But as you're going through your house, I have them figure out like what are those things in their home that they have to deal with that they absolutely love. So I know that I need to keep those by the time we're done with the session, right? That you really love that you keep your such and such item in such and such place. It really works for you there. It's fantastic. And then what are those things that you loathe like you keep this in that place, and it drives you crazy, and you can't figure out where else for it to go? Like, just write down those things as you're going through? And so I say the same to all of you, right? What are those things in your life in your home as well, but also in your life, that fulfill you and and give you energy? And what are those things that don't? Those feelings? I think I honestly feel like we spend too much time in our heads. You know, and I'm saying this to you as a civil lawyer because that degree was expensive. So we'll be keeping that license, right, but but I spent a lot of time in my head, figuring out analyzing everything. And now I spent a lot more time on my heart. Because I know that my intuition is guiding me. 

Pia Thompson  18:52  

So when you get that feeling when when you meet someone for the first time, and you get butterflies in your stomach, are you feeling I'm not sure about this person. But you have no reason your mind is like this is not logical. Why do I feel like this? But your body's like, Ah, there is this something that is your intuition speaking to you that is the universe saying to you, you need to like exit stage left, because this person is not for you. Like really those feelings are there and trust them. So what are those things that light you up? That give you energy that make you feel fantastic. And you know, I have a daughter? Sometimes my daughter does that. And sometimes she drains me, right? It's true, right? This is you know, they're, you know, but and that's fine. Be honest. Be honest. And sit with that discomfort. Don't try to you know, chase it away, push it away, sit with it and write it down and face it. If I hadn't done that I wouldn't be sitting here with you today having this conversation about how great my life is now and how much I love my work. I stayed and I practice law for a really long time and every time those feelings came up, I thought push them away. Every single time, I would cry my office, I would feel like I didn't fit in all the time. But I was too scared to do anything. And it wasn't until I started to face those feelings. 

Pia Thompson  20:14  

Listen to those questions, start paying attention to the big boulder that was being thrown at my head to make a different choice, that my life changed and became more happy and joyful. So I say really take an inventory sit with yourself, you don't need anybody else's help to answer to ask these questions. This is really all you. That's why when my clients are like, do you like this dress? I say do you like this dress? I'm not wearing the dress. It doesn't matter. Do you like it? And if it sparks joy for you, you will get a ton of compliments on it. Right your energy will call that in you will exude you know allow yourself to do that there is such, there's such a beautiful life, I feel like we all have that we deprive ourselves off of when we settle for something that feels comfortable, or something that makes a lot of money. But something that fits in with what society expects. And it's really odd to me that living in your truth is so frowned upon. It almost seems ironic, like, we're not running around being harmful to other people. We're just trying to be ourselves. And it's a shame. So I'm saying to all of you, ask those questions, get really honest with yourself and watch. That's the first step. The first two steps I think, yes, I say two I did to getting rid of the clutter is really envisioning, and being honest with yourself about where you are. 

Ashley Brown  21:47  

You I love that you mentioned about the make a love it or loathe it, loathe it list that was really, really, really beautiful. And I think can be super helpful to do that. But what do we do? If we don't like some of the things? What do we do with those things? Because I know for me, I'm quick to throw something away. Or give it away. I'm quick to do both. But I'm more quick to throw something. I started just getting annoyed. I'm like, I just gotta go, just gotta go. But I know some people might hold on to things because they're like, I don't even know what to do with it. Or many times we'll keep things around because we don't even make it to the spot we need to take it to But anyway, 

Pia Thompson  22:27  

yeah, yeah. 

Ashley Brown  22:28  

What can you do with the things that you don't enjoy that don't spark joy for you? What are some ways that we can let them go? And where can we take these things? Or do with them? 

Pia Thompson  22:38  

Oh, sure. So the first thing I would say is if you have things in your home, if you're decluttering, and you have a bag of things that need to go get it out of your house as soon as possible. Preferably the next time you walk out the door, okay? Put it in your trunk, even if you're not going to drop it off somewhere, just get it out of your home, okay, so that it's not in there because it will sneak its way back into a drawer or a closet or, and we don't need that to happen. And you don't want that energy. Once you've decided it's time to let something go, then just get it out of your home at that point. So there's a few options so you can donate. And there's a number of places all across the country all across the world, frankly, to donate, I tend to donate I live in Brooklyn, New York. And so I tend to donate to the Salvation Army here. But there are so many different charities, there's so many different shelters you can even donate to that will accept items, you know, because we're right now in a pandemic, I would call ahead if you're interested in doing something like that and make sure that they're taking certain items and how you have to wrap them some homeless shelters, for example, will only take new things. 

Pia Thompson  23:44  

So you want to make sure that you look into into you know exactly how they want to receive the items, you could also consign. So there are some luxury consignment places I know the real real is one that I've used a number of times, they're fantastic. And they will actually do an online review of your items. So you could get on a zoom call. And they will take a look at what you have. And they they pay for the shipping to them. And it's super easy. You can just go to like ups and give them like a corporate account number and pass them your item. They wrap it up for you. It's so fantastic. I've done it a few times. And I love them. And I mean, as I said I live in Brooklyn, New York, there's a zillion thrift shops and consignment stores. So places like that really love to get things to so that's also an option. And then you could give it away. But here is something about giving it away. Okay? The same way you have boundaries around what comes into your home based on what I told you before about my client, you also need to be considerate if you say I'm going to give this dress to my cousin and our cousins like I don't know if I really liked that dress. Do not get offended, okay? Your cousin is allowed to wear whatever she wants and live in her own truth and decide what sparks joy for her. You don't get to decide what sparks joy for your cousin, right? You get to decide what sparks joy for you. Your cousin doesn't want that dress, you have the donate and the consign option that you can hang on to. And there's also something called textile recycling, which I haven't had a client use yet, but I've heard about it, I think it's pretty cool. 

Pia Thompson  25:13  

So you can take like your old clothing and take it to a place and have them recycle it. And isn't that pretty awesome. So you can get like, so they can use it for you know, for a company to make clothing out of recycled items, which I think is pretty awesome. And there's a lot there's ways to donate your electronics. If you're getting rid of paper, you can call a company to literally come to your house, you can watch them shred your, your paper, you can also drop it off at like staples or Office Max they do the same thing his office might still open. 

Ashley Brown  25:39  

I think so yeah.

Pia Thompson  25:40  

 yeah. Okay, so something like that they charge you. But you can do that, too. So there are plenty of options for once you decided it's gone. So many options for letting go of something. So don't let them be a reason why you keep something you can definitely find a way to get rid of it. 

Ashley Brown  25:56  

Yes, no, thank you for sharing those options. Yeah, that textile one that was really cool. I'm gonna have to check that out for sure, because I need to get rid of some of my clothes in my closet. I've given away a lot. But I'm still like, I can give away more because I'm not wearing them. I'm like, I'm not wearing this. So I can get rid of it. So thank you for that. So are there any other tips that you might want to share with us when it comes to decluttering? at all? I know you shared a bunch already. But when it comes to tidying, you know, sure. One more tip that you think is really strong that you're like, you know, what if I, if I could tell everybody this or share this with everybody, this is one thing I want for you to know. 

Pia Thompson  26:39  

Okay, so this is it. And this, I think is the golden rule of tidying. Have a home for everything in your home. So there's two reasons why things don't get put away. First is because doesn't have a home, right? So there's nowhere to put it until it ends up on top, your kitchen counter, your dining room table, even on the floor. And the second thing is because the home that you've chosen was too difficult to put it away. Right? So you want you not only want to pick a place where it's easy to get something out. But it's more important, frankly, to pick a place. It's easier to put something away, right? Because if it's under a box or in a box and another box, if you really need the thing, you're going to get it but you won't put it away once you take it out. Okay, you won't. That is so so those are the two those are really two things but if you have a home for everything in your home, that is you will be telling that is half the battle right there. half the battle right there.

Ashley Brown  27:34  

Right, you telling me because that's me all day. I'm like, everything needs a home. Right? Everything. What is the I don't care, I have a little funny I have a little box in my kitchen. And it's like this is where little knickknacks whatever pins, whatever gets put on this goes and then I might put it away. But it goes in this box when it goes on their kitchen counter. It goes right in this little box. I mean, half the battle right there and things will get put away if you have a home for them for sure. No, thank you. That is I love that because it's so simple, but it works. And it's super helpful. Yes. So okay, well, this was really a first of all, I love this conversation because you have really shown me and you continue to do this I follow you on Instagram is just yours what you share is just so beautiful in the way you share things. It's so beautiful too. But you have just shown me and share with me how tidying an organization can come and stem from a place of joy. But not only just that, can stem from a place of truth with that, which I think is really beautiful. And it resonated with me a lot like start with your truth. Right and your truth will lead to what is joyful in your life. And then that's what leads you to a tidy and organized home. So thank you so much Pia, I would love to know, to just kind of wrap this conversation up what is a routine that you're currently either looking to improve or enjoying right now.

Pia Thompson  29:09  

So I have a really good morning routine that is Whoo. It's top notch girl. Okay, so. So when I wake up and hopefully I wake up before my daughter, I usually try to it doesn't always work if I stay up too late. But I try to wake up before my daughter and I do a few things. So the first thing is when I put my feet on the floor when I get out of bed and put my feet on the floor. I say today will be a joy filled day and I do a happy dance. Okay. And that came from that came from BJ Fogg who wrote a book called tiny habits, which frankly I didn't read, but but he has like this free five day course where he helps you create tiny habits. And that was one of the tiny habits I created and it's one of the greatest things. It just makes me feel fantastic. That's the first thing I do when I get up. And then after that, I read a couple of books, I read the book of awakening by Mark niebo, which is a daily, like a daily reading a daily spiritual we're reading about, and he had cancer, and he has an really interesting story. But it's a daily reading about being your true self making choices that are grounded in spirit. It's really it's a really beautiful thing. And, and then I read, I usually read another spirituality book, I'm very into spirituality and personal growth and all that. Right now I'm reading, It's by the woman who wrote the artists way. Heart steps, I think it's called. That's another it's got. It's got really short readings, but they're just affirmations. And they're beautiful. So well written. And it's about it's really affirmations for creatives. And I do consider myself a creative. I mean, not like create art, or write music, but I feel like I help people design their lives. So that's creative. So I read that. And the third thing I do is I read, it has to be like 400, mantras and affirmations. Because, you know, as a person who's you know, recovering from not loving herself her whole life, I have to fill myself up with I am I can I love myself statements, statements of belief, statements of truth, statements of my own joy, statements of confidence, that really put me in a place to face the day because it's a consult, like I always say, self love is a daily operation, right? 

Pia Thompson  31:30  

You know, it's something you have to keep up and be conscious about. Because the world is honestly set up so that you don't love yourself. And you don't stand in your confidence and in your truth. So I fill myself up with that every morning. And I add to them all the time. That's why I'm like, it's like 400 of them. It feels like because I'm always  I'm like. Oh, yeah, let me write one about this. Oh, yeah, this is good. I like this, where I'm always like crafting them. And I change them all the time, because I'm changing all the time, right? So as I grow, and I learn, and I move to a place where I love myself more, maybe I don't need the same affirmations I had a couple of years ago, right? Because I'm not in that space. So they grow and they change. So I'll be in the middle of reading, and then I'm like, I don't need that one anymore. I think I'm good. You know, and so then I just cross it off. So So yeah, so that's what I do. And I do my to do list. I have a planner. That's beautiful that I love. Um, and I guess somebody's daily list, you know, maybe from routine and things. Yeah. So yes, I use those things to really plan out my day. And, and yeah, that's what I do every morning. And it's amazing. I love it. 

Ashley Brown  32:47  

I love that it sounds like my type of morning routine because it's very, it's very simple, but it's very much centered and like grounded, right, like I love that and definitely the book that you mentioned, I'm gonna see if we can link it because if somebody might want to check it out, I know I want to check it out. So thank you, thank you for that. So before you before you go share with us please. Because I know people are like Where can I find more from Pia because what you have shared is absolutely amazing. So where can we find more from you? 

Pia Thompson  33:21  

Thank you Ashley. So you can find me mostly on Instagram and clubhouse these days so on Instagram I am sweet_digs and on clubhouse I am Pia sunshine and my website is a sweet-digs.com and on there you'll find links to all the things the Pinterest the you know not the clubhouse yet because that just came out. Okay. So my website aint up to date with that, but all the links to all the things and yeah, you can find out how to book a tidying session with me if you're interested in doing that. And I do virtual sessions and in person in New York City and the tri state area. And yeah, that's it.

Ashley Brown  34:02  

Yes, thank you, y'all. Please go check out Pia go to her website. Go follow her on Instagram. She is such an inspiration and we'll definitely help you in getting on track with the tidy home and you know, just living in your truth which is which is so beautiful and we need right. So thank you so much. Pia I really enjoyed talking to you today.

Pia Thompson  34:24  

Me too. Thank you so much for having me. Ashley. 

Ashley Brown  34:27  

Pia is such a beautiful individuals so inspiring. I loved everything that she shared through our conversation because many of the things that she shared, I had never even thought had anything to do with tidying anything to do with organizing my home. And it really helped me to understand that maybe in those times where I wasn't able to keep up with my home or keep it organized and tidy, was because I wasn't living in my truth. So, big lightbulb went off for me, I hope for you as well. But I want you to remember something that he said as you are working on tidying your home creating a tidy routine, creating an organizing routine, and keeping your home up to the level to where you want it to be. I want you to remember this and that is tidying starts with your truth. If you are not living in your truth currently then tidying may be harder for you. To keep up with. Having an organized home may not come as easy for you. So really ask yourself the question are you living in your truth, and this is going to lead you to a tiny home. I hope that you enjoyed today's episode. If you did, please rate and review and share this podcast with a friend I would greatly appreciate it. And if you follow me on Instagram at routine and things, take a snapshot of this episode if you enjoyed it and share it on social tag me at Routine and Things on Instagram. I would love to know that you're listening. But until next time, I hope that you enjoy wherever you are, and whatever you're doing, stay happy and I will talk to you next week.

Ashley Brown  36:15  

 Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today's episode, take a screenshot and share it on social I would love to know you're listening and for tools to help you start maintain and enjoy your routines. Be sure to head to routineandthings.com. Here's to staying happy.

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