How Brain Dumping Changed My Life

Your mindset matters and there’s a way to make it even better! In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, I’m sharing how the simple act of brain dumping has changed my life and how it can do the same for you. If you struggle with decision making, planning, or racing thoughts, this episode will help!

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Hey, Hey, welcome back for another episode. Okay, so I'm super excited about this episode, because I get to talk about something that I absolutely love brain dumping. You might be like Ashley girl, brain dump is something you love? Yes, it is. I love to brain dump. Brain dumping has absolutely changed my life. So that's why I'm sharing how today on this episode. Because brain dumping it can be a powerful tool, it can be used to decrease mental low overwhelm stress and who doesn't want that? Who doesn't want that? So what is brain dumping? First and foremost, we have to start here, what is brain dumping? Brain dumping is basically taking what's on your mind and placing that or recording it somewhere else. So that can be on paper that can be electronically, it really doesn't matter. As long as you're taking it out of your head and putting it somewhere else. That is brain dumping. It has to be somewhere you're recording it though you don't want to just take it at your head and let it float off into space, Okay?  I don't know, that might be a form of brain dumping. Sometimes that is a form of brain dumping, I'm not gonna lie, because sometimes people say stuff to you and you're like, I don't need this in my head. So I let it go. 

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But anyway, let me get back on track. But brain dumping has absolutely changed my life. I mean, I don't remember when I started brain dumping, I think it was, I definitely know it was when I was a stay at home mom. And when life was crazy, as I don't know what I know, that's the time that I started it. But at that point in time, I had so much going on. I mean, my head was always filled with something a bunch of things. I had a lot of racing thoughts back then I didn't sleep well back then. And so brain dumping was something that helped me move past that and be able to live a more fulfilled life by getting rid of all of the things that was in my head, at least for the moment, right? Because we're always going to have thoughts that are going on in our minds, that's just living life and being human. But if you can find ways to alleviate constant thinking, as far as just holding things into your head, that don't really need to be there. That's where you're going to find ultimate peace and joy. And so brain dump and really helps with this. 

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So I wanted to share about this because our mindset is important. Your mindset is so so vital, and your mindset drives your actions. But sometimes we can be so focused on our external that we don't focus on our internal. And honestly, our internal is driving our external. What is around us is usually driven by what is in our minds, what is in our heads, what we're thinking about. And so, brain dumping can really help you to understand your thoughts to process your thoughts in a better way. So that then your external your space, your home, your environment, can serve you in a better way. So that's why I'm really talking about this today and share my experience with brain dumping. So this is for you this episode. If you struggle with racing thoughts, like I talked about earlier, like ideas. If you always are having a lot on your mind, like just constantly having things or your mind that you're thinking about you're in you just keep coming back to the same thought every single time. This is for you. If you struggle with decision making, if you're constantly getting headaches that are not due to like a chronic illness or chronic issue, and you're just see yourself getting headaches, but that's not the norm for you. It could be that you have a lot on your mind. Or this is also for you, if planning stresses you out, if you go to plan, and every time you start to get overwhelmed, listen to today's episode, and continue to listen, because this could be a game changer for you. And I truly believe it will be. 

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So I'll be sharing how brain dumping has improved my mindset, my mood and my overall well being. So let's get into it. So ways brain dumping has helped me and changed my life. The first way is that it has dramatically decreased my stress. Because I used to be super stressed. And really what I used to be stressed about is just constantly thinking about the same things like having the same thoughts just racing through my head over and over and over. They used to totally stress me out, especially when it came to the end of my day. Like, at the end of my day, I could not rest well, because when I would fall asleep, I would just be thinking it's like your half asleep.You know how it feels like you're half asleep, but then you're half thinking, you're not, you're not asleep, you're asleep, but you're not resting. It's weird. So I used to struggle with this a lot, until I started brain dumping at night. And my brain dump was really journaling. Because that was a form of getting everything out of my mind. And I still journal at night till today, my bedtime routine includes journaling, because like I said, I struggle with racing thoughts. So because of that brain dumping through journaling is everything from my life. That's one way that brain dump it has really, really changed my life is now I don't have racing thoughts when I sleep. Because I brained up every single night or night every single night, but I brained up most nights. And so it has really helped to improve my sleep, improve my rest, I just felt a lot better now that I have that a part of my life. So that's the first thing it can definitely decrease your stress. Because even if your problem isn't racing thoughts, it can just decrease your stress. Because you're getting things out of your head, period, you're getting things off of your mind out of your head bye bye thoughts. Hello, peace. Okay, so it decreases your stress for sure. 

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The second way brain dumping has changed my life is it's helped me to improve my focus, I would say I'm a pretty focused person. But I still struggle with it from time to time and brain dump and really helps me with this. Because I will brain dump throughout the day, if needed. Like if I have thoughts that keep popping in, and I'm working on something, whether that's me working on things for the business, whether there's me working on something to do with my children, you know, trying to figure out things for the home, it doesn't matter if I'm working on something and I have something popped into my head and it keeps popping up or multiple things, I will quickly pull out a sheet of paper and I will write down I always have my declutter your mind notepad on my desk, when I am working, I always have an on my desk because as soon as a thought pops up, I'm like, let me write that down. Because what it will do is those thoughts will get you all focus, because you'll be thinking about that. And then next thing you know, you're working on the thing you're thinking about when you are actually supposed to be focused on the thing in front of you. So there has been a way that brain dump it has dramatically helped me is because it has allowed me to focus on what I am doing, versus turning my focus to the things that's popping in my head. So that's the second way. And then the third way that brain dumping has changed my life is it has helped me to make better decisions. It has totally improved my decision making for sure, especially when I am planning. This is where it has been huge for me. 

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Brain dumping is a part of my planning routine. My planning routine is very simple. It's dump, decide, do. Brain dump what's in my head, decide on my top three goals for the week or top three priorities. And then I will schedule out the rest of the things that go around those top three priorities to do that is my routine, very simple, but includes that brain dump for a reason. Because here's the thing, when if you struggle with planning or planning like really overwhelms you, it could be that you are not dumping out what's in your head in order to process what you just dumped, if that makes any sense, because our minds are not supposed to hold on to information for an extended period of time, our minds don't like that. And that is like, scientifically, there is research proven that our minds cannot truly process a lot of information. So what a brain dump does is it allows you to spill out what's in your head, actually write those things down, get them out of your mind. And then you can go through a process, is this important? Is this not important? Is this important is this not important, then that's when you go through to the site, what you're doing for the week, you never want to brain dump. And then that becomes your to do list. No, you will stretch yourself out every time and you will see at the end of your day or week, you have not gotten much accomplished, if you plan in that way. So brain dumping and before you actually make the decision about what you are wanting to do in your days and weeks or in your months, however you plan. This is really helpful.

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So if you're not planning like this, currently, this could be a really great way for you to start to plan is by first brain dumping everything in your head. And that can be anything that can be you need to cook, you have a dentist's appointment you need to make for the family. You want to go on a vacation, your husband getting on your nerves, it don't matter, right? It don't matter what your brain dump. Brain up, whatever is in your mind, get it out, and then you can start to decide when you're planning what is truly important for you to get done. Okay, so that's another way that brain dump has really helped me it has helped me to make better decisions for my life, for my home, for my family, for sure. That's why our weekly and daily planning notepads in the shop have a brain dump area, because I know how important brain dumping can be. Then if you want to follow the same three step plan and routine that I have dumped, decide, do the planning. notepads are perfect for that. So you can definitely check them out. I'll link them in the show notes as well as a declutter your mind Notepad. I will link in the show notes as well. So you can grab that if you're interested in it. But yeah, that is how brain dumping has changed my life. So beautiful love it can't do without it wouldn't do it that even if I could. So if you don't currently brain dump, this could be something that you think about brain dump, start brain dumping. 

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Your routine wisdom for today is your mindset matters. It matters girl. Did you know that your mindset determines your actions, and what determines how your life feels your actions. So we have to start up top we have to start to get our minds in order in order for us to live a purposeful and joyful life. So I'm sharing that with you take it or leave it. I think you're going to take it though. That's it for today's episode. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you did, be sure to tag me on Instagram at routine and things. Just take a snapshot of the episode and share with me that you're listening. I would love to hear from you. Be sure to come back next week. Join me for the next episode. And until then continue to enjoy wherever you are. And whatever you're doing, girl. Stay happy, and I'll talk to you soon. 

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