How To Juggle Your Routines With Simplicity and Ease

Need help juggling the multiple routines in your life? Having routines is super helpful for you but what happens when you struggle to manage them all. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, you’ll learn how to manage and maintain the routines most helpful for you. Tune in today!

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Hey, welcome to the routine and things podcast. I'm happy you're joining me for today's episode, where we will be talking about how to juggle your routines with simplicity and ease. I decided to do an episode about this because this was a question I got from someone in the community. She asked to how to actually manage multiple routines and how to juggle them. If you have many routines, which we all probably do, right many of us have multiple routines that we are juggling, if you are a mom, you have more routines because you have kids. And so I want you to understand that it doesn't have to be challenging, it can actually be simple for you to juggle and manage the routines in your life. And I'm going to share with you how how that can how that can take place and some things that can help you with this. 

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Because honestly, managing your routines is all about managing your expectations, it really goes back to that because we can put a lot on ourselves and expect a lot from ourselves, which isn't helpful, it isn't helpful. Just because we have routines that are helping us to function doesn't mean that we have to have like 20 routines, it can mean we only have five, it can mean we only have seven, so sometimes we expect more. And it's all about managing our expectations when it comes to managing our routines. So I'll share a little bit more about this a little later. But managing your routines is something that definitely you want to know how to do. Little by little really uh, well, let me say this what I found when I started creating routines, and because I created routines like one by one, which is how I suggest you create routines one by one. But if you have multiple routines, it's okay for you to focus on like one and then start to build upon your routines little by little that can be really helpful in managing your routines. That's what I found to be helpful is that even if you are trying to revamp many routines, or even if you're like I just have a lot of routines, Ashley and I want to better manage them. 

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You can focus on one routine at a time, like focus on managing one routine at a time little by little and build upon those. If that's making any sense. Hopefully it is. But I want you to know that yes, it does not have to be challenging. If you're struggling with it, just continue to listen, come to share with you what can absolutely help you. Like I said, you could be managing routines for yourself, for your children, you may have a family member that you are caring for that you're managing their routines as well. So you may have a lot of routines that you are managing, it is doable for you to manage these routines. And I'm going to share with you some ways that can help you in doing this and juggling the routines that you have a part of your life. So the first way is to think about timing. Timing is really important. You want to do you have routines at different times that may seem very simple. But think about this. You want to make sure that your routines are not back to back as well. So avoid stacking your routines. If you can help it avoid stacking them. So you want to have a little bit of space between when you do your routines because this is going to help you to better manage ypur routines. 

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Of course it's not going to always be possible for you to do this but if you can you want to think about not stacking your routines and actually having some space between each, so that it doesn't become overwhelming when you're doing you're like going from routine routine routine back to back to back. Especially when you're trying to get accustomed to doing it routines and managing your routines, that can be a bit difficult. So timing is important, making sure your routines are at different times, making sure that you don't have routines at the same exact time, right, that's super important. The next thing is to try to evenly distribute your routines. So you, you want to make sure that you don't have like a bunch of daily routines, a bunch of weekly routines, a bunch of monthly routines, right? Try to distribute them in a way that makes sense for your life. For example, in terms of my routines, I have four usually for daily routines that I do, consistently, I have about two to three weekly routines that I do. And then I have like, one monthly routine that I do. That's not a lot for me to manage. Because if you were to have five daily routines, five weekly routines, five monthly routines, girl, yes, that's a lot.

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That is a lot to manage by yourself. Yes. Now, if this is what family, that's a different story. But all of those routines by yourself, that is a lot to manage in your life. And so think about making sure that the routines that you have in that you are doing on a daily basis are really vital. The same with weekly routines and monthly routines. Because if you have a bunch of daily routines, possibly one or two of those daily routines could be moved to a weekly routine. Maybe it's not really needed for you to be doing that routine daily, it could be weekly. For example, if you plan daily, and you have other routines that are much more important for you to do on a daily basis, then plan, you can move you're planning to be in a weekly routine, it doesn't have to be daily. Right. The same with laundry is another one, if you do laundry, every day a loaded day. And that's the laundry routine you have. But you have other routines that are actually more beneficial for you to do on a daily basis. Consider moving your laundry routine to a weekly routine, that could be better for you. And it could feel easier and more simple for you to maintain. 

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So thinking about how you are distributing your routines as far as daily, weekly, monthly. This is also helpful when it comes to juggling and managing the routines you have. Another thing is to simplify your routines, simplify, simplify, simplify, you are always going to hear me say it's simple is where it's at. Simplify your routines. If you're struggling with maintaining your routines, and managing all the routines are in your life, simplify them. And that will make it that much simpler for you. That's all I'm gonna say about that. just simplify your routines. 

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And then the next thing is, and I think this is something that's not really thought about. But how you think about your routine is really important as well when it comes to managing your routines. I don't think about my day as one huge routine. No, that's not how I think about my day, I think about my day as having routines that are a part of my day. My entire day is not made up of routines back to back to back, I have certain routines that I do and they are specific routines that are happening at specific times in my day that I am doing. If you think about your day as one huge routine that is going to cause a problem. If you think about your day as having like a routine behind a routine behind a routine behind a routine that is going to keep you stuck. That is not going to allow you to manage your routines with ease. You have routines or are a part of your life, you have routines that fit into your life. And that helps you to manage your life with ease. That doesn't mean that your entire day is a routine, we do different things day to day. So your entire day is not a routine. You have routines that fit into your day. 

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So when you think about it that way, it might be easier for you to maintain or just manage your routines in general. So that's another thing. And then lastly, having core routines, which is what I like to call grounding routines can help a lot. It can help so much when juggling your routines and managing them is to have routines that you're going to do regardless. These are your routines that keep you grounded, that keep you functioning at a great level that keep you at peace that keep you calm, that keep you grounded. That's it. You're grounded routines. I have grounding routines are part of my life. And it's about six or seven. These are the routines that no matter what I'm doing them everything else, I could care less. Everything else I could care less. My grounding routines are what's important for me. So think about that for yourself, what are those grounding routines for you, you don't need a lot of routines to maintain and manage your life with ease and to live a happy, freaking joyful life, you do not need a lot of routines to do this, you just need some. And that sum is going to depend on you as a person.

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But you don't need 20 routines to manage your life, you can manage your life with five, you can live a very, very abundant life with five routines. And that's it. Okay, so I want to share that with you. Think about what your core routines could be, think about what your grounding routines could be. I'll share with you mine really briefly. So it just gives you an idea and this is for me, this is just for inspiration. If they work for you, great if they don't, you know change them up. But my grounding routines, our morning routine, bedtime routine, planning routine, tidy routine, kitchen routine, my home refresh routine. And I feel like I have another one. Oh, and my skincare routine. Those are ground routines. For me. I have seven routines that keep me grounded. And those are not all daily routines. Some of them are weekly and daily and monthly. So those are my grounding routines that keep me sane. Keep me at peace. Keep me like, okay, life is good. 

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You're doing good, you're Ashley pat yourself on the back. So yeah, having grounded routines, and determining what those are can help you to manage your routines because you're not trying to do every routine up under the sun. So I'll leave you with this routine wisdom and that is manage your routines by managing your expectations. Those ways that I share with you all about managing your expectations. If you can manage your expectations, you can manage your routines. Okay, that's your routine wisdom. Thank you for listening today. I am so appreciative of you for listening.

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