An Inside Look Into My Favorite Routines

One question I’m asked ALL the time is which routine I enjoy the most and to be honest, I have a few. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, I’m spilling all the tea about my favorite routines and giving you an inside look into each. Tune into this fun episode for some fun-filled inspiration.
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Routines, my absolute favorite word, but you either love them or you're working on getting there. But either way, I strongly believe routines can be a springboard for improving your home, yourself and your life. I'm Ashley Brown, and this is the routine and things podcast. In each episode, I'll share practical tips and simple ways to help you consistently live your happiest life, one routine at a time. Trust me, you're going to want to keep listening, because you're well on your way to getting and staying happy.

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Alright, let's go ahead and get into today's episode. What's up? Welcome back for another episode of the routine and things podcast. I'm your host, Ashley Brown. So happy that you are hanging out with me today because I am giving you an inside look into my favorite routine. Okay, I get asked this question all the time, what is your favorite routine? And I was like, You know what, let me share let me give you an inside look into what my favorite routines are, I'm going to be sharing three of my favorite routines. And these are my top three favorite routines. As well as why are they my top favorite routines. Because this will give you some insight. And you know, we like to be nosy as people and examples is beautiful. So here you go. So this is going to be a really short and sweet episode. So let's go ahead and dive into it give you all of the tea, the juice about what my favorite routines are and why the first one happened right on in.

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So one of my favorite routines is my weekly home refresh routine. This is in the cleaning routine category. I love a good home refresh routine. And FYI, I made up this name this, you know, because you make the rules for your routines. Let's be very clear on that. So I made up this name, because I saw myself doing this constantly. And I was like, oh, shoo, look at my routine here. I've had this routine for quite some time over a year now. But it's a weekly home refresh routine where I clean bathrooms. I refill and restock things in the home. And then I sweep the floors. And I know sweep the floors, I actually clean all floors. So I sweep and I also vacuum. No mopping, just sweep and vacuum in this home refresh routine. And what this really does for me is it allows me to feel like I'm resetting for the week. So hey, things are clean. Things are looking organized. I can start my week off on a good foot because I do this routine. And let me be clear sometimes when I don't do this routine before the week starts, I'm still fine, because it's gonna get done in the week. But usually I do this routine on Sundays is usually anytime during the weekend but majority I do it on Sundays. And it is just a really beautiful routine.

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I always have the energy I feel like to do this routine because it's one of my favorites. I throw on podcasts I throw on podcasts, I listen to talks, I will listen to music while I'm doing this routine. And it just brings me all the joy. I mean, organizing is one of my favorite things to do. I also don't mind cleaning. So maybe that's why this is one of my favorite routines but I think the result for me is why this is one of my favorites. Because like I said it makes me feel a lot calmer in my week. It makes me feel like okay Ashley you did something right. We liked that little bit of accomplishment of something. And it makes me feel like my home is refreshed. That's a beautiful thing. So that is the first favorite routine of mine and these are no border. But that is that is the first favorite routine of mine is weekly home refresh routine. Get you one because it can be absolutely amazing. And FYI, before I move on to the next one, my girls are usually around when I do this routine. And I do all of this with my girls around and you know what I do?

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I say mom's about to start the home refresh routine, because communication is key with kids. And then I made sure they had snacks, I make sure I put on a good either educational TV show that they love or movie. I'm like I get it done it's easy. It's simple and it feels good. So that's the first favorite routine weekly home refresh routine. And then the next routine that's really a favorite of mine is my planning routine. Hands down. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love planning, you know that I plan. Often, I play a monthly weekly daily. And usually daily like most days, let me say that most days I plan. And it is beautiful, beautiful for my life, I can not do a lot of the things that I'm doing and do it with ease if I did not have a planning routine. And this planning routine is the same whether I'm planning for month, week day, it doesn't matter, it stays the same. And it is dumped aside to-do you may have heard me share about this before if you listen to our episode about planning, because this is a tried and true plan and routine for me, it is to brain dump, dump everything out of my head and put it onto paper. And then after that, I will decide my top three priorities either for the month, either for the week or for the day. And then I schedule in my other to dos to go with the top three priorities.

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If I have other things to do, which I usually have other things to do. So those are my that is my planning routine. That's what I do. And it's a super simple planning routine. It allows for a good bit of flexibility. And it works. It really does work. And I love when I'm planning because I plan using our planning notepads. If you have not shopped our daily, weekly, or monthly planning, notepad should definitely be my guest and check them out. They're really pretty. And they are very simple. And that's what I love about them. You know, simplicity is everything to me. So I absolutely enjoy planning on these every single week, every single month, every single day. So I definitely love planning with these because they are a source of like that fun and enjoyment for me, I have colored pens that I use because I love sectioning out my week in like what I'm doing for home versus what I'm doing for in my actual career. And then what am I doing in terms of this business. So I like to separate those things out and colored pens really helped me with this. So that is my planning routine. And the reason why it is one of my favorite routines is because it's my peacekeeper. It's the way that I am able to prioritize my life, I'm able to keep my sanity, I'm able to stay on track with my goals. Planning is the When you do it in an effective way.

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Let me say that when you plan in an effective way, it is beautiful, if planning overwhelms you, and like making lists overwhelm you. Here's a piece of advice, when really get curious about how you're planning. Because I'm pretty sure however your planning could be causing the overwhelm for you or the anxiety. So I'm really huge on one, you know, picking out like my top three priorities for the week. And as long as those three things get done, you can just start there you don't have to schedule it and nothing else to do just start with the top three priorities. Or make sure that you're not creating long lists either because that can get really overwhelming. I never have a long list of to do's because it's not usually realistic. So yes, I should some planning tips for you. But that is my favorite. One of my favorite routines is planning for sure. And then the last routine I'm going to share with you that I said these were in no particular order because they're not but if I had to put one at the top, it would be this one which is my bedtime routine. Oh my gosh, girl, I love me my bedtime routine. It has done wonders for my mind set. And it's just a really special way for me to care for myself and love on me.

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My bed routine is everything. It is so calming, which I made it specifically that way to give me that feeling of calm and peace. Because I'd like to ease into my night and what I do and my bedtime routine is skincare. I always shower at night. And then I do skincare, I journal. I pray and I meditate. And I do this routine, usually five times a week. So I don't do it every single day, but at least like five times a week I do this routine, because it's that therapeutic for me. So yeah, of course I do my little skincare I love journaling. I've been journaling since I was a little girl I've have I have a ton of journals just packed up in my basement because I love journaling. And I pray because God is my source and I meditate. Working on this mindset. mindset work has done wonders for just my perspective in life and does wonders for me being able to emotionally regulate, which is so important for me and just for us as individuals, let's be honest. So that's why I love this routine, it really helps to calm me at night. I've experienced recent thoughts in the past, so it helps that to not come into play. It helps me to feel like I'm using into sleep instead of like jotting into sleep where you know, you feel like a little fidgety.

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No, like, I want to be super relaxed when I go to sleep. So that's why I have this bedtime routine. And especially because I usually do my tidy routine and then start my bedtime routine. And so anytime like you're cleaning and go to bed, you know, like you can't really fall asleep well, because you have that energy. But this helps to settle me out my bedtime routine. And it has really helped me to just be a better version of myself and to prepare me for the day ahead. Like when I feel rested, I feel like I can take on anything. My children don't get on my nerves as much. You know, so, yes, this routine is everything is everything. And I haven't changed this routine for a while. I've had this routine for almost a year. I haven't changed it for a while. And that's because it's working. And that's because it really helps. So this is definitely my top routine favorite routine of them all. But all three are my faves. And I love them. So if you have a favorite routine, I would love to hear from you. We're wrapping up today's episode but I would love to hear from you. What is your favorite routine and why?

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Take a screenshot hit me up on social tag me at routine and things on Instagram. Tell me what is your favorite routine and why? Because I would love to hear from you. But let me go ahead and give you some routine wisdom as we close out for today. And that is pay attention to the joy in your routines. Right like I know what my favorite routines are because I pay attention to how they make me feel. So pay attention to the joy in your routines, not what's getting on your nerves. Not what you don't feel like doing. Pay attention to the joy. Pay attention to the joy and this will help to direct you and really help you to have a different perspective about some of your routines. Be sure to rate and review the podcast I would be forever grateful if you could do that for me. And I am so happy that you have listened today. Hopefully that gave you some inspiration for your own routines. Until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing, stay happy, and I'll talk to you next week.

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Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today's episode, take a screenshot and share it on social I would love to know you're listening. And for tools to help you start maintain and enjoy your routines. Be sure to head to Here's to staying happy.

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