Travel Routines You Didn't Know You Needed

Who said routines were only for home! Travel routines can be the difference between chaos or a calm trip. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, you’ll learn about some easy to put together travel routines that will have you feeling prepared for your next trip. If you are planning for a family vacation or a last minute getaway, this is for you!

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Routines, my absolute favorite word, but you either love them or you're working on getting there. And either way, I strongly believe routines can be a springboard for improving your home yourself in your life. I'm Ashley Brown, and this is the routine and things podcast. In each episode, I'll share practical tips and simple ways for you to consistently live your happiest life, one routine at a time. Trust me, you're going to want to keep listening, because you're well on your way to getting and staying happy.

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Welcome back. If you're new joining me today, Hi, I'm Ashley. I am the podcast host. And we're super excited to be here with you today. So in this episode, we're talking travel, specifically travel routines. Oh my gosh, like light is coming. We've been on this path for a little bit with the pandemic. And I know that we all are probably like, let's get to traveling. Even if you didn't travel. In the past, you're probably like, life is too short. Let's travel it up. Of course, being safe. But definitely we're going to take a summer vacation, me and my family. What about you? Are you going on vacation anywhere, I would love to know where you're going. And when I think about travel, I do think about the routines that I have when it comes to travel. And I wanted to share some of the routines that I have personally and give you some suggestions about routines that could be helpful for you, when it comes to traveling its summer and travel routines can make vacations and trips much more smoother if you prepare and serve routines help you prepare. So that's what we're going to be getting into. And just know that these are suggestions, not requirements, if your home routines can travel with you don't create new ones, don't start just doing things right.

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Like if you have routines that work for you when you travel, and they're your home routines, and you can take them with you, you know, don't feel like you need to start to create new routines for travel, only create and start new routines you believe will highly benefit you. Let's get into it. So when it comes to travel routines, I'm going to share with you routines for before, during and after travel. So that's how I've sectioned it out. And let's start with before, right because before you travel is some things that we have to do, right, we have to get prepared, we at least have to pack our bags if we don't do anything else. And so there are some routines that can be extremely helpful for you. And I know that I have two types of routines that I do before we travel. And that is a travel prep routine. Right. That's the first one to think about. And an example of this. So this is what we do in our routine. I'll take an inventory of what we have.

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Then I'll stock up which means purchase anything we need anything we felt like we didn't have go ahead and stock up on that. purchase it from the stores. I love to make a good target run, just because we also stock up on snacks too because who doesn't love snacks on the road. So we stock up and then we pack. So as inventory stock up and pack that is the travel prep routine. Very simple. You can add whatever you need to in here that works best for you. The second routine before you travel that we do as well is prep the house routine, which is empty the trash clean the kitchen and plan. So basically when we are about to leave, we prep our house to make sure that when we come back especially me my husband ain't thinking about this. He thinks about the trash. Let me say that. He's like, let's seem to get trash. But

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I'm always like, let's go ahead and clear the dishes, the dishes need to be cleaned, the kitchen needs to be clean, because usually when you're coming back home, you want to be able to feel like you know what, I'm coming back to a clean house. So we clean the kitchen at least, of course, I try to straighten up the home as well. But then we also plan and so I personally plan my week that we're coming back, so that when I get back, I know what I'm doing. And I'm not feeling discombobulated. So that's our prep the house routine. If nothing else gets done, before we leave, those three things are getting done the trash the kitchen and planning. So those are before travel routines, which are really, really awesome for your mental health as well, because it's the worst. And I feel prepared when you're about about to go on the trip. But it's also the worst when you come back to our house and the house is messy. or there's dishes in the sink, especially I mean, especially if you're going away for a while. So those are just help really helpful routines. And then during routines during travel routines.

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So really during travel, I know that we like to be a lot more relaxed when we are traveling. But I still like to make sure that things stay in somewhat order. Because my anxiety will kind of creep up just a little bit. So I'm like, let's have a little bit of order when we're, you know, when we're in our room specifically, I'm like this cannot look messy. It can look a little messy for a little bit. But by the time we go to sleep, it needs to be straightened up. So some during travel routines for you to think about is maybe a road routine. So how do you travel when you're on the road? And this can be via a car or a plane, whatever that looks like for you. But do you have a road routine? What steps can you take to make your travels smoother when you're on the road and when you are on the plane? Right? I'm just gonna throw out an example here. We don't really have a road routine personally. But when I think about this, I'm like, oh, maybe we will do this one this year. And so that could be technology, games and music. So that could just be making sure and this is specific to possibly you and or your children.

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If you're in the car, you can be like, okay, we're going to give them some technology to play with first and maybe then we'll play some car games. I know we love to play I spy, when we're in the car, that's when our favorite car games, and then music as well. Maybe playing some music, or putting on some music so that you know you have these things in your in your back pocket that you all can do or your children can do when you are traveling on the road. So you can think about this if it's helpful for you create one. But then another routine for during travel is a room routine. And this one is what I have. I definitely have this when I don't even know if my family knows I have this one this year, I'm probably going to tell at least my husband and my oldest daughter, but usually, my room routine looks like when we get into the hotel or Airbnb its rest, unpack and order food boom. Because it's basically what steps can you take to make staying somewhere different, like smoother?

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What steps can you take in order to feel like you're not discombobulated or thrown off way too much. Because when you are somewhere different is already that adjustment to be in a different space. So how can you make it smoother for you? So I know when we land in our room, that's what we do. And honestly, I do this every time we get back to the room because more than likely we're going to have something that we have bought when we were out for the day. And so we've rest unpack order some food I'm always wanting to eat.

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Yeah, I'm working on that. But yeah, so room routine could be really helpful for you. And then so those are during travel routines. Okay, so think about that. It could be a lot more here as well. If you think about one share with me, you know, hit me up on Instagram at routine and things and be like, Oh, I thought about what Ashley because I love to hear examples of other people's routines. And then after travel routines, I'm going to share one with you and this is what I do and it's called a reset routine. It helps you reset after vacation. You know you get back for one you're you're Energy is low, more than likely, especially if you travel via plane or even like a long road trip is like, Okay, I'm done so but I feel like when I get back home, I do like to reset, because if not, I'm gonna feel discombobulated the next day, and that's okay, if I'm off the next day. But if I have to go into work, or work from home, you know, like, No, I don't want to feel discombobulated.

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So this really helps me to feel much more at ease when I do this reset routine. And so usually, for this, I will rest. Do you hear a theme here, like, anytime, anytime, after travel, I always put rest first, because no one's trying to jump into doing things. I mean, if you jump into doing things, and it feels good to you, please continue doing so. But I know for me, I have to rest so rest. And then I also unpack. And what this really does is unpacking helps me to reset, because I get to put all of my toiletry bag, my clothes, I can get out what I need to wear the next day, as I'm doing that, I can go ahead and straighten up a little bit if I need to, while I'm putting things away. So it helps me to feel like you know what, okay, I have this small win that I just did. And I am pegged, I reset, I'm good to go. Because my prep the house routine already included planning, so I don't need to plan already know what I'm doing the next day, or for the rest of the week.

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So this reset routine, really beautiful. It can be really, really amazing. So that's the one I wanted to share with you. And those were before, during and after routines that I just shared with you. Like I said before, only create routines if you need them, you know, think about in what ways can you be more efficient with your time when it comes to traveling so that you can be present during traveling because it's the worst to feel like you don't have things together and you're having to run out to the store to pick up things when you get there. Instead of rest, right because you forgot something. So these routines can be really helpful in order for you to enjoy traveling even more. Right routines help you to feel more joyful because they help you to feel like you have a sense of order, and help you feel grounded. So think about the ones that you need. take an inventory of what you do already when traveling.

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And if there's room for improvement, create a routine to help. But that's it for today's episode. I'm gonna leave you with some of routine wisdom of course. And that is there can be routines for the road, there can be routines for the road. Thank you for joining me today. This was awesome. I really enjoyed talking about travel. You know, enjoy your traveling this summer. Be safe, of course, you know, mask up. But yeah, enjoy yourself have a ball because we freaking deserve it. Period. All of us, our children, us parents, even if you don't have kids, you enjoy it like we've been cooped up in the house way too much. So let's have some fun when we're traveling and be safe but thank you for listening today. Be sure to rate and review the show. Please rate and review the show it really helps to support us and what we are doing at routine and things and share this episode with a friend today your friend would be very very grateful. But until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing. Stay happy girl and I will talk to you next week.

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