15 Ways To Make Your Routine Fun

Bored with your routine? In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, you’ll be given 15 simple ways to make your routine less mundane and much more enjoyable! Take a listen to learn in more ways than one, just how fun routines can be!
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[Intro] Routines, my absolute favorite word, but you either love them or you're working on getting there. And either way, I strongly believe routines can be a springboard for improving your home yourself in your life. I'm Ashley Brown, and this is the routine and things podcast. In each episode, I'll share practical tips and simple ways for you to consistently live your happiest life, one routine at a time. Trust me, you're going to want to keep listening, because you're well on your way to getting and staying happy.

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Hey, girl, Hey, welcome back for another episode of the routine and things podcast. I'm your host, Ashley. And as always, I'm so happy that you are listening today. So you clicked on this episode, of course, because you saw 15 ways to make your routine fun and you're like, yep.

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Tell me, Ashley. So I am going to share with you today what I believe can help you to make your routine fun and 15 ways 15 ways to add some enjoyment, some beauty, some liveliness to your routines. So that you know when you're doing boring routines and then looking like why you can't stick to them. And boring routines are not the way to go. Fun is super important in routines. And I know this for a fact, because I used to have some boring routines and then wonder why they was gone. After some weeks because it was boring. It was boring to do. So fun and enjoyment is still poor can still be a part of your life. I know as adults, we sometimes get into that adulthood. And even when we become moms, let's be real. It'd be like the fun to start being sucked away. I don't know why that starts to happen. But it does for some of us and I'm here to share.

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Bring the fun back, girl, bring the fun back, Mama, you got it. Okay, because you can have fun and joy in your life. And not just joy. I mean, like fun. Like, you can be like, Yes, I am having fun. Put a big smile on your face. Does this mean that you are going to enjoy every aspect of your routine? Nope. Let's make that very clear. Nope. But or however, you can enjoy your routine and you can enjoy certain pieces of your routine, you can enjoy doing certain things with your routine. Okay? These ideas that I'm giving you are to help make your routine more fun and also more tolerable for you. Because if you feel like you struggle with routine because they start to become very mundane routines are beneficial for so many different reasons I have expressed this so many times, Routines helps in such a beautiful way that structure really helps you feel comfortable at ease.

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It really helps you with your mindset to feel more happy in life. And so although in some parts, it might not be fine. If you can make your routine more tolerable. That's how you're going to stay consistent with it. And that's how you're going to make those incremental changes to get you from point A to point B is by being consistent with your routine, which is I know is what you desire to get to that point B, whatever that is for you. Alright, so with that being said, let me go ahead and get into the 15 ways to make your routine fun. It's just a list. I have a list here that I am going to read off to you and these are the 15 ways and that's going to be this episode. Y'all know your i dont sit up here and do anything long if we don't need to. We got things to do. So Here are the 15 ways to make your routine enjoyable, lively fun.

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So one music turn you awesome jams. I love me some hip hop and r&b from the 1990s, hip hop and r&b. I'm talking about Destiny's Child. jumping, jumping. I'm talking about Destiny's Child I'm talking about. Who else Usher I'm talking about our favorite thing. I like so many people. I'm talking about Christina Aguilera I'm talking about lil Kim. I'm like, I mean, anybody from 90s r&b Ja Rule, Jennifer Lopez, I don't even play the way you walk. Okay, that's enough of that. But anyway. Yes, so 90s, hip hop, r&b, r&b is my jam. But whatever music it is for you turn it on, get it poppin because that's gonna make your routine a bunch of fun. Number two, podcasts/audio books. I noticed, I know that you probably listen to this podcast as you're doing your routine. And if that's fun for you, I love you, thank you. podcasts can be a really beautiful way to add fun to your routine, because you're like listening, you're like absorbing some new information, you're getting encouraged, you're being inspired. And so that can be a really beautiful thing. And audio books, especially like a fun audio book. Hmm. Because some audio books you really gotta be paying attention to, to get all the juice. But some is just a really fun, carefree, listen to the audio book, while you're

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while you're doing your cleaning routine or why you're planning whatever that is, I wouldn't, I would say not while you're planning because you want to focus when you're planning but like when you're cleaning when you're cooking, those types of routines really great for listening to podcasts or audiobooks. And then number three is dance. As you probably know, I love dancing. And so with dance, it just is a really beautiful way I love dancing while I'm cleaning because like I said, I'd be listening to my 90s hip hop, r&b I'd be dancing it up. While I'm sweeping while I'm scrubbing that tub. Yes, you would think I'm like, you know, Sade's back backup dancer, but I'm not like I just be having a ball. So this is a really beautiful way, light. So letting in light in your home. Okay, if you are doing any routine in your home, I mean, you can be doing any work cleaning, cooking, planning, doing something with the kids or letting some light because that's going to be an instant mood booster. When you let that light hit you some good old vitamin D. Yep, let it in. That's number four.

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Number five is talk to your bestie. Or like a friend, a parent, uncle, cousin, I don't care. talk to somebody on the phone that you enjoy talking to not somebody that you like, I ain't trying to talk to you, you know, find somebody cool that you could have a conversation with your partner. That's it. talk to somebody on the phone as you are doing your routine, the ones where you don't really have to focus too much, because that can give you some energy. It'll make it fun, and you'll be moving through that routine having a ball. So that's another way number six, make it a family affair. Let your let your partner children who ever join in whoever's in your home, say this is going to be a family affair. Let's do the routine together. That can make it a bunch of fun because y'all start acting silly people be acting like they're not trying to do nothing. You can make it a game you can make it a challenge. Whatever that is for your family do it so much fun.

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Number seven, food and drinks. Do you know that I'm a foodie? I love me a good meal. Like Don't take me to a restaurant that has five stars because I'm gonna be acting so bougie. Like I love me some good food. Okay, so that is the same with my routine some good food and good drinks. Anytime I plan on usually have a drink beside me whether it's wine or coffee, it's probably either one of the two. And it's just a beautiful thing and it brings so much joy to my life. So if you love food, if you love to drink you a good nice hot cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine. Do you make it fun for you. Number eight is aroma therapy. Okay, good smelling stuff, get you a nice candle, get you some room spray. Get you a diffuser smell you up something good while you are doing your routines. And it's Oh, let me share I have a smell that I just got a essential oil. And it is orange, I think it's orange chamomile . Oh my gosh. If that thing don't bring me so much joy every time I smell that I be like this is like heaven like, this smells so good. Like it's insane. So whatever smell brings you just a sense of calm peace or just energy. Smell it, smell it. Let it ruminate around you. And yeah, that can really make just your routines fun because it gives you energy, it brings you calm and peace. And so that just brings you more joy as you're doing that routine.

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Number nine, number nine, using tools and items you love. Okay, so, of course, you're not going to point out we have a lot of beautiful and cool items and products at routineandthings.com that you can definitely use for many of your routines. But think about even outside of routine and things. Think about things that you like to use with your routine. So for example, I love putting on really cute workout clothes. Like Of course I wear like the holey shirt or holey shorts, sometimes when I'm working out or shorts to have paint on them or something like that when I'm working out but I feel so much better enjoy working out more when it's like I got something cute on is kind of holding in my belly a little bit like is cute like and I'm about to crush this exercise routine. So. So things like that, or even using certain pens when you are planning for the week. I love colored pens. So you can use that. Use cleaning supplies and tools that you absolutely love. I think I shared before I have like these little cute booties that I wear when I'm mopping the floor. Use it like buy it because it's going to inspire you to just have more fun and enjoyment in your routine. So that's another idea.

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Number 10 is a let in fresh air, just like I said, Let in light, let in fresh air. Okay, get some fresh air. So either raising up your windows so that you let air into your home that your home breathe. Or you go outside and do the routine. If it's a routine that you can do outside do it outside, get some fresh air, step out, enjoy nature, like that can really instantly boost your mood and bring you a lot of joy. So fresh air is where it's at. Number 11 invite friends along. You know, like when everybody got a Fitbit, before iPhone was out. Everybody had a little Fitbit. All right, just had that Fitbit, just only everybody was like, Oh, I'm gonna sit up here, I'm gonna challenge you to this. Do a challenge with your friends invite them along with you to do a certain routine. I know I love me a good challenge, but that's just my type of vibe. I love a good challenge where it's like, oh, you're gonna try to do this. Okay, alright, boo, I got you. So that can make it a lot of fun. So a challenge or just invite your friends along like in a group, like an accountability group can be really beautiful.

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And then also number 12 is gratitude practice. So let me pause here. Because you may hear gratitude practice and be looking like sideways like what was what just happened? gratitude practice. Yes, I said it. When you can have gratitude with the things that you are doing. It instantly brings you joy. Do it, try it. So the next time you're washing dishes, the next time I really want you to try this. The next time you're washing dishes every time you wash your dish, or the next time you fold clothes, every time you fold a piece of clothing. I want for you to say something that you are grateful for every single dish or every single folded clothing. Go ahead and say something that you are grateful for. I'll tell you it's gonna boost your mood because if you wash a lot of dishes or if you folding a whole bunch of clothes, and you name all these things you're grateful for how how are you not going to have a smile on your face? Yeah, try it you will see.

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Number 13 tracking your routine can make your routine fine. I mean, I love I love it. I love doing things like that, like tracking the progress. Yes, that makes it fun, especially if you are motivated by accomplishment like that can be such a fun thing for you to do is to track your progress and track your routine. So try it and see if that's fun for you. So actually, a new in the shop is a fall of routine tracking calendar. And so you can definitely track your routine, using this fall into routine tracking calendar, which is so beautifully made, I was able to work with a very just inspirational and beautiful illustrator to bring this to life. And so you can definitely grab it, it is a digital product that you can print out. And you can also color it in. And so this might be a lot of fun for you, especially with the routines that may not feel so fun tracking your progress. Try it out, I'll link the fall into routine tracking calendar in the show notes. But you can also go to routineandthings.com to grab it. So that's number 13. Number 14 rewards. So maybe you like to reward yourself because you have done something, right. So if you love rewards you love giving yourself a special gift or just something small. A reward could also be just patting yourself on the back for doing something.

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If this is your vibe, having rewards for you're doing a routine could be very fun for you, I know for my girls is extremely fun. Even for me when I'm like, oh, if I do this, I'm gonna get a glass of wine. If I do this, I'm going to sit up here and go read me a book and just close my freakin door like that's what I'm going to do today or I'm going to take a nap. So those are some things that bring me joy. So rewards could be really fun. And then last but not least is number 15. And this is one that always, always is fun for me. And that is thinking about the result can make your routine a lot of fun. Think about what that outcome is going to be. What the end result of you doing that routine is going to give you and bring to you and bring to your life can be a lot of fun. When you are doing your routine when you are exercising, you can think about oh, I have a whole bunch of more energy after this to be able to do something else that I enjoy. Right think about the result and that can be so much fun for you. So those are the 15 ways that is it

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I hope that this gave you some inspiration for making your routine more enjoyable. It's important, it's important that you have a fun that you either have a fun routine or you make your routine fun. In either case, enjoying your routine is super duper important and so, so to end today's episode I want to share this routine wisdom. A fun routine leads to a more consistent routine, hands down. That's almost say about that a fun routine leads to a more consistent routine. If you enjoyed today's episode if you could rate review and share. If you enjoyed today's episode, if you could rate and review, I would definitely appreciate it make sure you subscribe as well to the podcast and share this episode with someone you know, that may need a little bit more fun in their routines because you see them over there struggling in your life. Let me hand this over to them. so grateful that you join me today. I hope you come back next week for another episode. But until then continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing, stay happy and I will talk to you next week.

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[Outro] Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today's episode, take a screenshot and share it on social I would love to know you're listening. And for tools to help you start maintain and enjoy your routines. Be sure to head to routine and things calm. Here's to staying happy.


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