The Sunday Routine with Toni-Ann Mayembe

Preparation is the difference between frantic mornings and mornings that flow with ease. Trust me, when it comes to keeping a leveled head, being proactive helps tremendously. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, I chat with Toni-Ann Mayembe, a full-time dentist, wife and a boy mom that understands the struggle of juggling work and home. She shares how she prepares for the week and how you can do the same. Tune in to hear all about what she calls, the Sunday Routine.
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Ashley Brown 0:00 [Intro]
Preparation is the difference between frantic mornings and mornings that flow with ease. Trust me, when it comes to keeping a level head being proactive helps tremendously. In this episode of the routine and things podcast, I chat with Toni-Ann Mayembe a full time dentist, wife and a boy mom that understands the struggle of juggling work and home. She shares how she prepares for the week, and how you can do the same tune and to hear all about what she calls the Sunday routine.

Ashley Brown 0:48
Hey girl, welcome back to the podcast. This is yet another episode of the routine of things podcast where we chat all things routine from life experience to how to I mean anything routine is fair game here. So if you are new to listening, welcome, welcome. Welcome. And if you have been rockin with this podcast and with me for quite a bit, I am so honored and just so grateful for you. Being a listener, it really means a lot. So for today's episode, I am having a conversation with a Toni-Ann Mayembe. She is a full time dentist, a reservist in the Navy, and the blogger and podcaster at realhappymom. She is a wife and a mom that understands the struggle of juggling work and home, don't we all, right? But when she is not working, she enjoys watching WWE and watching stand up comedy. Now I will have to say, I used to watch WWE when I was a younger. I bet it's like always so entertaining. But stand up comedy. Yes, that's my dream as well. I love me a good comedy show, because laughs just bring so much joy and just ease in life. And so I'm super excited to be able to bring you this conversation. And Toni Ann is sharing with us about a Sunday routine that she has mastered that she does and that she teaches other women to do the same. The Sunday routine is something that is just so beautiful. Like for me, I do a routine that's similar to this. And I didn't realize until she walked me through the steps. And so you get to learn step by step, what this routine looks like. And so if you are looking to be more proactive before the week starts and feel as if you have things together before you kick off things because we know when these weeks hit, we start burning. So if you want to slow down and be more intentional with your time and energy before, things really start to rev up in the week, then this is the podcast episode for you. And I think you're going to thoroughly enjoy it. So let's go ahead and get into my interview with Toni Ann all about the Sunday routine.

Ashley Brown 3:05
Hey, Toni ann welcome to the podcast. I'm so happy that you are here joining me today. So to get us started, I would love to just hear a little bit about you. You know, tell us about your family and the work you do.

Toni-Ann Mayembe 3:20
Yes, absolutely. And thank you, Ashley for having me. I'm super excited to be talking to you again. But I am Toni-Ann. And for those who don't know me, I am a wife and mom of two boys also a full time dentist and reservists. And then I have real happy mom on the side, which is basically a platform for busy working moms to get inspiration, encouragement and practical tips for motherhood. Because I have learned that motherhood is the one job we do not get an instruction manual when the kids come home. So we tend to learn as we go. But there's a lot of things that we find as moms our unique problems like this is just something that just only happens to me in my life, but it's really happening to all moms. So helping all moms see that, you know, a lot of the problems you're having is not unique to you. And there's some tools and tips out there that can help you with navigating some of these challenging times of motherhood. So that's a little bit about me and what I do. And yeah, I'm just excited to be here.

Ashley Brown 4:23
Yay. Yay. So how did you even get into helping moms? I would love to hear a story about that.

Toni-Ann Mayembe 4:33
Yeah, so if we take it back after I had my second son, I had this itch to start something new. And I thought that meant starting my own practice. So as I mentioned, I'm a full time dentist and I thought that meant having my own. And you know, because I feel like that's kind of like the ultimate thing is to have your own practice with your name on it. And then to tell everyone like Yes, I'm a practice owner like you know, I have my own practice, but after going through some things, I learned that that is not what I really wanted. And in the process of me trying to build this practice, I had started a dental blog. And the thought process was is that I'm going to build this blog so that I can be seen as an authority online. So when I do actually have my practice, when people search for a dentist in the area, I will pop up. But as I was doing this dental blog, my focus was mainly on women, because what I find is, is that moms are the ones that typically are bringing the kids in, who are typically getting the husbands to come in. So I thought, if I talk to this woman to this mom, and help her understand how she can help her family achieve optimal health, oral health, then it can translate to the rest of the family. But what I found was as well, I was talking to her, there were other things that I wanted to talk about more than just teeth. And so once the practice, the dream of the practice kind of fell apart. I was like, you know, like, I love talking to this mom, but I want to talk to her about other things. And my husband was like, well, then just do it. And so that's how real happy mom came about. Because like I said, I found even through my own experiences that like, you know, a lot of times we think like, Oh, this is only happening to me. And then when I look around and talk to other moms, I see like, it's the same thing happened in to them. So I was like, like, why can't we like, all come together and like, you know, help each other because like, this is like, some seriously hard work. Because I feel like motherhood is the most important job in the world. I don't care. If you're talking about commander in chief, whatever like it is the most is the hardest job and the most important job out there. But this is the one job that we really don't get enough support. And so that's kind of been my passion. And the reason why I've been focusing more so on moms, because I see that there's so many things that we can work together and help each other with to make it a whole lot easier because motherhood is supposed to be something that we enjoy. And I think a lot of moms don't enjoy it. Because they don't have the support and the tools that they need.

Ashley Brown 7:06
Oh, man, you said a lot there. But definitely love how you got into doing the work and just having that one, that one vision and then being like, Hey, I don't know, maybe that's not it, but really leaning into where you're where like your soul was going as far as like with moms and really in conversation with them. I agree. I think that many moms don't enjoy motherhood as much as they would like, it's interesting. I just did a questionnaire I put out a questionnaire to my community. And what really will I say it shocked me? it did to a certain extent. But I asked like, how are you feeling at this current moment, like right now. And out of all of the responses, the highest two like, and people had to type this in, was overwhelmed and stuck. And I was like, Wooh? Like it just took me back. And I asked them a lot of other questions. But just showing that, you know, moms are already overwhelmed to fill in stuck, life is feeling chaotic for them. And that's why I'm so glad that you are joining us. Because you're going to be sharing some things with us. But I but I would like to know. I know for me, like yes, when I like when I first became a mom, I was like, Is everybody else children like acting like this or why my child acted like she didn't want to eat no type of vegetables or like and like my best friend like children would like eat vegetables and things like that. Right? And I'm like, What's going on here? Like, why is my child having a problem with this? And you do sometimes get into that, like you said, the uniqueness you think that things are unique to you. But when you ask other moms, it's like no, booboo is not unique to you, like a lot of other people are going through this. And that's what we're saying is that community is so important in motherhood. I mean, it is essential that you are around other moms, or at least in conversation with other moms because it can be super beneficial for you. Um, for you. What was that unique thing? If you can think back that you felt like you were kind of alone alone in when it came to motherhood?

Toni-Ann Mayembe 9:24
Yeah, yeah. All right. I talked about this all the time. And the biggest one was when I had my first son and what I thought a mom look like was the mom that did all the things for everyone because that's kind of how I grew up. My mom was a super woman like till this day, I'm like, How the heck did you do it? I thought that meant you know, you know, going to work working really hard, coming home, taking care of my family and my home. And I forgot about myself in the process. And as a result, I had completely lost who I was. So one day I just remember looking in the mirror I was just like, I don't even know who you are like, I didn't know like what I like to do, like, I just had completely given myself to my family and my home that I had just totally became a shell of myself. And how I really became aware of this was when I was having a conversation with one of my colleagues, after coming back from from maternity leave, and he was asking me, he was like, yeah, so what do you like to do for fun? And I was like, I don't know. And I was like, This is terrible. Like, I can't even answer that question. Like, I don't even know what I like to do, like, This is bad. And so when I started to reach out to some other moms in some other groups, I found out like, this is a common thing like, this happens to like, a lot of moms. And I was like, Go figure. I thought this is just a unique Toni- Ann is lost herself, and she needs to, you know, get some help kind of thing. But I find that it was a lot of moms going through this. And the sad thing is, is that some moms go through it for like years, versus me it was just like, you know, an extended several months. So thank God, like I was able to, you know, identify it and start to fix it, and not live like that, you know, for 12 years. Like I heard some moms saying, I was I Oh, god, no, I can't do that. But that was one of the big ones. And then like you said, like eating and sleeping for the kids is another big one. And I think part of the problem actually is like, we see a lot of those moms on either on TV, social media, wherever, who look like they have it all together. And we think because we don't have it like them, then we're not doing a good job or something's wrong with us. And in fact, a lot of moms who are struggling with the same things we're struggling with as far as not getting our kids eat the the nutritious foods that we tried to prepare for them, or sleeping at a decent time. I know I struggle with the sleeping with my kids, I'm about to hire someone to help me with that. But I just cannot get these jokers to go to sleep like at a decent hour. So like it's those type of things that I've noticed that I was struggling with that it's a common thing with a lot of moms. But the problem is I feel like we look out and we see other moms who, quote unquote, are like the perfect mom or the good mom. And we think that we're not doing a good enough job when actuality we are doing a phenomenal job.

Ashley Brown 12:17
I mean, for real, we are doing a freakin' amazing, excellent job. As moms, like you said motherhood is. It's a challenge at times, and it's beautiful all at the same time. It's just like so many different adjectives that I can put out here from motherhood. But we are doing amazing and I totally agree with you. So I would love to transition to learning and hearing about what you call the Sunday routine which I- when I hear that. It just brings me so much like warm, fuzzy, like beautiful feelings because Sunday for me is- I feel like Sunday's aren't sacred like for me like I don't know what it is I just growing up and maybe because I grew up in in church with just the spirituality around Sunday and the meaning and just my mom making this dinner on Sunday and family making dinner. We're going over grandma house and just sun shining on Sunday. I don't know what it is. But Sunday's are so sacred to me. So just hearing that you have this Sunday routine really intrigues me. And so I would love to know more about that. And I know that includes some planning, which I would love to hear tips for planning to if you could, you know share all of the all of the things with us about this Sunday routine.

Unknown Speaker 13:38
Yeah, absolutely. But before I talk about that, I just wanted to kind of give kind of some background to it really quick Ashley, and the reason why I develop my own particular Sunday routine that I've been actually sharing and teaching other moms is because I found one thing that has really been a hindrance for me in making the week very, very difficult and not very enjoyable, is something that I learned that I suffer from and a lot of other people suffer from, which is decision fatigue. And pretty much that just is based around you know, we have only so many decisions that we can make in a day good decisions that we can make in a day before we get to a point in our minds where we get tired of making decisions. And I've seen one or two things happen either one, we don't make a decision at all, which is pretty bad. Or we make really poor choices, which is just as bad too. So in order to prevent me from getting to that point of decision fatigue, I found that having some routine to help me with preparation for the week. It really helps to eliminate this decision fatigue that I suffer from especially towards the end of the day. So there's five kind of key components of the Sunday routine and literally like this can take me like 30 minutes max, like it's not something that is super elaborate. You can make it super elaborate and make it take a long time. But I do not, but it's just five key things. And those are getting your clothes ready for the week, preparing at least a menu or a meal plan for the week. planning out your week, cleaning out your purse and restarting your devices are those five kind of key components and we can kind of jump in and deep dive on each of those five things. But I find that when we have those things already ready to go on Sunday, it makes Monday like just so awesome. Because I know people are like, Oh, we hate Mondays, like, Mondays is the worst day of the week. Like I love Mondays, like Mondays is my favorite day what she's talking about. And the reason why it's because I'm ready for Monday. I'm like, Come on, let's go. And I feel like if we can do these things and get ourselves ready for the week, it'll make it so much easier for us to wake up in the mornings and kind of go with the flow and not feel like all chaotic and overwhelmed. Like a lot of the moms were saying in that survey that they were feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Because like you're already prepared, you already know what's going on. And you're ready to go.

Ashley Brown 16:00
Yes, getting up clothes, meal planning, planning the week, cleaning out purse and restarting devices. And when I hear those five, I do. I thought I'd do all of them. Because clean out purse, I don't think, my purse is so small and just got a little bit of stuff in it. I don't really have to do too much. But I do go through especially when I'm about to head out for work. And I'm like, What do I have in here? But those are so beautiful to restart the devices? I don't do. But when I think about it, that makes perfect sense. So I would-the getting out clothes. I feel like anyone listening like getting out clothes, yes. So simple. But do you I would love to know for getting out close. Do you also iron your clothes? Or? What?

Toni-Ann Mayembe 16:48
Yeah, yeah. So for that particular one, like Ashely, like I like really make it as easy as I can for myself, like, I want my future self to love my past for what I did for me. So what I do is I literally will take out everything because I wear a uniform, Monday through Thursday, I have everything ready on the hanger. So literally, I will take the hanger out and go like it will have socks, underwear under shirt everything already on there. So literally, I take it out and go. I also make sure that you know if there's any special meetings, date nights, any other events, I have those clothes ready too because like I told you, I'm a reservist in the Navy. So sometimes we have uniform inspections, or we have to wear a particular uniform for our particular event. So I made sure I had those uniforms ready, because a lot of those things do require to be either pressed or dry cleaned. So literally, when I say I look at the whole week, and I have my clothes ready, I have everything ready. So all I have to do is grab it and go, I don't want to think because remember, I'm saying that I'm trying to eliminate how many decisions I have to make so that I can use that decision making power for the things that are really important. Not on what do I need to wear? And what goes good with this top? Or, you know, should I wear these shoes or this belt, that kind of thing?

Ashley Brown 18:01
Yeah, that makes perfect sense. I'm the same way I get my clothes for the week. And also get my children's clothes for the week too. Because I don't have time to be waking up in the morning to try to make a decision that early. Because my mind I ain't on like, I'm gonna be very honest with you. I'm like, I'm a 9am type morning person. So I'm already moving like a slug in the morning. I don't have time to be wrestling around with what I'm wearing and what the kids are wearing. And so I do the same getting clothes. I love that one for meal for meal planning. I would love to know how you meal plan and what that looks like.

Toni-Ann Mayembe 18:39
Yeah, yeah. So actually, like, I'll be honest with you, like I used to say all the time on my podcast, like, I'm not good at meal planning. Like that's not my thing. So I always bring in experts to help me with that. But then my friend Andrea, she really helped me to like see, like, you know, the whole meal prepping game is not as you know, difficult as I make it out to be. But I seriously would before I met her, I would literally just take a piece of paper and write down Monday through Saturday and write down you know what we're having for dinner just based on what is already inside of the freezer or the pantry. I will look and see like, okay, so Monday, we got wings and fries, like Tuesday, we can do tacos, Wednesday, we're gonna do steak and rice, like based off of what is in there. So that I already know or if I know that, you know, the kids want something in particular, like, I don't know what's wrong, my son, but he's in love with ribs right now. So I know Okay, like there's only like, you know, a limited amount of ribs or maybe I need to pick some up at the store. So I already know like what's already there and what I may need to pick up so I'm not going to the grocery store every day picking up something for dinner, because I was doing that at one point or I would get home and I'd be so exhausted that I just be like, I don't know what you just order whatever you want, which after a while of doing doordash like that's what gets expensive. So just having a menu so you know like what you have and what you can create. You can pick Something not necessarily saying you have to have tacos on Tuesday, but you can switch it up if you're not really feeling that, but just simply having that menu just really makes it a lot easier to get dinner's ready for me. In particular, just because when I come home, I usually come home kind of late, sometimes sometimes 630, sometimes close to seven, it gets kind of crazy. So the kids are hungry, they're ready to eat. So I just need to be able to know like what I have right away so that I can get dinner on the table quickly for them.

Ashley Brown 20:30
Yes, yes. That's what I do too. Meal planning is definitely a game changer. And will just save you money save you time save you frustration. Yes. So I love that. Yes, thank you for sharing. So let's get into planning the week I know that this community loves planning. And so I would love to hear, you know, what does planning look like for you? Because I know you say you can get all of these things done in a in a pretty good time. So what does planning look like for you?

Unknown Speaker 21:06
Yeah, yeah. So it really starts with looking one at my calendar and seeing like, Okay, what do I have on there that I cannot change, meaning like, you know, doctor's appointments work, the school has some special event going on, like, what are some of those things that are coming up that I cannot change, I put those things on my week weekly calendar for the week that I'm looking at. And then I start to fill in some of the other areas by looking at the brain dump list that I do. And literally like I would just sit down and I compartmentalize and this is another thing I learned from one of my other friends using a compartment of each individual category. So like for work for the Navy for the house, for me personally, and for the kids looking at each thing that I need to do and brain dumping, you know all the things so I can get it off of my mind and onto paper, and then start to prioritize like what I need to do today, or this week rather. So once I do that, then I can start to kind of plug things in based on the whole time blocking system, which I'm pretty sure you're probably talked about time blocking before here. But based off of the different blocks of time that I have left, after I filled in the things that I can't change. And then I also make sure that I make time for myself, because one thing I found Ashley is that it is easy for us to fill our schedule with everyone else's different events, everyone else's needs and whatnot. But we forget about making time for ourselves. So I always try to make sure that I carve out time for myself, whether it be for exercising, or just to like, go get my nails done, or to sleep in like I did today. Like I'm always trying to make sure that Toni ann is getting taken care of as well. Because I'm gonna be honest with you guys, but you know, the only person that's really going to take care of you is you and you have to make time for yourself. I know the kids need you, but they need you like at 100%. So you have to make time to make sure that you're taking care of yourself, whether it be you know, making sure you have all of your doctor's appointments, because as you know, as a healthcare professional, Ashley, people are really good about taking care of their kids health, but not their own health. So you know, you need to make your own dentist appointment, you need to make an appointment for for physical for yourself, like all of those things, as well as making time to do things that you actually enjoy. So I kind of do it that way, starting off by brain dumping, then prioritizing, then going in and plugging things in into different time blocks based off of things that are like each other. And then also making sure that I make time for myself, and I'll be honest with you is best to make sure that you carve out that time for yourself first, before you start plugging in all those things that you need to do. Because it's easy, like I said, to fill up your schedule with everyone else. And then you'd be like, Oh, well, it's no time for me. So I guess I'll do it next week. And then it gets put off again. So just really making sure that you're you're looking at that, as well as another thing here too, is looking at your significant other or spouse's calendar, because another thing that I was having that was like really making my marriage kind of challenging was like, I have my own plans. My husband has his own plans, and we never came together to figure out what we were doing. And then we'd have all these scheduling conflicts. So I always want to make sure I talked to him be like, Hey, what are you doing this night or that night? Because, well, I'll have different things planned out. And I want to make sure that we're together there. And then lastly, looking at the kids schedule, because the worst thing for me is to like, forget something for my kids, because my kids will not let me live it down. So like if the kids have wacky Wednesday, or they have like special events at school, like make sure you make note of that in your schedule and plan for those things. Because I remember my son had pajama day at school and let's say pajama day was on Wednesday, right? My husband, I don't know how but why Scott Cross, he did pajama day on Tuesday, my son was the only kid in pajamas on Tuesday, they were like, please come get your child, and put him in some regular clothes. And so ever since then I'm like, we have to check that schedule. So I'm constantly looking at what they have going on what my husband has going on. And then also for myself, to make sure that I don't have those scheduling conflicts, because I feel like that is the worst like thinking like, Oh, well, I can go to this meeting, you know, after hours, but I don't have childcare or something like that. So you want to make sure you resolve all of those things before the week get started.

Ashley Brown 25:33
Yes, like just, you know, looking like just matching up schedules and seeing what people are having going on for your entire household. I love that tip. That is so smart. And like you said, I want to reiterate that, care for yourself, care for yourself, for sure. And make sure you you carve out space. First, in order for you to do something that brings you joy that lights you up, one of the questions I always ask myself every week as I'm planning is, what would make me extremely happy to do. And so that's definitely something that you want to start to think about if you're not currently doing that, because you are important, just like your entire household. So thank you, thank you for going through that Toni-Ann. Okay, so next is cleaning out purse. That seems self explanatory. But do you have anything to say with this one?

Toni-Ann Mayembe 26:26
Yeah, and it doesn't necessarily have to be your purse, like sometimes I take a backpack to work, it just all depends. But a lot of times, I feel like we put so much stuff in and we forget about it unless they're like you Ashley who has those small purses, and I do have one, I have a small purse that I use on the weekends, that literally only fits my phone and my wallet and maybe a pen. And that's it. But during the week, it's easy for things to get inside of my backpack or in my purse, and you forget that it's there. And a lot of times, a lot of women have those big huge bucket purses, and then things get at the bottom of it. So you want to just make sure that you're getting those things that need to be out of the purse out and the things that needs to be in there in. Because as you know, especially with little kids, it's a lot of things that will end up in your purse if you're not paying attention. So that's all but that one, just making sure that you're keeping an eye on it and cleaning things out and getting the things back in there that need to be in there.

Ashley Brown 27:15
Yeah, because it does make you feel more organized and just feel more like feel lighter when you know that you have cleaned out something and you don't have junk. And it's just a little bit more put together. So yes, I love that one for sure. And then last but not least, is restarting devices. So I really am interested in this one. So let us know about this one.

Toni-Ann Mayembe 27:37
Yes. So Ashley, one thing I have learned from my techie husband, and he is he if you're looking at my website, and you like my website, thank you, that's my husband, okay. He does all the tech stuff for me, because I am just not with it. I think I am. But I always end up breaking my site or whatever. And yeah, anyways, um, so one thing about him is that he's always telling me like Tony, and you have too many apps on your phone, which I do, like, I'm an app junkie. And what happens is, is that I have all these apps on my phone. And I think I'm closing them out. But what happens is these apps are running in the background. So when you have a gazillion apps running in the background, eventually two things are gonna happen. Well, one or two things, probably a number of other things. But the big things is either one, your phone is going to start running slower, or two is going to start crashing, start shutting down. So when you restart your devices, it helps to really clear out those apps that are running in the background. So it can prevent those things from happening. Because even before I got on this call with you today, actually I restarted my computer because I was like I am not having this thing, do an update or crash or anything. And especially moms that are working from home, or do a lot of work on their computers, you have to restart your your computers at least once a week. And that is the recommendation that's out there because of that reason, because you want to make sure that you're keeping those programs that are running in the background in check so that your device is running at its optimal level. So that is the big thing with restarting your devices. So your phone, your tablet, your computer, all that stuff, restart all of them at the same time on Sunday before you get going.

Ashley Brown 29:06
Oh, man, yes. Oh my gosh, that is so true. Because sometimes I've found that I won't like something will happen to my computer, or it gets a little stuck. I'm like, What is going on here? And I'm like, oh, because the computer hasn't been off for about three months, girl like that's why like you have never like a new like, it is so funny because we just think, Oh, these things can just be on and on and on. And then that's when we realized why things start to start to act up and break and things because when I given them any type of break.

Toni-Ann Mayembe 29:45
Yeah, yeah. And the worst thing is when the computer wants to do an update in the middle of you doing something important, like that's the one that really gets me.

Ashley Brown 29:52
Yeah, exactly, exactly. Not that one is really good because I think a lot of us have not thought about that one. So That is so that is so beautiful. Oh my gosh, I love this. I love this Sunday routine. I think that is beautiful. And I know that you talk about Sunday bigger day, but I want for everybody to know like if it's another day for you, because maybe you need another day, like make it work for you. But these steps and just these items, like think about these really in depth and really, really focus on like, what could you start to do. And if you have to do just little by little and add on. That's perfectly fine. But like these can really help you to be proactive. So thank you, Toni Ann for, you know, spelling that out for us, given us the suggestions and walking through your Sunday routine with us. That was really awesome. And I really enjoyed it. So do you have anything else to share before we start to wrap things up? They might be inspiration or encouragement for for moms and women out here.

Toni-Ann Mayembe 30:57
Yeah, the biggest thing is, I just want moms know if you're listening to Ashley's podcast right now, I know you are an awesome mom. And I just want you to know that too. Because I feel like a lot of times we beat ourselves up and give ourselves a hard time. But like, for just the fact that you're listening to this and you're trying to make yourself better. I know that you're an awesome mom. So I just want to let you know if you're listening. You're an awesome Mom, you're doing a great job.

Ashley Brown 31:19
Oh, thank you. Yes, let me second that you are an awesome mom, for sure. Okay, Tony Ann so always wrap up the episode by asking this question. So which routine? Are you either working on improving right now or loving right now?

Toni-Ann Mayembe 31:37
Yes, yes. So I- its so funny, you're asking me this, because I actually just got into this new course is called Systematize Your life by Chelsea Jo. And the part I'm in right now is systematizing your home. So she has a routine for cleaning. And I'm trying to get to a point where I don't necessarily need someone to come in and clean my home. But it would definitely be beneficial, of course. And so what I'm working on right now is kind of decluttering things. And then just maintaining a really good tidy routine so that I don't have things overflowing, because Ashley I know you got little ones too, but I don't know what it is. But it seems like they always have more toys and things coming into the house. I'm like, I just cleaned out that room. Like, why is it back junkie again. So just trying to get into a routine and making sure that I'm keeping the clutter in check. Because I feel like I'm really good about doing it like one time. And then like a month or two later, it like builds back up again. So I'm just trying to get into the routine and making sure that I keep things like you know, you know, throughout the weeks, just slowly keeping things in check. So it doesn't like build back up. And all of a sudden, it's like a gazillion papers or a bunch of McDonald's toys everywhere, those kinds of things. So that's the big one that I'm working on right now.

Ashley Brown 32:55
Yes. I know every time my children bring McDonald's toys, and here the next day, I'm gonna trash or recycling, I'm not even playing. I'm like it's gone. Like it's gone. Like, I'm not playing that with you. So I think you're definitely on the right track with decluttering. And like minimizing what you have, because that's what I found to be super helpful. For me keeping up with cleaning the home is like the less we have, the less I gotta clean, the less I got to tidy up. And so that's been a game changer. So I'm just hopeful that you're going to get there for sure. So thank you for sharing that.

Toni-Ann Mayembe 33:30
Yes, definitely.

Ashley Brown 33:31
So as we as we end I know that people absolutely loved you. I know. I know. They love the advice that you gave. So I would love to for you to share with us. Where can we connect with you more?

Toni-Ann Mayembe 33:44
Yeah, absolutely. So if you're listening to this podcast right now where ever you're listening to it, you can find me as well at realhappymom, as well as on social media. I realhappymom and then on my website So I make it pretty easy for you. But yeah, you can find me in all those places.

Ashley Brown 34:02
Yes. And Tony and also has a podcast as well. Real happy mom. So definitely go check out her podcast, too. And I'll link everything in the show notes. But thank you, Toni Ann this was beautiful. I'm so happy that you were able to chat with me and with us about this Sunday routine and just your life and give us so much encouragement. I truly truly appreciate you.

Toni-Ann Mayembe 34:27
Absolutely. And thank you so much for having me Ashley. I really enjoyed it.

Ashley Brown 34:32
Alrighty, that was my chat with Tony and out that you thoroughly enjoyed it. She gave us so much and just walked us through the Sunday routine right getting out clothes meal planning, planning for the week, cleaning out your purse and then restarting devices. That was one that I didn't ever do. But now I'm going to start to do because it can be super helpful. So that I'm not having to turn off my phone when it's wanting to act crazy so. So that is something that I'm definitely going to add into my quote unquote, Sunday routine. And like we say, start a Sunday routine that works for you. It can only be a few steps, you can start with one step and start to build and add in things that you know you need to do. This is just a starting point for you. So you can start with here, and then start to add in things that you feel like might be helpful for you and your family and your home. Because I want you to feel like you are being proactive and prepared and intentional with your time and energy throughout the week. So that's it for today's episode. Thank you for joining if you could subscribe to the podcast if you want to stay up to date with any episodes that come out as well as share this podcast with a friend today.

Ashley Brown 35:53
Routine and Things is here to really help women go from feeling frazzled and overwhelmed and stuck in life to feeling like they are thriving day by day and so sharing this with a friend would really mean a lot to me and I know it would mean a lot to your friend. I hope that you feel prepared for this week and if not, although is Monday you can still do the Sunday routine today to just help you with the rest of your week. And if you want to follow along with Toni Ann learn more from her just hear more from her then you can do so go ahead and follow her on IG that's Instagram at real happy mom Are you also visit her website to stay in touch. I am so grateful that I was able to chat with Toni Ann it was a pleasure and I hope that you thoroughly enjoyed it. But until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing, stay happy girl and I'll talk to you soon. 

Ashley Brown 36:49 [Outro]
Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today's episode, take a screenshot and share it on social I would love to know you're listening and for tools to help you start maintain and enjoy your routines. Be sure to head to Here's to staying happy.

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