What’s Your Motivation Tendency

Do you know what motivates you? What drives you to take action even on your worst day? In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, you’ll learn about 3 different motivation tendencies that can help to keep you on track with your routines. To find out what drives you to take action, tune in to this episode.
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Routines my absolute favorite word, but you either love them or you're working on getting there. And either way, I strongly believe routines can be a springboard for improving your home, yourself and your life. I'm Ashley Brown, and this is the routine and things podcast, and each episode, I'll share practical tips and simple ways for you to consistently live your happiest life, one routine at a time. Trust me, you're going to want to keep listening, because you're well on your way to getting and staying happy.

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Before we get into today's episode, have you ever wonder which routine is the best for you to start right now. If you are unsure of which routine will best meet the needs of your home and life at this very moment, you now have a way to find out. I've created for you a very simple and free routine assessment that will help you identify which routine you really need most right now, to take this quick assessment that will point you in the right direction and get you started with the right routine. Click the link in the show notes or head to routine and things calm. Alright, let's go ahead and get into today's episode.

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Hey, welcome back for another episode of the routine and things podcast thank you so much for joining me again this week. So for this episode, we are diving into motivation tendencies. Do you know yours? And if you are thinking I didn't even know there were more motivation tendencies. I'm not even gonna lie to you. I made it up. But I do you think it definitely exists? Right, we all have a tendency to lean into things and become motivated by things based upon our personalities, our experiences in life who we are as people. And so I wanted to share with you three motivation tendencies, so that you can decide which one falls more into the category that you tend to move towards. Because when you know what helps you be motivated, you're more likely to get motivated and to keep momentum. And so I want to chat about that today.

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Before we get into things though, I wanted to give a listener some love. First of all, thank you for listening so much to the podcast and for supporting the show it truly means a lot. So the listener I am giving some love today is Samantha Elise. She says useful and practical podcast. I don't remember how I found Ashley of routine and things but I am grateful for not on following her business page on Facebook. As I was cleaning my list for businesses. She says I've listened to the entire podcast from the first episode to current and it has been a life changing experience. And her advice is practical for me and my family, which helped me understand what I was allowing to hinder myself and my family. Thank you, Ashley. Thank you, Samantha. That just Oh, it's just heartwarming to hear that I truly put my all into everything that I do especially into a routine and things in this podcast. And I am so happy to hear that it is helping you and has helped you and your family. It means a lot. So thank you. If you have not left a review for the show, and you have listened or even after today's episode, you find it really helpful. If you could just head over to the review section, rate the podcast five stars and give a really beautiful and thoughtful review that would mean so much to me so much to just the women that are going to find this podcast. And I just want to say thank you thank you for leaving the review. It really helps us support the show. And if you do leave that review, just know that you could be the listener I am giving some love on a future episode. I would love to do that.

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Let's go ahead and get into today's episode about what's your motivation tendency. One of the biggest hurdles to staying consistent with the routine that I have heard and that I personally also deal with is motivation, staying motivated, keeping momentum, right? Sometimes we can be so gung ho about starting a routine, and we're like, Okay, I'm ready to go. And then fast forward a week. We're like, what happened? What happened to my motivation? I was like, so ready to go. And then now I'm like, Oh, yeah, not really that motivated, right? And then we give up on the routine. I want you to know, first of all, I always say this, it's not you. It's something about how you're doing things, what you're doing that is hindering you, and it could be definitely dealing with motivation. Sometimes we have a lack of motivation in certain times of the month.

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Sometimes we have motivation that isn't coming and we are unmotivated to do it. And we have these ebbs and flows in our motivation. But I want you to know there is some things that you can do to help motivate you. And that, essentially, I don't want you to walk away without knowing this motivation comes with movement, I've said this before, you have to get up and going before that motivation starts to build, you have to move in some type of way. Because usually something sparks your motivation, it doesn't just happen. It's not like you just get this instant rush of motivation. Something usually prefaces something usually comes before the motivation. And that is the thing that motivated you whether it's a thought, a feeling a certain action, something helped you with that motivation, and moved you into momentum. And so I'm here to share with you three unique things that usually drive us to motivation. And these are motivation tendencies.

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So let's go ahead and get into it. Don't waste any of your time because we have things to do right in life. And I want you to do everything that you have either planned to do today or just want to do for yourself. So the first motivation tendency, okay, that usually drive people to take action, the first is being motivated by accomplishment. Let me repeat that being motivated by accomplishment. Does that resonate with you, being motivated by accomplishment means that you, usually the result or outcome drives you to take action. Okay, the result or outcome drives you to take action, you love the result of doing something you love going from point A and then getting your booty to point B cuz you're like, Huh, look what I just did, Oh, my gosh, I just completed that. This is like classic. If you love to check off boxes, you are definitely motivated by accomplishment. That check box is just that. It's just like that, that rush. It's just like, Oh, I did that. Like I actually check that box off. So you are motivated by accomplishment. If you think about the result, like what you will get out of doing the routine. This helps to motivate you. If you feel as if when you accomplish something you do get that rush, then you definitely are motivated by accomplishment.

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These are just some characteristics for you to look out for to know if this is your motivation tendency, you get a rush from the when you get a rush from the result, thinking about the result helps to drive you to take action because you're like, I can actually get to this point, I can feel prepared, I can be proactive, like I'm going to have the lunches packed before the day comes. And that makes you feel good, then this is your tendency, motivation by accomplishment. I know this is mine, specifically, um, because I'm definitely one to be like, Wait, let me think about my future self and my butt will get up. So being motivated by accomplishment is a really beautiful thing. Because I feel like you're internally motivated. Even though you're thinking about the result, it still comes from within, it's like, oh, okay, I get to accomplish something, and let's go.

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So what can be really helpful for you, when you get to times where you are unmotivated is thinking about the outcome, thinking about what you are going to accomplish, what you will be getting out of doing the routine. When you can think in that way, when you're unmotivated, this will help to spark that motivation and build that momentum. And it can really keep you on track with your routine. So one of the things that we have in the shop is the routine tracker for the fall season. And this routine tracker, if you're motivated by accomplishment could be a beautiful thing for you to have, in order to track your progress. Because you get to check off the box, you get to take track of an inventory of your accomplishment, which can help you stay in tune and just consistent with a certain routine that you want to be consistent with. So that's the first motivation tendency is being motivated by accomplishment is this you?

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Secondly, the second motivation tendency is being motivated by fun. Okay, enjoyment drives you to take action, right? So if you're the type of person that's like, if it's not fun, I'm not doing it. This is totally you. You're like, if it's not fun, count me out, right? I need it to be fun in order for me to get my booty up. Because if I feel like it's gonna be boring, or if I feel like there's no enjoyment in this, why am I even doing it? So this is how you're probably thinking about things and so you know, your tendency is being motivated by fun. So You know what you want to do when you're a motivated? Girl add you some fun into that routine, it is going to be critical. Okay, critical. So this could be in many different ways. What is going to make the routine fun for you? Do you need to have a certain step in your routine? That's super fun. Do you need to add some spice to your routine by drinking some wine or listening to music or turning on a podcast? Right?

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What is that going to look like for you because maybe you're not doing the routine or not staying motivated to do the routine. Because after a certain point is not fun, because you have limited, the fun or the fun has floated away. And now you need to revive that fine, right? So this could definitely be the case for why you haven't been consistent with a certain routine or why when you start a routine, it starts to level out and you start to do away with it. Because it's no longer fun to you. This may even mean you need to change up the routine a little bit to add more fun to it. So think about that, as you are really starting to process if this is your tendency, because if you are motivated by fun, and that's going to be a really critical part of your routines is that you enjoy it. Okay, so that it is more tolerable for you. Because you know yourself if this is you motivated by fun, you know, you're not going to do anything if it's not fun. So you have to make it fun. Even your cleaning routines.

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Yes. Even your cooking routines. Yes, ma'am. Make them fun for you. How is that going to happen? I don't know. You have to think about what you like, what makes you have fun when you're cleaning? What does that look like? Is it chatting with your bestie? Is it looking at? I don't know the real housewives like what I know that's for me, oh my gosh, I just recently binged the last season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. And I'm just like, that's a fun freakin' show. It's drama filled, but it's fun. So yes, what's gonna make it fun for you what is that? And think about that, because this is going to be a really critical factor for your routines. So that's a second motivation tendency is motivated by fun.

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The last motivation tendency is being motivated by accountability. Okay, doing things with others, being accountable to others, or even sometimes to yourself drives you to take action, that accountability drives you, right. And so, this is you if you love to do things in groups, if you feel like you need a partner to do things in order to keep you motivated, if you'd like to get on apps because you know, it's going to be community in that application that you download to your phone, you're like I need this I need some accountability or I need a coach if you love having a coach to help to guide you and keep you motivated and hold you accountable. You know, this is like your motivation tendency, this is mine as well for certain things like for certain routines, accountability is going to be huge for me. Example exercise routine. I at a certain point, it was probably about a couple of months back.

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I was like why am I having such a stall with this exercise routine. I am not feeling motivated to do this. And I thought about it and I was like is because I'm getting tired of doing exercise workouts at home by my daggone self. Like I need some accountability here I need to be in a group setting. And so as soon as I switched that up, it was like Okay, now I am staying on track with my exercise routine because I have accountability I am in a group setting. And so if you know that you like to be in groups you like someone else to be there because it helps to hold yourself accountable. Then this is possibly your type of motivation tendency as well is motivated by accountability. Okay, so anything like groups, anything's like challenges that you can do.

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This is really going to help you to stay motivated and keep that momentum with your routines. So maybe even like asking your friends like why don't we all do laundry on a specific day and we check in with each other. If you know you struggle with getting the laundry done, or if you're like okay, well I want to get like do more experimentation with cooking or just cook more in general. Then why don't we just all cook at the same time after we get done we send each other a picture of the meals. I remember I was in accountability group way back probably about a year ago and it was a morning routine accountability group. It was like we woke up in the morning. We text each other we what we were doing, and it helped us to stay on track with that morning routine that we wanted for ourselves. And so think about that. Is that why you're unmotivated?

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Because you just need some accountability. And if so you can create the accountability for yourself, you can get on an application, you can ask people to be in a group with you. What is that going to look like for you? Because if you're motivated by accountability, and you don't have that, then that could be why you're stalling on your routine and why is not consistent. So that is the last motivation tendency being motivated by accountability. So which one are you? Motivated by accomplishment motivated by fun, motivated by accountability? And I am here to tell you that you could be a combination of all three. I'm more so leaning into accomplishment and accountability. Fun. Yes, I like to have fun, but fun doesn't usually motivate me. I don't know. It just depends. Now, I will say that with exercise fun does motivate me, I will say that so I guess I am a combination of all three. And it will just depend on the routine and what you need.

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So think about that. Think about these and maybe you can start to like reverse engineer why you haven't been motivated to do a certain routine that you've been wanting to do. And then you know, decide what you're going to do to change that. So if you need to take track of your routine, because you're motivated by accomplishment, do so if you need to spice up your routine with some things you enjoy, do that. If you need to get into a group setting, do what you need to do in order to get back on track with that routine. Because that routine is a key to you having less stress is the key to you being more intentional with your time and with your energy and being more proactive and prepared in life so that you feel like you are your best self. So that you feel like you are your favorite self. I saw that on Instagram. Somebody messaged me there and I was like, Girl, I love that. Do you feel like your favorite self? And if you don't just know you can get back on track to feeling that way. Allow a routine to help you.

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Okay, so those are motivation tendencies, three of them think about which one you are. And then let me know DM me on Instagram, at Routine and things and let me know which of the three is your motivation tendency. Okay, DM me, I really want you to do that. But that's it for this episode. I hope that this was helpful for you, I really want you to be able to be consistent with your routines because consistency with your routines is the key to you thriving. Before you leave today. Be sure to subscribe and also rate and review the show I would totally appreciate it. And also share this with a friend today. If you know you've had a friend that's been unmotivated, send it to him be like girl, maybe you're motivated by a certain thing, figure out which one is you and get back on track. But thank you again for joining thank you again for being a listener of the podcast until next time continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing, stay happy and I'll talk to you later.

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Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today's episode, take a screenshot and share it on social. I would love to know you're listening. And for tools to help you start maintain and enjoy your routines. Be sure to head to routineandthings.com. Here's to staying happy.

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