What It Takes To Choose The Right Routine

Before you can create any routine, you have to know where to start. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, you’ll learn what it takes to choose the right routine for your life right now. Truth be told, it’s simpler than you think. For tips to create the right routine for you, start listening now! 
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Routines my absolute favorite word, but you either love them or you're working on getting there. But either way, I strongly believe routines can be a springboard for improving your home, yourself and your life. I'm Ashley Brown. And this is the routine and things podcast. In each episode, I'll share practical tips and simple ways to help you consistently live your happiest life, one routine at a time. Trust me, you're going to want to keep listening, because you're well on your way to getting and staying happy.

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One of my least favorite memories as a mom happened when I was a stay at home mom. This day in particular, I had so many things to do. I was behind on laundry I needed to schedule my daughter a doctor's appointment, and the house was a mess. I mean a hot mess. And Funny enough, even though it's not funny, when I got to the end of my day, nothing had been done. You know those days. Thankfully, I had a God moment and realize I have fallen out of routine. Yes, this routine oriented girl had fallen out of routine. And honestly, it took me a while to get back on track. Because routines are always naturally falling into place for me in the past. But this was very different. I had to intentionally rebuild my routines one by one. And although it took time and patience, the impact routines had on my life was incredible. And I learned so much along the way.

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This is why I'm so excited to share with you that your girl did a thing. I wrote a book, the Routine Building Handbook, you're all in one habit builder for increased productivity inspired work and lasting success. The Routine Building handbook is an easy to use Practical Guide for starting creating and maintaining routines to help you decrease stress, improves your sleep and build a productive, joyful life. It gives you all the tools you need to introduce structure predictability, and stability, including a customizable habit building roadmap, ideas for weekday, weekend, morning and night routines. plenty of examples of realistic daily and weekly routines, and advice for staying flexible. You can now preorder the book, which comes with some amazing bonuses for a limited time to preorder the Routine Building Handbook, you can go to routineandthings.com/book, or click the link in the show notes.

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Hey, hey, and welcome back for another episode of the routine and things podcast. This episode we are diving into what it takes to choose the right routine. And this is where some of us get stuck, you may be in this place of trying to decide which routine you need for your life. And you may be finding it hard to choose because you may have a lot of routines that you need, or want to start. So today's episode is going to give you a path to take in some things to think about when it comes to choosing the right routine for your specific life in this current moment, and so you want to be sure that you choose everything that is actually going to be beneficial for you and move the needle forward in your life. And like I said, it can be challenging to know which one you need.

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So we're going to go ahead and walk through what's important to think about. So what does it take to choose the right routine, I'm gonna be going through four things for you to think about when it comes to choosing an ideal routine to start right now. And so the first thing that I want for you to think about is knowing the routines that you can choose from that's first and foremost, that is always the first step what what routines are there out here, because we don't want to limit it to do some morning and bedtime, you can create a range of routines in your life. And so I want you to know that it doesn't have to be limited. And so I like to split routines up into five routine categories. I also like to call them routine buckets so that you consider these things in your life in these certain areas. If some of these buckets don't apply to you or one of them don't apply to you then you know leave it but I think that each one is going to be really beneficial for your life if it applies.

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And so the routine buckets are cooking, cleaning, children, self care and planning. And I went through each in detail in Episode 095. If you want to go back And check out that episode. But these are the routines that you can choose from. And what this does, why I love to break them up in this way is it makes it simpler for you to digest the information and to get started with the routine in a quicker way. Because if you were to say you want to create a daily routine, that is a lot more complicated to create, because life changes on many times a day, a daily basis, especially if you are a mom, so and have a family. So creating a daily routine can be really hard to create and stick to. And so breaking down routines in this way in these five routine buckets it simplifies the process of getting started with routine building.

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So that's the first thing to take into account, just knowing the routines you can choose from. The second thing to think about when it comes to choosing the right routine for yourself or for your home or family is to identify what's currently working for you. Okay, identifying where you are functioning well in your life. And many times we want to skip over this, we want to just go straight to what is jacked up, and what's the hot mess. But it's really important to start here and think about what is actually working for you. Where do you have the most success in your life when it comes to managing life. Because you have some success in areas I promise you you do, you just have to pay attention to them right and bring them forward. So don't skip this identify what's working for you. And what this will do is one it won't distract you. So it will allow you to know you can avoid creating that type of routine. But what it will also do is create momentum for you.

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Because when you can identify and recognize the things that you are doing well, it motivates you to get the other areas of your life in check. So that is something else to keep taking into account. The third thing to think about is identifying where you need support and your day today. And I specifically said your day to day because it is usually the consistent bumps along the road that causes consistent stress for us. And so you want to think about where do you need support in your day to day, or in your week to week either or, because if you constantly for example, if you are constantly bumping up against dinnertime, and at dinnertime, you're constantly like frustrated because you never know what you're cooking, or you forgot to get out the chicken out of the freezer or, you know, your your partner are looking at each other every day like what are we feeding ourselves in these kids, and that keeps coming up on a daily basis, then this could be clear evidence that you need a routine to support you in this area. Right? And that will fall into the cooking routine.

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So think about where do you need support. And I want you to look at the evidence, this is super important. Look at the evidence because sometimes we can go just solely based upon emotion, like we're like, oh, I feel like I need a better cleaning routine. when in actuality, you actually need a plan and routine because you can't even stick to cleaning because you are constantly run around not knowing what's going on. Right? So you want to look at the true evidence of where your life is taking the biggest hit in a negative way. And so that is what I want for you to think about when it comes to choosing the right routine. So where are you feeling constantly stressed, anxious or frustrated in your life and can have routine support you in that area? And then the last and final thing for you to think about is not overthinking your decision.

Ashley Brown 9:06
Okay, I'm gonna say that again. Don't overthink it. Okay? Please don't the right routines don't want you choose. Okay. The right routine is the one that you choose. So what we can get into is a tendency of wanting things or that perfectionist mode, right? We want to we want to become that perfectionist and we want to choose the perfect routine. There's no perfect routine for you right now. You need some type of routine, choose one move on with your life. And go with your gut sometimes just going with your gut is though is the right move to make. Because we will overthink and then we won't make any type of move. You know overthinking really leads to inaction and that's not what you need right now you need to act on what you need for your life and so don't overthink this.

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You know you may be thinking what if I need multiple routines right now. Choose one and move on. Just decide which one you're going to do and move on. And one piece of advice I love to give is start a routine where you can get it up and going fairly quickly. Try to choose a really simple routine, and start there. So go where your heart is leading you. But please don't overthink this. Because because getting started with a routine is the best way for you to continue to move forward in your life and the way that you want to. So with that being said, I do have a free routine assessment that you can take to help you with making the choice today, you can take this free routine assessment by heading to routineandthings.com/assessment. I'll also have the link in the show notes. And the quicker you choose where you start, the faster you can light in your low. Okay.

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The quicker you choose where to start, the faster you can lighten your load. And that's going to be your routine wisdom for today. So choose that routine. Like I said, the four things for you to think about when it comes to choosing a routine is knowing the routines to choose from, identifying what's working for you, identifying where you need support in your day to day, and then also not overthinking your decision. But yet remember that the right routine is the one you choose. So go with the one and start to build that routine. Before we end today, I am going to remind you that the routine building handbook is available for preorder. Oh my gosh. I'm so excited about this, because it will change your life. I promise you that. So to preorder, you can go to routineandthings.com/book or you can click the link in the show notes as well.

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And when you preorder, you're going to get some really awesome bonuses that goes along with preordering the book, which I'm super excited about these bonuses, so go check them out. And before you leave, be sure to rate review the show leave five stars. I would greatly appreciate it and share this episode with someone today that may just need what we were talking about. Until next time, continue to enjoy. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, stay happy and talk to you next week.

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