How To Pace Yourself When Starting A New Routine

When you’re in need of a new routine it can be hard to take your time with the process. The excitement of creating a routine that supports your season of life can send you into rush mode. It’s important you try to avoid this. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, you’ll learn ways of slowing down when building a routine so you remain intentional. Tune in to learn how to pace yourself when starting a new routine!
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The excitement of creating a routine that supports your season of life can send you into rush mode. It is important you try to avoid this. In this episode of the routine and things podcast, you'll learn ways of slowing down when building a routine, so you remain intentional. Tune in to learn how to pace yourself when starting a new routine.

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Hey girl, before we get into today's episode, I want to share that we have four new freebies for you at right now. So these are four free downloads that I put together that will help you with your routines and also planning. So just to give you a sneak peek, one of the free downloads is my top five planning tips for mindful productivity. These are tips that I use every single week to make sure that I'm creating a realistic plan that I'm being thoughtful about how I'm planning so that I don't over plan and that I actually stick to my plan. So these are some really great tips, as well as another freebie that I put together for you is a routine assessment.

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So this is actually a download where you can assess the five routine categories cooking, cleaning, children's self care and planning to see which routine category do you need most in your life right now, so that you can start to build a routine based within that category. So this is a really great routine assessment. And this has helped so many women when it comes to them trying to decide which routine to start. So I know it will be helpful for you. So these are just two freebies, I have an additional two on the website. So I want you to go ahead and check them out. You can go to And I'll also place a link to all of the freebies in the show notes. I want to share that with you. But let's go ahead and get into today's episode.

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Hey, girl, hey, welcome back for another episode of the routine and things podcast. I'm your girl Ashley. And I am so freaking excited to talk to you today. Because for one, we're talking about something that I think is going to be really helpful for you when it comes to starting your routine. But also, I'm just having such beautiful vibes today. My day didn't start out the best. So I'm not gonna lie, I didn't start off the best. But I have some really good energy right now. So, so I'm gonna go with that. So I'm super excited to talk about this today how to pace yourself when starting a new routine, let's be real, many of us will become impatient. When it comes to us starting a new routine. It's like we want it now. We wanted it yesterday, like I needed a routine yesterday. So let's get to it. And trust me, I remember being like that when I first started building intentional routines I was so like, I need these now, because I was stressed.

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I was feeling stuck in my life, I was feeling very much fragmented, and like my home and life was falling apart. So I know what it feels like to be in that space. But I want to just let you know, to just slow it down, you're going to get that routine together. It does not have to take you a long time. But I do want you to be patient with the process and to take your time. Because when it comes to building routines, you have to be intentional. That's the thing because if you rush the process, if you don't slow down, then it's not going to be as intentional. So it's not going to support you in the way that you really need it to in your life right now. So take your time when building your routine. And this is really going to affect the consistency and success you have with your routine. Remember this. So I'm going to be sharing with you some things to think about when starting any routine as far as how to pace yourself when you're starting a new routine.

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And this deals with all three parts of building a routine. This deals with when you are actually assessing your routines when you are starting your routines like creating them and then when you are actually beginning to do your routine. So it's going to be talking about all three of those parts. And so in each part of routine building, you want to think about these things in particular. So when it comes to assessing your routines, how you pace yourself is by not rushing when choosing your routine, right that's first and foremost. Don't rush when you are choosing your routine because the routine you choose is going to really affect how much you support your life.

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Okay, like your season right now that you're in that you want to build a routine to help you with, you want to make sure that you are assessing your routines with intentionality, and that you are really thinking closely about which routine is really going to be helpful for you. Because you may want to start many routines, and you know, my jam. And the thing that I always preach is one routine at a time. So if you want to start many, you have to narrow it down to one, okay, you have to get down to one routine. And, of course, on the website, I just shared with you that we have some new freebies. But of course, on the website, you can get a routine assessment if you haven't already, where you can decide which routine is really important for you to start in your life right now. So that you can narrow it down and just start with one. But the assessment really helps you with not rushing the routine either. So that assessment is linked below in the shownotes.

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So you can go grab that download. It's absolutely free. But just don't rush when choosing your routine. So you may know which your team you want to start right like intuitively, you may know this is a routine that I need right now. But if you don't have a really strong gut reaction to which routine you need, I will say go grab that assessment. But take your time when you're choosing the routine. Because this is going to be critical when it comes time for you creating it. And also when you are starting this routine. If you choose a routine that's not that beneficial for you, you're going to give up on it very, very early. So it has to support you in your life right now. So that's the first thing to think about and how you can pace yourself. Don't rush when choosing your routine. So the second thing for you to think about when it comes to pacing yourself. This deals with creating your routine. And I want for you to really hear me loud and clear when I say this, start small.

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Like if you want to pace yourself when starting a new routine, you want to start small, do not go create in this long drawn out checklist of all these things you're about to do in your morning, don't do it, you're gonna be mad. So I put up on Instagram like some months ago. Something that I always say is that a busy life cannot handle a complicated routine. And like that is so freakin true. So if you know your life is busy, if you know that you have a full plate, trying to then squeeze in a complicated routine to an already busy lifestyle ain't helping you. So don't do your stuff like that you want to start small. That means you can do a two step routine a three step routine, you may even be able to squeeze in a four step routine. But don't go creating a laundry list routine that you cannot keep up with. So start small and add as you go. It is nothing wrong with adding as you move along with your routine if you start with two steps, and you find out okay, so I started with my two steps.

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I took my shower in the morning and I also journaled so now I want to add on some meditation, then do that after some time, you can always add on as you go. So that's the second thing to think about when you are pacing yourself, start small and this will really help you. The third thing I want you to think about and this deals with maintaining your routine is to be kind to yourself when you are beginning to do your routine. When you are first starting your routine when you're like I have assess which routine I need. I know I want this one routine, right I want to create a bedtime routine. I started small and we have a two step bedtime routine. Now it's all about you being kind to yourself as you begin that routine. Because that's a way to pace yourself. Right? pacing yourself has a lot to do with having patience with yourself. In the process of you continuing to do your routine, there will be days where you miss your routine, absolutely fine. There will be days where you don't feel like doing a routine, absolutely fine.

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But if you are not kind to yourself in that process, then the routine is going to go away. So pacing yourself so that you don't burn yourself out with your routine and so that you don't mentally burn yourself out by being so like things have to be perfect. This has to go perfectly. Pace yourself and be kind to yourself. Pace yourself by being kind to yourself. This is a journey routines are journey your routines will change over and over and over again. They're meant to, it's not many routines you're gonna have for the rest of your life. The only one I can think about is maybe a kitchen routine, but outside of that is not many routines that are going to be the same, same same so they're going to change and so if you can be kind to yourself and really be patient with yourself throughout the process of keeping your routine going, 
this will help you slow down, not get too overwhelmed with it and really be more successful when you are maintaining your routine.

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So, those are three things I want for you to think about. If you are looking to pace yourself, let me repeat this again if you're looking to pace yourself when starting a new routine, one don't rush when choosing your routine. Two start small, keep it simple girl and three, be kind to yourself once you actually start your routine. That's how you're gonna pace yourself. So I hope that this was helpful. This was a really short and sweet episode You know, I love to keep them short and sweet. If you have any questions for me, you can always DM me on Instagram @routineandthings come follow along if you aren't already, we always have a lot of fun over there. Or email me at I always look forward to hearing you and email. And I'm so happy that you are listening today that you actually are a listener of the routine and things podcast it means so much to me.

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