Five Signs and Symptoms of Burnout

Burnout is real and many times it sneaks up in ways you don’t even realize. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, you’ll learn what burnout can look like and how to let go. It’s time to stop overworking yourself so you can feel more ease in life. Tune in to hear if you’re currently experiencing these 5 signs and symptoms of burnout.
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Hey girl. Hey, welcome back for another episode. I'm so happy you're joining me this week. I'm so excited about this episode because we get to talk about burn out. I know you might be like Ashley, why are you excited to talk about burnout? Because, girl, if you're feeling burned out, we got to get you all the way together. No, you can't be burned out? No, no, we can't have that. So I'm going to be sharing with you today five signs and symptoms of burnout. So if you resonate with any of these five signs and symptoms, then this episode is going to help you to recognize that as well as move beyond that because burnout does not feel good. We know it does not feel good. Before we get into this episode, I do want to share that you can join the planner waitlist. So the 2023 routine and things planner will be coming out in the fall of this year. I'm so excited about it in this planner is going to use a method of planning that has been very, very effective for me and others that I know the method of planning is called routine blocking, which really helps you to connect with what you value in your life as well as reduce stress that's associated with mental overload is really helpful in promoting self care as well as avoiding burnout, which we are talking about today. So if you would like to be the first to get the 2023 routine and things planner, you can join the waitlist which is linked in the show notes.

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Let's go ahead and get into this episode. So I'm talking about burnout today, because many women that I talked to have expressed that they do feel burnout in their life, the constant overwhelm the constant overworking themselves. And so I wanted to talk about this today, because sometimes it can be very clear to us that we're burned out. Other times, we can just be so much in like survival mode that we don't even realize that we're burned out. And we're just like trying to survive day after day. And so I want to talk about this because I want you to be able to recognize if you are in this space right now, so that you can overcome it and move beyond it. But what is burnout, right? What is this, I looked it up on Google and the definition says to ruin one's health, it doesn't sound good or become completely exhausted through over work.

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Raise your hand if you have been overworked in your life or if you're feeling overworked. Now I know I have definitely experienced burnout in my life multiple times, because I am somewhat of a busy bee a busy body. And I've struggled to sit my butt down. Even though I've gotten better with that over time, but I remember like even as a first time mom, child just burned myself completely out. And so I definitely know what burnout feels like. And it doesn't feel good at all. And so that's the definition and today I'm going to share with you these five signs and symptoms and you may be surprised to hear some of them. You may be like, Oh, that's a sign symptom of burnout. Yes, but I want you to listen to these because if you're experiencing any of these, it is time for a change. Let's help you move beyond it. Okay, so what are the five signs and symptoms of burnout, one exhaustion and constant tiredness?

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Yes, this one is very clear. Like if you're exhausted constantly honey, you are burned out like time to reevaluate. You are burned out. It's like the exhaustion that just doesn't go away because you constantly keep overworking yourself. That constant tiredness where you're you haven't even done much and you still tired. Like you're probably burned out, especially mentally, you're probably burned out like if you haven't lifted a finger or did much in your day and by 10am You're like, you know what, I'm just so tired. Girl you probably burned out is probably meant to exhaustion or the day before you just run yourself ragged so that is definitely a sign and symptom exhaustion. Second sign is moodiness. See, this is me. Like I know, I know when I'm getting to that space where I start getting moody. I'm a cancer. That's my zodiac sign. So we're already sensitive or already emo. So moodiness is definitely a part of us, too.

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But I know that when I'm getting frustrated, especially over small things throughout my day, and this is constantly happening, like consistently, that this typically means I'm burned out. And so if you are feeling like this is happening to you in your life, right now, this could be a sign of symptom that you are burned out. And honestly, like the getting frustrated, I feel like typically happens at the end of the day where you're like over it, you're over the day, you're done, you feel like you have just worked yourself to the bone. Mm hmm. Burnout is probably there. So think about this. Have you been experiencing this moodiness being frustrated over small things snapping on your kid? Mm hmm. I know, I've experienced that too. Okay, the third sign and symptom is when you get to the point of asking someone for help when you normally don't ask for help. Okay, so let me say this again. So this is a sign of burnout. When you get to the point of asking someone for help when you normally don't ask help you're burnt out.

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Because if you normally don't ask for help, and now you are asking someone for help, that means you're at your wit's end, that means that you are done, you are tired, you are frustrated, you need some like you need help. And if you don't normally ask for help, and you're asking for help. That's a huge sign that you are probably burned out. And I do want to say if you're the type of person that doesn't normally ask for help you know how beneficial it is to get help. We need help in life. God didn't put us here just to be alone and doing things on our own. That's why we have community that's what we have people, millions of people around us is to get help and assistance. And so if you normally don't ask for help, I'm going to push you a little bit to start asking for more help so that you don't get to the point where you're burned out. And then you're asking someone for help it just Yeah, it's not the greatest thing to do. So this is definitely a sign or symptom that you are burned out.

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If you normally don't ask for help. And now you're asking for help. So is this you? Is this happening? Or maybe you don't even ask for help, but you want to ask for help? It's like you normally don't ask help. But now you want to ask for help. You're like you know what, I think I might need some help. That's definitely a sign and symptom of burnout. Okay, let's move on for another sign and symptom of burnout is procrastination. Yes, you don't have the energy to do the things. So you keep putting it off. You do not have the energy. So you just keep pushing the things off. You keep procrastinating because you're overworked, you're burned out. Procrastination, yes can definitely be a sign of burnout. For sure. Girl, I'm telling you is really a lot that is like an emotional thing for us where we could be emotionally burned out, we could be mentally burned out. But procrastination is definitely a sign. So you want to look into that if you've been putting off things over and over and over week after week, it could be because you're burned out doing a lot of other things.

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So can you reevaluate what you're doing? The last and final sign and symptom that you are burned out is you are dissatisfied in life and you want to escape your life, you are emotionally burned out dissatisfaction in life. This just does not feel good. It's like you're just not happy. You're not happy in life, and you're doing all the things and you're still not happy. You're being the best mom that you can be and you're still not happy. You're taking care of your home and giving to your partner and you're still not happy, right? You're doing all of these things. And at the end of the day, you're like, you know what, I'm still not satisfied in my life. You're not experiencing joy. That's a sign and symptom of burnout. And whenever you get to the point of wanting to escape your life, like you're like, Okay, I need I wish I could just go on a freakin' two we daggone on vacation without anybody in my face. Mm hmm. Yeah. Especially when that comes through stress. When you're stressed and you're feeling that way.

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You really want to pay attention to that because at that point, you really want to start thinking about lessening the amount of things that you're doing and reevaluating what you're doing. So that is definitely a sign in symptom dissatisfaction in life. So those are the five signs and symptoms of burnout exhaustion, moodiness, when you are asking for help when you typically don't ask for help, procrastination, as well as feeling dissatisfied in life and wanting to escape. So if you are experiencing any of these deep breath girl there is a way out of this, you can change this for sure. And I want you to start paying attention to how much you are putting on yourself many times, it's not others that put on us because we always have a choice to say what No. We can always choose to say, Nope, not today without explanation. Nope. Right is many times we're putting things on ourselves because we are not managing our expectations of ourselves, right?

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We can only do so much. And we have to be able to just be in our life and not do so constantly. Right? So think about this, ask yourself if all of the things you do in your day on a day to day basis is of utmost importance to you think about it just today.Just today, I sent my girls to school, and they had like a what was it a Cat in the Hat week, and they had to dress up as something I'm like, not today, you're going to school with these clothes I put you on done. I'm not I'm not like I'm not the parent that is going to all the things, especially when I don't have the capacity is not happening. So you're gonna go to school in your regular clothes. And you're gonna have a great day. When they get old enough to be able to do those things themselves then probably that's when it will get done unless I have the capacity to do it. And that's when it'll get done.

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But like we have to really start thinking about are the things that we're putting our energy into of utmost importance, or are we trying to measure up to this expectation that the world is putting on us, that our friends are putting on us, that our families are putting on us, you really have to start reevaluating that, especially if you're experiencing burnout, and also begin to let some things go like let some things go. It's okay, the world is not going to end you're not going to be a bad mom, like let some stuff go stop holding on to so much in your head too. This is a huge one because that leads to emotional burnout, mental and emotional burnout is when you hold so much in your head. So you have to release the things in your head. Okay, so today I want you to say bye bye. Say bye bye to burnout to burning yourself out and hello to more ease and flow in your life and feeling good in your life and doing what's needed and what's necessary without overworking yourself.

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I hope that this was helpful for you. Like I said before the planner, the routine things planner is coming out in the fall and the routine blocking method that's going to be a part of this planner does help you avoid burnout in such a beautiful way and so I can't wait for you to see how it comes together. You can definitely join the waitlist by clicking the link in the show notes so that you can be the first to hear about when the planner launches and just news about the planet overall. Alright girl, I hope that you enjoy the rest of your day. And do some for you this week that brings you joy that brings you ease and happiness in your life. Until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing, Stay happy, and I'll talk to you next week.

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