Three Ways To Stay Organized and On Top Of Things

Tired of forgetting things and falling behind? Today’s episode is for you. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, you’ll learn 3 ways to stay organized and on top of things in your life. It’s time to lessen the stress and get you back on track. Grab a pen and paper and tune in! 
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Tired of forgetting things and falling behind? Today's episode is for you. In this episode of the routine and things podcast you'll learn three ways to stay organized and on top of things in your life. It's time to lessen the stress and get back on track, grab a pen and paper and tune in.

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Hey, girl, welcome back for another episode of the routine and things podcast. I'm your girl Ashley, and I'm so happy you're joining me today, we are talking about staying organized. And on top of things today. If you've been struggling with this, just stay tuned because I'm gonna share with you some nuggets of wisdom, some nuggets of insight that will be helpful for you. I'm speaking about this today, because for some of you, this is for all of us to be perfectly honest, we get in certain seasons of life where we're not as organized, where things are kind of falling apart, where we're getting behind on things. And we feel like you know what I need to get more organized, I need to be able to stay on top of the things in my life.

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Because I know that it's important for me to have peace of mind, important for me to live life with ease and to be able to enjoy my life. And so I'm super excited about this today to be chatting with you. You know, you have probably heard me say this before, you cannot enjoy life if you're stressed from managing it. And so I want to be able to share with you some tips that will help you get organized and stay on top of things so that you can enjoy your life that's so important for you. So let's get to it. The first thing you can do on in order to stay organized and on top of things is be proactive. This is really important. Being proactive is hands down one of the ways that I stay organized in my life. So I think ahead and I work ahead. So not just only thinking ahead, right? Because that is being proactive.

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Thinking ahead, you also have to work ahead, you have to take action ahead of time, instead of wait until the time comes to take action. It's like for example, I used to fix lunches for my daughters in the morning at one point because it worked for me. So it fixed them in the morning before they went to school. At a certain point. I was like you know what, this isn't working anymore. I need to be more proactive about this. So I would make their lunches at night. And if I could prep certain things in the beginning of the week, put little things in baggies, make their PB&J's and put them in the fridge I would do that. And so those are ways that you can be proactive planning is an activity that you do in order to be proactive. You plan out what you want your week to look like in advance so that you're not waiting till the day to decide, wait, what am I doing today?

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Meal prepping is another thing you can do to be proactive. You can meal plan and meal prep. Those are both things you can do in order to be proactive in your life. Meal Prep doesn't just mean that you have to make the dinner it can be like cutting your veggies or seasoning your meats ahead of time. I just share with you packing lunches in the beginning of the week can be a proactive thing that you do, taking out your work clothes ahead of time. Another thing that you may not think about is building routines is a way of being proactive building a routine for your life that will support you right now is a way to be proactive, you get to think about how you're going to do something ahead of time so that you're not thinking in real time. So those are ways that you can be proactive.

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It's so many ways, which is what you want to think about is like, what can you do to work ahead? So that you're not doing the things in the moment, and then getting stressed and anxious about it. Being proactive is a huge way and a really impactful way to stay organized, and on top of things. Number two, focus on what matters to you. You may be like wait, Ashley. You may like wait, Ashley, how does that help me stay organized? and on top of things? Because when you are focused on what matters to you, distractions don't happen as often. The reason why many of us get distracted is because we're not staying focused on what actually matters. The distractions are popping in and we're just and we're like, oh, a squirrel with a nut and like, Wait, hold on, oh, distraction over here. Let me go this way, then.

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No, because if you said today, I'm going to focus on doing the laundry and you go into the kitchen, and you see the pantry disheveled , no boo, you said that she was going to focus on the laundry today. The pantry can wait. When you can stay focused on what matters. Because let's be real, the laundry not being done matters way more than the pantry being organized. Let's be real about that. It really does. Because when you ain't got no clothes, or your children don't have clothes to wear, that's going to bring up a lot of stress. Now you feel like you got to rush and do a load of laundry, real quick. You can't find what you need. Focus on what matters to you. Because if not, then distractions are going to always take you off course. Distractions is what causes many of us to get disorganized and fall behind.

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So think about what really matters to you in your life. What are the things the major areas in your life that you need to stay on top of in order for you to feel good in your life? What do you need to consistently pay attention to in your life, in order for life to flow well for you? I'll just share for me, I know that for me it is keeping up with the laundry and keeping a tidy home and being able to make sure that I have things organized for my children, right they are they're in school, so they're always sending us things like oh, we're having this party, or we're doing this. So making sure that is organized and that I'm staying on top of that for them making sure that I have date night with my husband, that's important. Making sure that I care for my daggone self. That's number one for me, right?

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These are major areas in my life that matter to me, that's important for me to stay on top of what is it for you? Number three, the third thing that can help you stay organized and on top of things is having systems and routines you can come back to over and over and over. Oh my gosh, this is so important. Having systems and routines you can come back to over and over and over repetition, right? That can really help you stay organized. Because you know what to expect is predictable. You know how to get it done. Routines are everything. I'm telling you that right now I didn't understand the power of routines until I was a stay at home mom disheveled, discombobulated, didn't know what the freak I was doing, didn't know how to manage a house because I was used to working outside of the home and not being in my home more time.

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And when I discovered that routines took me from feeling stressed and overwhelmed to feeling like you know what, I have ease I have some freedom and space in my life. I was like bingo, this is where it is. So having routines and systems that you can come back to are so important for you. Routines help you prepare in advance helps you to think about a plan in advance. So when you're in the moment, you're not lost and like looking around, like what do I do? Because you already made the decision about how you get things done in a certain way. You already made a decision about what you all do when you pick your kids up from school, right you have that after care after school routine that you do that, you know this is how we flow after I pick them up, right?

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You have that already in place a decision has been made routines help to decrease decision fatigue, which will wear you out and you know it will because it has. It will wear you out the more decision that you make on a day to day basis contributes to mental overload. And that is what many times makes us feel so tired because we're making decisions in the moment instead of making decisions beforehand. Make decisions beforehand, build routines so that you have the decision made you know how you get dinner on the table with ease. You know how you make sure that you keep up with physical exercise for yourself. You know how your children go to bed so that they rest well and don't be bothering you at freaking 11 o'clock at night.

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You know these things and ahead of time, having routines and systems are so important for you will help you be able to stay organized, stay on top of things because you know how you're getting things done and you've made that decision ahead of time. Those are the three things I want to share with you. Be proactive in your life don't wait till last minute. Don't wait to the moment to do something if you could have prepared ahead of time focus on what matters to you. Not about Rebecca up the street not what matters to Rebecca up the street not what matters to Tiffany down the road, what matters to you. Focus on what matters to you, the distractions won't pop up as much and if they do you think that oh this distraction no distraction I'm focused on this, then have systems and routines a part of your life, build you some routine, get a routine going not routines.

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Start one routine at a time. You know not to be doing too much. Build a routine. Start It. That will support your life. I hope that this was helpful for you. Everything I spoke about today is what the routine and things planner brings. Everything I spoke about today, the routine and things planner is all about helping you get organized and in routine so that you enjoy your life. Helps you organize what matters while also incorporating healthy routines into your life. Because planning and routine and synergy when you merge the two. These two things are powerful for you. I want for you to be able to keep top of mind what matters, including yourself, I want for you to be able to stay focused on your priorities.

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I want you to be able to organize your week with ease, the routine things planner helps you do all of these things. Go check it out, go check it out. Now, girl, I made it for you. I made it for all of us who are looking to get organized and stay organized. And on top of the things that matter to us in our lives. It is for you and during the month of May this month you get 10% off of the planner, you also get free attendance to my routine class. I'm doing next year go look at those classes I think you will absolutely enjoy attending. But that's it for today. Share this episode with someone you think would enjoy it and find it helpful. And also rate review the podcast for me. I will absolutely love if you did that today. But thank you for joining me. I hope that this was helpful. And until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing, stay happy and I'll talk to you so

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