Tips For Starting The Fall Transition Now

Don’t wait until the last minute to start transitioning back to your fall schedule. Now is the time to begin reestablishing your routines. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast you’ll learn three important tips that will help you make a smooth transition into Fall. Take a listen, here’s my top tips for starting the fall transition.
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Don't wait until the last minute to start transitioning back to your fall schedule. Now's the time to begin reestablishing your routines. In this episode of the routine, and things podcast, you'll learn three important tips that will help you make a smooth transition into fall. Take a listen. Here's my top tips for starting the fall transition.

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Hey, Hey, and welcome back for another episode of the routine and things podcast. I'm your girl, Ashley. And let's talk about the fall transition today. So you know me I'm all about if you don't know me, Hey, girl, I'm all about doing things in a way that brings about ease and less stress. And so one of those things is being as proactive as possible. And when it comes to the fall, this is a time. Right now we're in the summer. This is the time where we can start to slowly transition back into our fall schedule. Because if you're anything like me, I started getting relaxed in the summer. Because we you know, the summer has a different vibe to it. The summer is the time where it's like you want to have these moments with your family that are relaxed, that aren't as busy and you want to enjoy outside you you're vacationing and so through all of that sometimes our routines, our schedules can get thrown off. Right.

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So today, I want to share with you some tips for starting the fall transition. Now while it is still summer is kind of getting to the end of the summer, we can start slowly but surely transitioning back to our fall routines, our false schedules. So I'm going to share three tips with you. And these are my top tips. These are things that I'm going to be using in my life. I'm going to start transitioning as well, because you're girl ain't trying to get into the fall and be like wait. I'm still going to bed at midnight anyway. So tip number one, let's get into it. Tip number one for you is to slowly start to incorporate your routines back into your life. The key word here is slowly Okay, little by little, you know, like I just said, many of us we're going to bed late, we're waking up later.

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And we just have more of like a chill vibe, which is I think is beautiful, right? And so if you've been going to bed later and you haven't been doing your bedtime routine, you've been waking up later and you've been avoiding your morning routine. This is the time to start slowly incorporating those routines back into your life. Maybe in the fall you consistently meal plan you have not been meal planning during the summer. This is the time for you to start slowly incorporating meal planning back into your life. Right so start to do that, now, the thing about routines is that to help maintain them you just have to build back up that consistency and so now is a great time for you to start strengthening your consistency bringing it back into your life reincorporating it back into your life so that by the time fall hits, you're good to go.

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You're like this has already we've already been doing our family morning routine. We're good. and that's important. So that's the first tip slowly start to incorporate your routines back into your life little by little no pressure okay? No pressure just little by little start to reincorporate them in. Really think about which ones you really need to reincorporate, you may not need to bring back all of them, because maybe some of them didn't work. So this is a great time to do an assessment of your routines. This is a great time to take the routine assessment again, because reevaluate your routines is important from time to time. So you can take the routine assessment at is totally free for you to download, you just have to put in your email address and your name. And that's it.

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But you can take this routine assessment and see, you know, which routines do you really want to incorporate into your life and enter back into your life for the fall time, because you may not want to bring back all of them, maybe you're just like that one didn't work. And so let me try something different or just eliminate it entirely. So that's the first tip. Now second tip is to take small proactive steps that will help you once fall sets in. Okay, so taking small proactive steps now, that will help you once the fall time begins. Okay, so this could be things like, maybe you're like, I don't want to fully incorporate meal planning, okay, what you can do is, you can think about making a meal list, right? So make a meal list of meals that you would want to cook for a dinner. Also, if your children are in school and you pack their lunches, making sure that you make a list of lunches, post them on the refrigerator.

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So when it comes time for you to meal plan, and you want to start to reincorporate that back in at least you know you have a meal list a list of meals that you can put within this meal plan so that you're not racking your brain trying to pull so heavy on your mental capacity to figure out what you're eating for the week. So this is a great thing to do. Something else that you could do that would be really helpful you taking small proactice steps is start to take out your children's clothes for the week. I know that may sound interesting, but I'm telling you, if you start doing it, now you're going to get into a rhythm into a pattern with it and you're going to be so happy you're going to be like okay, this is saving my life in the morning. I'm not having to try to go into dressers and drawers and figure out what they're wearing. I have taken out their clothes, I've ironed them if I need it to is done.

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You can even start doing the same for you start taking out your clothes beforehand. All five outfits. If you work five days a week, all five outfits. Even if you're a stay at home, mom take out all five outfits so that you know what you're wearing throughout the week. I don't care if they're sweat pants and a tank top. I don't care start taking them out. Because those are proactive ways that you can start to move back into that fall transition. And that fall time because in the fall, things get busier. You know how it is in the fall, it gets busy. I don't even know what it is because honestly for some of us our schedules do not change too much. But something about the fall just feels very different than the summer and it starts to get busier everybody on the road. Everybody going here and there is just we're back to the back to the hustle and bustle.

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But if we can be proactive in certain ways it can really really be helpful. Even like making your lunches beforehand, doing a little bit of meal prep can be super helpful. Starting to plan in again, if you've been getting outside of your planning during the summer. Girls start planning again, get you a routine of things planner, this is the last month to preorder your routine and things planner get you a routine and these planner and you can get to organize it in the fall once that planner ships October, okay? Because planning is your Peacekeeper I'm telling you. So even if you've gotten outside of that, start planning again so that you can have a sense of what's to come. So that is the second step. Take small proactice steps that will help you once the fall begins. Now tip number three is manage your expectations.

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I talked about this in the routine building handbook because this is a tip I will always share manager your expectations. Sometimes we can expect way too much. And it does not help us. So we can have this picture in our mind how we want the fall time to look. And then we get to the fall time and it doesn't look like that picture. Now we're stressed out we're overwhelmed. Now we're beating ourselves up. No, ma'am. Don't do it is not helping you manage your expectations. Everything is not going to always align are not always going to look like how it how it looked in your head when you talk about it a month ago. And that is okay. That is okay. It's sometimes even better. Sometimes we want things to look a certain way. And for what, as long as you have taken some steps forward in getting back into the fall vibe and into the fall schedule.

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That's all that matters. You've taken a step forward, right? You're not where you were a month ago. So that's what you want to focus on that you're not where you were a month ago, you have done some things you have gotten back into a routine or two. Even if you didn't get back into all of your routines, that's perfectly fine. You can continue to work on that. But manage your expectations for the Fall transition. Some things are gonna work well. Some things are not you're gonna have some of these school supplies. Maybe you're not gonna have some of them until the last minute. It's okay. Do what you can with what you have because sometimes we're in seasons that sometimes can bring about different types of stressors and then we're stressing our own selves out.

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Because we ain't did everything we wanted to do or checked off every box we wanted to check off, it will get done. But don't put so much pressure on yourself manage your expectations this year, take it easy, little by little. That's why I'm a huge proponent for doing things little by little, getting school supplies little by little adding back in my routine is little by little step by step not doing this complete overhaul and everything needs to start back on Monday. So manage your expectations this year. And I think that will really help you in transitioning back into the fall. Those are my three tips. That's what I have for you today. Hopefully that was helpful. It just gives you some things to think about because sometimes we can wait to the last minute, I don't want you to wait until the last minute. And if you're listening to this, I'm so proud of you for even listening to this because that means you're really trying to do something different.

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You're trying to really get yourself to a certain space now rather than later which is awesome. So congratulations to you. But remember, start slowly incorporating your routines back into your life. Take the small proactive steps that will help you and support you when the fall comes and then manage your expectations. Do not put a lot of pressure on yourself before I end this episode. This is the final week to preorder the routine and things planner. The final week, girl this planner comes out October 5 I am so freaking excited it is going to change lives. I'm telling you it's going to change the way that you plan is going to change the way that you live your life. I promise you that hands down. It is an amazing, amazing planner. And so this the last week for you to get it. If you preorder your planner this month, the bonus that you get is a free gift with your purchase.

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So go check it out, you can go to to get yours today or click the link in the show notes and it's there for you. But before you leave today, if you could do me a huge favor and rate and review the show. If you listen to the podcast if you even loved any like one episode, please rate review the show this really, really helps in us getting out to women who are looking for this type of information to better their lives. If you could help me with this, I would be so so grateful. I appreciate you. Until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are. Whatever you're doing, stay happy. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I'll talk to you soon.

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