How To Go From Burnout To Balanced

If doing it all can cause you to get to a place in your life where you want to throw in the towel. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast I’m helping you understand what can be beneficial to have less stress and more joy in your life. Keep listening, this is how to go from burnout to balanced.
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Doing it all can cause you to get to a place in your life where you want to throw in the towel. In this episode of the routine and things podcast, I'm helping you understand what can be beneficial to have less stress and more joy in your life. Keep listening. This is how to go from burnout to balance.

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Hey, girl, hey, welcome back for another episode of the routine and things podcast. I'm your girl Ashley. And today we're talking about how to go from a burn out to balanced and before you be like girl ain't no such thing as balance it's all semantics okay, it's all semantics. Balanced to me just means you know how to manage your life. Well, you know how to manage your life in a way that feels good to you, not to nobody else to you. That's what balance means to me, that you are doing the things that you enjoy being around those that you enjoy, that you know how to problem solving your life when challenges arise, that you know that you have a place to land, when challenges arise when you trust yourself, to figure it out this thing called life and to keep peace of mind even in the midst of chaos. That is what balance means to me. So anytime I talk about balance on this podcast, or you hear me talk about balance on Instagram or wherever I may be, that is what I mean by balance and there is a way to have balanced in your life and to feel like you are balanced, that you are grounded, that you are rooted and that you are unshakable.

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Yes, stressors are going to arise for you. But that doesn't mean you have to stay stressed. You don't. That doesn't even mean that you have to get stressed you don't. How we choose to feel comes from how we think. Right? Our feelings come from our thoughts. And so if you can remove unhelpful beliefs, unlearn certain patterns and beliefs that have been conditioned into you, I'm telling you, balance is definitely achievable. For sure. Okay, so what can help you go from feeling burned out to being more balanced in your life, I'm going to share with you three things that helped me three things that help many women that I know, and they can help you too. So the first one is identifying what matters to you, and staying focused on it. Let's talk about this. Identifying what matters to you. What matters to me may not matter to you, what matters to you may not matter to me. You have to get clear, crystal clear about what matters to you. In order for you to feel good in your life, what matters?

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Is it that you feel loved, is it that you have a clean home, is it that you get to spend quality, meaningful time with your family is what matters to you that you are able to keep up with the things in your life and stay on top of the things in your life is what matters to you being able to travel is what matters to you. Being able to sit down at your home and just Netflix and chill with your partner like what what matters to you. Okay, what matters to you when it comes to how you are spending your time and your energy. You have to first identify that if you want to leave burnout behind what matters and stay focused on it. And knowing that what matters to you does not mean doing everything all at once. Let me say that again. It might be many things that matter to you. That does not mean that you need to do all of them at once in a certain season of life. Like I know for me for example, I say this because I want to learn a new language.

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I really want to learn Spanish. I've been wanting to learn Spanish since I was in college. That has been something that has been on the list of mine, a goal of mine is to learn how to speak Spanish. Hola, como esta? But the thing about it is, I have not been in a season of life where I felt like that was going to be manageable for me, where I felt like that's how I want to spend my time because it was other things that were more important, where I need to spend my time even now, like I'm in a building season in my life. And right now, that's not a focus of mine. That isn't what matters to me right now and matters, but not right now. So let me rephrase, identify what matters to you right now. And stay focused on it, that can really help you go from feeling burned out to being more balanced in your life is because when you stay focused on the things that matter to you right now, the other things are a distraction, and they're not taking time and energy from you.

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And one thing about feeling good in life is you not expending so much energy, and you not spending so much time on the things that really don't matter to you. Right. So that is a key consideration to take into account. Have you identified what matters to you right now in your life? And are you staying focused on those things, knowing that you do not have to do everything at all times at once. You do not have to multitask all day, every day, you can monotasking me and my bestie were just talking about that. She's like, I'm in a season where I'm monotasking one thing at a time. And me too. Anybody got time to be multitasking no more. It's too much. I'm cooking right now. I'm not cooking and helping you with your homework. That's not happening.

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Right? I am exercising right now. I'm not exercising and then trying to entertain you. That's not what's happening right now. Right? So identify and become clear about what matters to you right now in your life in this season, and focus on those things. And only those things, that's going to be really helpful. The second thing is keep your life simple. Can't say it enough. Simplicity is key. Keep it simple. I'm telling you, that goes back to what I was just saying about how we try to do too much. And we think that everything is needed this word need and need to do this. No you don't. No you don't. All you need to do is make sure you eating and making sure that you are breathing and making sure that you have a roof over your head so that the elements don't get to you. Okay, that's what you need.

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All these things we think we need to do no boo many times is what we've been conditioned to think that we need to be doing. Everything isn't needed. And that's why sometimes we'll get burned out is because we think we need everything and need to be doing everything all at once. That we need to be doing everything for ourselves, and then also doing everything for our partners and also doing everything for our children. No. That's the quickest way to burnout. That's the quickest way to burnout is by you doing everything that you quote unquote, say you need to be doing. But my children need to be in these activities, do they? They need to be in all three. Okay, right? We have to start getting curious about and taking inventory in our lives. If your children in three different sports. Where does that leave time for you tell me? Where does that leave time for you to even sit your butt down and rest?

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No wonder we feel burned out because we aren't taking an inventory of how we are spending our time and energy. So keeping your life simple is key. And that means not doing too much not even doing a lot if you feel like right now you're doing a lot and you know how that feels. No, you can change that you don't have to do a lot start backing off of the things that you have chosen to do in your life and if you have committed to something right now that you can't just drop right now I get it. The next time when it's over the next time don't commit to it. Say right now I'm in a season of life where I need to do x y&z and honestly you don't need to explain yourself to anybody but you. Okay, so that's the second suggestion is to keep your life simple. How can you be living life right now that's simple. How can you simplify how you live life? Can you simplify your life by getting help by outsourcing?

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Can you simplify your life by just how you think about things? Sometimes life becomes complicated because we're thinking in a complicated way. We hold on to these beliefs that are complicating things for us, like, oh, I have to do this myself because nobody does it the right way that will cause you to complicate things in your life due to your mindset. Simplify your life. Simplify how you get your home clean. Simplify how you get your kids to bed. Simplify how you exercise, simplify the things in your life. Don't try to do too much. Don't try it, stop doing it. It's not working, is burning you out, and you want more balanced and to be more grounded. So that's the second thing, keep your life simple. The third thing and you know, I have to speak to this.

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The third thing that can be helpful in you going from burnout to balance is having routines. See, you are about to get me on my soapbox with routines. Because routines give you a place to land. I was talking about this on Instagram the other week about how routines give you a place to land. And I mentioned this analogy of you being a pilot your life being the plane and routines being the landing strip. And so let's say you're the pilot, you're driving the plane, something comes and knocks you off course, would you rather look out and see only trees and forests in front of you. Or would you rather look out and see a road when you can land. I know which one you would choose you would choose you want to look at and see that road. And that road is routines, right routines give you a place to land in your life. Routines prevent you from getting burned out.

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Routines help you to stay balanced, stay grounded in your life, because there are landing strips for you. There are places for you to land, that's how I look at routines is, for example, in my life, I have my foundational staple routine, these are routines that I do on a consistent basis. They're a part of my home, they are parts of my life. These are routines that help to keep me grounded, they are places for me to land. So like my morning routine, my bedtime routine, I have a planning routine, my tidy routine that I do at night, my weekly refresh routine, these are routines that I have that are a staple in my life. And so I don't get to a point of feeling burned out because of the fact that I have these routines that I don't have to think about so much that it's a plan that's already put in place.

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I know how I'm waking up, I know how I'm going to bed, I know these things are going to help me keep my home clean, right? I know I'm not mentally wearing myself out. Routines are really great at easing your mental load. So I'm not getting worn out mentally, which is helpful in me not experiencing burnout. So routines really help in that way. Routines also helped to open up space for you in your life, not just mental space, a physical space, because I know that I tidy my home every night. I'm not walking around here, when I get in the door, my kids, when I pick them up from school, when I walk in the door with them. I'm not tidying up, that's not tidy time. That is me being with my children time. So I know that at that time, I don't need to tidy, that is really helpful for me in not experiencing burnout.

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Because I'm not picking up toys five times a day. I know that I'm not cleaning up multiple times a day to where I don't have any energy left at the end of the day. So routines are so important for your life. If you don't want to get to a place of burnout, or even if right now you're at a place of burnout and you want to move beyond that routines are helpful in doing that for you. Why do you think that this business exists routine and things is because I understand the power of routines. And I want for you to understand the power of routines. And that is by you getting routines up and running in your life so that you experience what I be talking about on this podcast. I want that for you. So routines are definitely a way that you can go from burnout to balance and then you couple this, you do all three of these things. I'm telling you, you're gonna be like, wait, hold up, and life feels good.

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All right. So that's it for this episode. That's what I wanted to share with you feeling rooted, feeling grounded, feeling balanced is about finding your flowing life. And it's about trusting that you can get back to feeling well in your life and the three things that I share with you today, identifying what matters and staying focused on it. Keeping your life simple, and having routines that give you a place to land will help you feel well in your life. So hopefully this was helpful. Please be sure to rate and review the show before you hop off. I would love it. Love it. Love it. And until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing. Stay happy girl and I will talk to you soon.

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