How To Have More Meaningful Time For The Things and People That Matter

Life feels amazing when we are able to devote time to who and what we love. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast I’m sharing with you what can help you have more meaningful time for the things and people that matter. If you’ve been wanting to work on managing your time, this episode is for you.
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Life feels amazing when we are able to devote time to who and what we love. In this episode of the routine and things podcast I'm sharing with you what can help you have more meaningful time for the things and people that matter. If you've been wanting to work on managing your time, this episode is for you.

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Hey, girl, welcome back for another episode is Ashley here. And this is going to be a good one. Today, it's going to be short and sweet. I want to share with you how to have more meaningful time for the things and people that matter. Let's be honest, one of the goals in life is to spend as much time doing the things we love and enjoying those who mean a lot to us, right? We only have one life to live. And we want to make the most of our time here as much as we possibly can. Right. And so I know that's one of my goals, I'm pretty sure if you're listening to this, then this is one of your goals as well. And the thing about it is it is possible for you to have meaningful time for the things and people that matter.

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Some of us struggle with time management, you may be a person that struggles with time management, but at the end of the day, it is a solution to that. And that's really in focusing one identifying what matters to you and focusing on the things that matter to you. But I want to share something that I know for a fact can be really helpful if you are wanting to have more meaningful time with the things and people that matter to you. And that is having routines a part of your life. Yes, I'm talking about routines yet again, being a solution to a problem that you may be facing. If you feel like there is not enough time in the day and you are not able to spend time with those you love that fills you up, I'm telling you routines are great at allowing you to open up space in order to do that.

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Not only open up physical space and physical time, but also opening up mental space for you to actually be present. Because here's the thing, we can be around our families, right? You may see your family every day. And I'm pretty sure you do you see your family probably every day you're spending time with them. But it doesn't feel like there's enough time you always feel like wait, it's not enough. It's not enough. And that can be partly due to the fact that many times because we're not present. So yeah, we may have time with them in terms of quantity, but the quality isn't there. We don't have quality time with our families. We're not devoting quality times to the things that we enjoy doing that yeah we may be doing it, but we're not present with it. Because we're thinking about other things and the process of being with the people that were around in the process of doing the thing that we're doing, right.

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So that is really where we feel like it's just not enough. And we're we're yearning for more meaningful time is because we might have the quantity of time, right, you see your family every day on a consistent basis. But the quality isn't there, because you're constantly in your head thinking about the next thing, thinking about what needs to get done. And the thing that routines do for you is it opens up space mentally for you. Because now that you have a tidy routine that you do at night, you are now not having to think about that tidy routine when your kids get home from school. You know, once you put your children to bed, you do your tiny routine. So there's no need for you to be thinking about a tidy routine. When your children get home from school, you can actually devote meaningful time and be present with your children.

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So that's how routines really affect your life. And that's the effect that they can have on your life is you know that this is a certain space and time for your routine, a certain space and time to get something done. So you're no longer having to think about it so much throughout your day that now you can be present. Routines also are able to help you have more time because you're now not having to plan at the last minute how you're going to get something done, you have already pre planned. This is how we go about our mornings. This is how we go about bedtime. This is how I wash clothes on a weekly basis. This is how I feed my family on a daily basis, you have already predetermined the steps that you're going to take in order to do things. And so that helps to give you back time because instead of you last minute trying to decide what you're making for dinner tonight.

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You already know what you're making, because you did your meal planning routine that's buying you back time. You're not spending an hour trying to figure out and then have no pick up something because you realize you didn't take the chicken out the freezer, oh, so on and so forth. You knew what you were eating, I don't care if it was takeout, you knew what you were eating. So you were able to make it or get it and then now your family is eating. And now you have that time to really devote and have quality time with your family. Even with the things that you want to do the goals that you have for your life. Maybe you want to start a business, maybe you want to start doing a hobby like knitting or painting or I know for me a goal that I have is to learn a different language. I want to learn Spanish, I actually want to learn multiple language but we'll start with Spanish.

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But yes, right, you want to have time for these things and you feel like you don't routines can really help to add structure to your day, that open up time for that. And you don't need a lot of routines in order to open up time, you just need a few. And that's it. But routines can be a solution to the problem that you're having, which is not really having meaningful time with those that you love and doing the things that you enjoy routines can be that solution. And it's all about like one by one starting one routine at a time incorporating that into your life. And they you see that space opens up you see time is given back to you. You have more mental energy and mental clarity to really be present. I'm telling you, routines are the I will not steer you wrong at all. So if you are wanting to have more meaningful time with the things that you enjoy, with the people that you love routines can help you get there, they are very much a time management tool.

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So if you have been struggling with time management, get on board with routines, start building your routines one by one, start incorporating routines into your life. Three routines is enough to open up space. Three routines is enough to help to give you some mental clarity. So you can be present work towards incorporating three routines into your life. And that can be really helpful for you. But one by one don't start all three at the same time. One by one, it doesn't have to take you long to do that. So I wanted to share this with you today because I know that this is something that I keep in my mind at all times is that I want to be spending time doing the things that I love and with the people that I love because that means a lot to me and I know that more than likely means a lot to you. And so this is a way for you to do it. routines, routines, routines, routines, I have a free routine assessment if you want to get started up and running with your routines.

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Take the free routine assessment this can be really helpful when you're identify in which routine category to focus on because it's really important you start with a routine that is right for you in this season of life that you're in. And so that routine assessment is awesome its free its linked in the show notes. Also you can go to and its there for you. But this was a great conversation to have, like I said short and sweet but very much beneficial. And I hope that was helpful for you. Before you leave be sure to rate and review the show. I would love for you to give it five stars write a really thoughtful review. I would love to read what you have to say. I always love reading the reviews that are put in. But until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing, stay happy and I will talk to you next week.

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