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In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast I’m talking all about the Routine and Things Planner which makes its debut into the world in just two days! This planner is different from any other and will help you not only get organized but stay organized as well. Let’s get into it! 
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In this episode of the routine and things podcast, I'm talking all about the brand new routine and things planner, which makes its debut and to the world very, very soon. This planner is different from any other and will help you not only get organized, but stay organized as well. Let's get into the episode.

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Reduce daily stress and keep overwhelmed at bay using the routine and things planner, our one of a kind planner merges routines and planning to help you get organized and stay organized. You'll build and incorporate routines into your life little by little. And using the signature routine block planning method you'll organize your weekly task in to four routine categories to maintain a strong foundation for your home and your life. The things that typically get lost in the day to day shuffle will now be brought to the forefront every single week, which will help you lessen stress and avoid becoming overwhelmed. To get your very own routine and things planner, be sure to head to or click the link in the show notes.

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Hey, girl, hey, welcome back for another episode of the routine and things podcast. I'm your girl Ashley and as I always say, I feel like at the beginning of any episode, I'm super excited to be talking to you today that you're listening and that you are joining me today. Because this is a very special special episode, I am going to be talking about the routine and things planner, and sharing with you all about the planner, which has been a long time in the making. They don't tell you how long it's going to take to create a planner, or wooh the anxiety around it and all of that jazz. But it was a beautiful experience creating it. And it is about to debut to the world. If you are listening to this in real time, October 3rd 2022, the planner comes out on Wednesday, October 5, so it's right around the corner. And that's when it will be in the hands of women, hopefully including yourself and I am so overjoyed about this.

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The planner is going to absolutely change lives going to absolutely help you get organized and into routine so that you enjoy the heck out of life. Because you know that is the mission here at routine and things is for you to smile more to enjoy your life. And that's by getting organized and into routine to help you in doing so because life can be stressful and can feel very stressful when we have so much to manage. And when the management of that is not going as well as we would have hoped. And so I'm excited to be able to bring you something that I know will help you know will really allow you to organize your life with simplicity, organize your life in a way that makes sense. And that is realistic to the season of life that you're in. And the planner is going to help you stay focused on the things that matter in your day to day. And so I'm gonna just be sharing with you about the planner. So if you want to check it out, if you feel like this really resonates with you that you know what it's all about, so that you can potentially get one of your own. There is a limited quantity this year and to have a great shot at getting one be sure to join the email list.

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I want to put that out there join the email list because you get to shop early on Wednesday, October 5th when the planner releases. But let me go ahead and explain what it is, who is for, how it will help and some of the features as well. That's what want to share with you today. So first and foremost, what is the routine and things planner? The routine things planner is a planner that is going to help you get organized and into routine that is specifically what it is to do. And that goes along with like I said our mission, which is to help you get organized and into routine. So you enjoy the heck out of life. This planner is in direct alignment with the mission of routine and things. It is going to help you get organized is going to help you get into routine. It is very much a routine forward planner, it has routines up and down in it. So you're going to be able to incorporate routines into your life, every quarter, you're going to be able to build out a routine and then incorporate that into your life over the next three months, which is really awesome because you get to take your time and you don't you're not having to rush the process which is going to be really helpful in you maintaining your routine.

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So that's going to be one of the things that you're doing as far as how it infuses routine, but it also infuses routine by using the routine block planning method which I have shared a lot about within the last month and will continue to share about. It is helping you focus in four routine categories, self care, Family, cooking, and cleaning. And so the planner is definitely routine forward routine focused. It infuses routines because routines give you space in your life, routines give you a place to land in your life, that help you maintain a strong foundation. And so I'm super excited about it because I was able to find a way of infusing routines into planning in a way that's actually going to work for you in a way that actually is going to bring a different element of organization to your life that I think is really going to benefit you and your life. Now. So that's what it is, it is to help you get organized and into routine. Who is this for? So this is for the woman who is in a busy season of life, wanting to manage the things on her plate with more ease with intention, maybe you are feeling overwhelmed, maybe you are feeling like you're in a high stress season, maybe you're going through a lot of transition.

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And maybe that is contributing to you not feeling the best in your life. If you feel like you're in a busy season of life and managing your life feels a lot harder than maybe it did before. At a certain time, this planner is really going to help you get back on track, it's going to help you get organized and also stay organized. Okay, it's for the woman wanting to plan with simplicity, because the planner has such a simple planning process in it. And that's very intentional. So it's for the woman who wants to plan with simplicity, and also the woman who wants to incorporate routines into her life. So if you're looking to incorporate routines into your life, because you know the value of routines, you know that routines are really helpful at decreasing stress routines are really helpful at giving you more ease in your life, creating more space in your life, just mentally, and also physically, you know that routines are going to be helpful for you and your life and you want to get them up and going little by little this is going to be a great planner for you.

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Also for the woman who wants to make sure that she stays on track and focus on the things that matter in her day to day, right like that is the thing about this planner is because I want you to be able to focus on your day to day the things that actually matter in your day to day the things that when and when I say in your day to day, what I mean is the things that you're constantly managing that when they start to slip or become mismanaged or unmanaged that you feel the weight of that very quickly. For example, the cleaning of your home. We all know when the cleaning starts to get a little bit wonky, we're not doing laundry as often or laundry is piling up the house is just looking like a clutter bug. We're feeling like wait, I haven't even cleaned the fridge or the microwave out in three months. That type of things that we know that we want to make sure that we're keeping done consistently because it helps us to not feel overwhelmed. And it allows us to have more mental space and clarity. Those things are the things that I want you to be focused on.

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Those things are the things I want you to be focused on, because that's what matters, the things you're managing on a day to day basis cleaning, cooking, things that deal with your family, whether it's an appointment, or a game that your daughter or son has, or maybe it's a date night with you and your partner, like your self care, your self care, you making sure that you're keeping your wellness at the forefront, like those are things that matter in your day to day. If you truly think about it, those are things that matter. Because those are things that are always popping up in your head. Those are the things that are always coming up on a day in day out basis. So why not plan and organize your life in that way. So that is what I mean when I say focus on the day to day things that matter. Instead of focusing on the big picture, you want to ensure that the important daily tasks are being done so that you maintain a strong foundation in your home in your life. So if you feel like that's you, then you're going to absolutely love the routine things planner. Now how will the routine and things planner help you? I just kind of spoke to this. And it's really about helping you maintain focus on the things that matter so that you do maintain that strong foundation. And if you check out the planner, what you're going to see is that it includes both planning and routine, and it merges these two really strong organizational tools.

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So you can have a maximum impact in your life because these things do different things. Planning and routines are different planning are things you intend to do. Routines are actions you actually do, right actions you actually take and so in synergy, they just worked so well together to allow you to make progress in your life and to stay organized planning will get you organized. Right. Let me say that again. Planning will get you organized. When you want to get organized, we all know we can go and plan like, Okay, what's happening, let me get a sense of what's going to happen this week. Let me go ahead and plan out my week because I need to get organized a lot of things swirling in my head, I need to have a plan, right. So planning helps you get organized. However, routines help you stay organized, because they are consistent actions you're doing and taking that allow you to maintain a strong foundation. So when you put these two things together, planning that helps you get organized routines that help you stay organized, how much more flow and ease and joy will you have in your life by merging these two things, because planning doesn't always help you stay organized, because planning are not action based, they are intentions that you have routines, bring you that action. It's like if you feel as if you are always or constantly not following through on your plans, routines will help you follow through on plans, because they're action oriented.

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That's why I love these two things together, planning and routines. And so is really going to help you maintain that strong foundation and consistently get organized in your life, but also stay organized by the use of routines in your life. So that's how the planner helps. Alright, so let me now share some of the features with you. So first and foremost, the planner is a self dated yearly planner. So it's undated, you get to fill in the dates however you choose. And so this allows for flexibility in your life, which I think can be really, really helpful. So that's one. The second feature is it has monthly and weekly spreads. So you're going to be able to map out your month, write down important events, appointments, that type of thing in your month. And then you're going to be able to plan your weeks. So this does not have daily pages is only has weekly spreads. And so you're going to be able to plan your week. And that's what you're going to be doing on a consistent basis. Another feature is it includes quarterly routine pages. So like I said, you're going to be able to build routines every quarter. So you're gonna have a page where you can build routines. And then after the quarter ends, you're going to be able to assess that routine to see how well you've incorporated it into your life.

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So if you do feel like maybe it was incorporated as well as you wanted it to be, then you can do that for the second quarter of the year. And then keep doing that until you have incorporated that routine into your life or every quarter, it could be a new routine, it just depends on how well you've incorporated it. So that is the quarterly routine pages in this every three months, then it has routine trackers that you're going to be able to track your routine with on a weekly basis. So every weekly page is going to have a routine tracker. So you're staying on track with your routine and being able to measure how many times you've done the routines in a week. Another feature is the tabs. So it does have tabs monthly tabs, and I wanted it to have tabs even though it was undated, so that you can easily keep your place and also included is a monthly sticker sheet. So you're going to have a monthly sticker sheet in the back pocket of the planner that you're going to be able to put the month on the tab, which I absolutely love that I love tabs. They're just super cute, and they help to hold your place. Also, just another feature about the planner is is a very cute design. I'm not gonna lie, it's just a super cute design, very simplistic, but very much giving me like peaceful structure vibes, which, which I absolutely love.

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So those are just a few of the features. It also comes with a keepsake box, which is really awesome. Because I love to keep my planners, they remind me of journals, in a sense, because you can go back to them, and you can see what you were doing in that time. Oh my gosh, imagine you being I don't know, imagine you being like 60. And going back to your planner and being like, Oh, I was doing all of these things. And now I'm retired. I just get to do what I want to do. Like look how much I was doing when I was 32. Look how much I was doing back then. And I made it happen and my family was thriving and my life felt good, right? so it does come with a keepsake box which is super simple and super cute as well. So those are some of the features. That is the routine and things planner and that's all I have for you today.

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I want to just share that with you so that you know a little bit more about the planner so that you know why I created which is to really help you get organized into routine. Stay organized and into routine so that you enjoy the heck out of your life because that matters. It matters that you enjoy your life. It matters that you feel good managing your life. It matters. So, that's it. The planner comes out October 5th 2022. I'm super excited for it. It is a limited launch which means we have a limited quantity of planners. So if you want to ensure that you are more likely to get a routine and things planner, please join the email list today. Join it today because you'll be able to shop early you will get a special code to get into the website on October 5th before anyone else and shop the planner. So that is it. I'm so excited for this and I hope you are too. Until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing, stay happy girl and I'll talk to you next week.

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