How To Overcome The Overwhelm

When stress continues to pile up, overwhelm begins to set in. Maybe you’re experiencing overwhelm right now and ready to kick it to the curb. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, I’m sharing what will help you reduce stress and keep overwhelm away. I think you will truly benefit from this episode. Let’s get into it! 
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When stress continues to pile up overwhelm begins to set in. Maybe you're experiencing overwhelm right now and ready to kick it to the curb. In this episode of the routine and things podcast, I'm sharing what will help you reduce stress and keep overwhelm away, I think you will truly benefit from this episode. Let's get into it.

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Hey, girl, hey, welcome back for another episode of the routine and things podcast. If this is your first time, welcome. I'm super excited that you're here, listening today and then I get to chat with you. I thoroughly enjoy doing the routine and things podcasts and being the host of this podcast because anytime I'm able to help any person, especially women, I am overjoyed and just so honored. So thank you for joining me today. In today's episode, I am so happy to be able to bring something to you today that I think is going to be so so helpful for you. And that is helping you understand how you can overcome the overwhelm you may be experiencing right now. I'm pretty sure if you're listening to this, you probably are feeling stressed, you probably are feeling overwhelmed or you're just being proactive, which I know you girl you sound like me like. We'd be like, Okay, let me listen to this because let me make sure that I'm on track. But if you are experiencing overwhelm, I want you to take a deep breath.

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Girl, it's going to be okay, we all experience overwhelmed throughout life in certain spaces. But here's the thing, I truly believe that overwhelm can be avoided, because it's an accumulation of stress, especially overwhelm that comes from feeling disorganized. Let me be very clear about that. I think that it can be avoided. If it is due to you feeling disorganized in life, or feeling like you're not managing life well, because overwhelm is just an accumulation of stress that is consistently showing up in your life. And so there are things that you can put in place to really help with this. And so in this episode today, I am going to be sharing with you and IG live that I did a while back that talks about a really beautiful way to overcome overwhelm in your life. And I think that you're going to thoroughly appreciate this perspective. Before I get into the IG live. I do want to share with you that the morning routine show has started. Have you heard about the morning routine show?

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So this is a show that I'm doing on Instagram. So I'm going live at least three times a week. And in these lives, I'm giving you a holistic view of routines and really talking about what they are, which ones are really meaningful for you and how you can actually stay consistent with them. And so I'm super excited about the morning routine show because this is gearing us up for the opening of the routine and things accelerator which I'm so freaking ecstatic about the accelerator the last time we ran the accelerator, many women got such great results and outcomes from that in terms of their routines. And so I'm happy to bring that back around in January. January 1 is when doors open you can request to join now if you want to learn about the routine and things accelerator you can go to the show notes and click the link or you can also visit and you can read about it and request to join so that when doors open, you can get in and you can start your routines getting your routines up and running.

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So that is what's happening now. So like I said the morning routine show is currently happening. I'm going live three times a week over on Instagram, so follow at routine and things if you don't already and hopefully you can join me live and even if you can't, you can always go back and watch them and if you're on the email list, I will be sending out an email every week that shares the replays of the lives that I've done. So the morning routine show is here and that's going to be going until December 21st So hopefully you join me for that. Alright, so let's go ahead and get into the IG live, this is gonna give you a great perspective about how to overcome the overwhelm. I'm super excited because I want to chat about this concept of you having a place to land in your life, even you having places to land in your life. I want to talk about this today, I think this is such an important conversation to have because y'all life be lifing. And when you don't have a place to land, oh, my gosh, you look up and you'd be like, What is this? What is going on?

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You find yourself in a place where you don't even want to be. So I want to talk about and for us to have a conversation surrounding you having a place to land in your life and having places to land in your life that can really help you in this journey of life is so important, we have a place to land because life you know, like and that place to land is what I use in my life is routines. Routines are like landing strips for me, and they can be that for you too. But that's legitimately how when I know in this thing called life, it gets really messy at times, it gets very challenging at times, I hold to the fact that I have places to land and those are my routines, right? So let's just think about life. Of course, we're in our many worlds like we all have our individual worlds where you know, we have the people in our circle, we do what we do in our world. And then we have the external world, like just the world in general, right. And in our world, we all ready. Many of us have a lot of moving parts in our life, we have things that may be challenging in our lives, you know, we deal with children getting sick, maybe you're taking care of a parent, maybe your children, one of your children have special needs and needs more attention, right?

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Maybe we're like stuck in a job we don't really want to be in but we got to keep moving because we have responsibilities. And we have things that we are responsible for in this thing called life. And so even in our mini world and our inner world, we're going through a lot we have much on our plate, we're managing much on our plate, and then we factor in the world. Y'all don't get me started on the world this morning. When we factor in the world, some of the ludicrous that be going on over here. Especially if you live in the US, okay, I can't speak about nowhere else if you live in the US, honey. So we already are dealing with much and those things can be many times in life stress inducing, anxiety provoking, it can bring up these feelings that we don't want to feel right and so in all of that is so vital that you have a place to land in your life that you have places to land in your life because that's important for you. I was trying to think about an analogy I'm not the best with like examples. My best friend is like the best she can like spit out an example like that. And I'm like, Oh, I get it.

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I was trying to come up with an example to share with y'all like just to give you a visual of this right and so this is what I came up with. If you think about your life right let's say you're a pilot and think about your life as a plane right so you're the pilot your life is the plane you're driving the plane something comes and knocks you off course. Something comes knocks the plane off course and now right you're starting to get stressed. You're starting to get worried. You're like wait the anxiety is through the roof. You're like, Wait, I gotta land right now because something just came and knocked this plane off course. But when you look in front of you, all you see is forest, trees. It ain't no road it ain't no type of place for you to land that plane. All it is, is forests and trees. That's all you can see. But you gotta land that plane. What is that gonna do to you as the pilot? How you gonna be feeling? You gonna be like, Wait, God hold on? No, right? You're gonna be stressed, you're gonna be hoping that you make it and you're probably gonna crash and burn. If that's triggering to anybody apologies about that. But that's the truth, right?

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Because you don't have a place to land it and that's where many of us are living in our lives like we are going through life with the moving parts moving through life juggling all of that we have to juggle and then something comes in a stressor comes in something knocks us off course and we have no place to land so what ends up happening, burnout starts to come high stress, overwhelm, anxiety through the roof, not sleeping well, not feeling well physically, emotionally, spiritually. That's what ends up happening when you don't have places to land in your life when you don't have routines that you can come to that like okay, I know that I have my routine here to fall back on when this thing called life be lifing because that's on a daily basis. This thing called life is gonna show itself life is gonna happen no matter if we want it to or not. It's going to be hardships in life. It's going to be channel ranges in life that is a fact. But it doesn't, you do not have to get to a point where you feel as if you are just surviving day to day, if you are right now at a point where you feel like you are surviving day to day, there is something that you can do about that. There are many things you can do. And I know for sure one of those is getting yourself into routines that are going to help usher in peace and abundance and joy and all that you desire.

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I know that for a fact because having routines is a difference between you driving that plane and all you see is Forest and there's no landing strip versus when you have routines in your life, you're driving that plane, something comes and knocks you off course. And when you look out you're like it's a road right there. it may not be it may not be an actual airport strip, but it's a road right here I can land yea it maybe a little bumpy it may be a little bumpy, but I know you know what I'm gonna be okay though. I know I'm gonna be okay, I'm gonna make it through because I have a place to land. Routines are really great at helping you feel secure, helping you feel some sense of comfort because you can go back to them whenever you need them. So I'm sharing this with you all today because I want you to know that you have a tool that is available for you so that when live shows up in a way that does not feel good when stressors are consistently popping up in your life you have this tool available for you that you can use called routine. Routines are a tool you know, it's all about how you use them.

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That's why I teach about routines in a specific way because it's all about how you build your routines and how you use your routines in your life that make a difference but it is a tool available for you and when you learn how to successfully build and maintain routines that's an ongoing tool that you have available to you throughout your entire life so any consistent problem that's arising you have that available to you so remember that as you go throughout your day today is that this is available to you that's why I'm so big on you having a bedtime and a morning routine these are two foundational points in your day that never change. You're always waking up you're always going to bed and having these available to you when you are coming home after a long day people on your job done got on your nerves or you just tired from just being at work all day? I remember those times as a freaking nurse y'all getting off at the 14 hours and unlike honey I'm tired right and having a place to land after your day knowing that you know what I got my bedtime routine that's going to really bring me a sense of relaxation gonna rejuvenate me going to help me sleep well tonight.

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I have a place to land versus you're going to bed super late or up falling asleep in front of the TV ain't doing you no good is not helping you in any type of way progress towards the life that you actually desire to have and to live you having these landing strips routines are part of your life oh my gosh, it does so much that's why I preach about routines. That's why I teach about routines you ask any person that has routines a part of their life you know you know the Guru's be talking about this every one of them Oprah Deepak Chopra all of them because it's true. Having a routine heavy routine, certain ones in your life bring about so much abundance and just like the security of like, I know I'm going to be okay regardless of what's going on in the world is getting harder to- I mean I don't know if it's getting harder, but I just feel like with social media with technology age, it's like we know everything that's going on. And so all of this stuff is being thrown at us and we really desperately need places to land in our life so that we don't go on the deep end.

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So that we're not just constantly living in tremendous stress and overwhelm and anxiety because that does not do anything good to your body or your mind when we are just surviving when we're just putting one foot in front of the other and hoping we don't fall instead of being like you know what, I gotta look down to know where I'm going because I'm good I'm gonna be okay no matter what comes and tries to get in my way I know how to get back to my happy place. I know how to get back to my grounding place like I know how to do it me and my best friend we're just having a conversation about this yesterday how it's like we've gotten to this point in our life where we feel like we done arrive Y'all. we feel like we have arrived because not because life doesn't show up honey, my children were just sick not because life doesn't show up. But because we know we have a place to land well we can get back to what we need in our lives. We can get back to feeling grounded at ease. We know we know how to get there. We can get back to feeling joy.

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We can get back to feeling peace of mind. We know how to get there. I know how to do that in my life and routines have been a tremendous reason why that has taken place and how I've gotten to this place. So I'm telling y'all is so important. And I know you know what I mean by that. Nobody wants to feel this just constant stress in life its not healthy. You know, we're going to have stressors that come. It's going to be stressful moments in our life, but constantly living like that. It feeds into your relationships, it feeds into your mental health it feeds into your physical health is just so important for us knowing that we have a place to land when life gets hard and that you're going to be okay. Do you have that in your life? Do you have a place to land? Do you have places to land in your life? Do you know how to get back to your happy place? So important that you do. That's what I wanted to talk to y'all about today. I hope that this was helpful for you. And I will be talking to y'all soon. All right, bye.

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So what did you think about that live? What did you think about that conversation? I am a huge proponent for routines, giving you a place to land and routines, being supportive practices in your life that are really going to help you in not getting to a place of overwhelm because you have those foundations, you're building a really strong foundation for your life when you have routines incorporated into your life. And so hopefully that gave you a really great perspective something to think about. And like I said at the top of the episode, the morning routine show is going on right now over on Instagram at routine and things so I hope that you will join me for that as well as the routine things accelerator which is a three month a group program for getting your core routines up and running, which is a morning and a bedtime. so vital that will be starting in January and you can request to join now get on the waitlist so that when doors open January 1, you're able to join us so if you want to learn more about the routine and things accelerator be sure to hit the link in the show notes or you can visit Alright girl that's it for this episode. I hope that it was insightful for you. And until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are. Whatever you're doing, Stay happy, and I will talk to you next week.

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