Why Staying Consistent With Routines Has Been Hard For You

Want to head into the new year with a perspective that will help you stay consistent with the routines you start? In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, you’ll learn why staying consistent with routines has been hard for you up until now. This episode will shift the way you think about routines and consistency. Let’s get started! 

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Ashley Brown 0:00 [Intro]
Ready to head into the new year with a perspective that will help you stay consistent with the routines you start. In this episode of the routine and things podcast you'll learn why staying consistent with routines has been hard for you up until now, this episode will shift the way you think about routines and consistency. Let's get into it.

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Ashley Brown 1:17
Hey, Hey, and welcome back for another episode of the routine things podcast. I'm your girl Ashley. And thank you for joining me for today's episode and topic which is around why staying consistent with routines has been hard for you. Now has consistency been hard for you? I'm pretty sure that if you're listening to this, you're like, Yes, girl, help your girl out. And I'm here to do just that. I actually spoke about this in an IG live that I did a while back. And I wanted to bring this back around on the Podcast because this is a concept that I think a lot of us have to understand when it comes to being consistent with routines. And that is many of us are focusing on our capability, rather than our capacity. Let me say that again. Many of us are focusing on our capability rather than our capacity when it comes to being consistent with our routines. And the thing about consistency is you have to have the capacity that is so important. And so if you're feeling like wait, that makes a lot of sense, because you just get it and you're like, oh, I have been thinking all right.

Ashley Brown 2:35
Well, routines aren't rocket science. So I can get these up and going I can do the daggone thing that could be a reason why you have not been able to stay consistent with routines is because when it comes to routines and being consistent with them, it's not just about your capability, because here's the thing you're capable. I already know that from the things that you've done in your life, you are a highly capable person, if you are raising children and trying to do the best you can with them. You are highly capable. If you are working a job where you go to everyday using that mind and that body of yours, you are capable. If you are just moving throughout this lifetime, you are capable, I truly believe because I know you because you are me, I'm you. So I know that you are capable. But your capability isn't the reason why you haven't been able to maintain consistency. Because if that was the case, if your consistency was based upon your capability, you would have already been consistent. But that's not the thing.

Ashley Brown 3:40
The thing is your consistency is really based upon your capacity, especially in certain seasons of life, oh my gosh, and certain seasons where we are overwhelmed where it's a lot of moving parts. And that is creating stress where we might not have the mental clarity, you need capacity in order to maintain routines. Because in those seasons, you need support in those seasons, you need to know how in those seasons you need strategy in order for you to maintain consistency with your routines because when you don't have these things, that's why the routines aren't sticking. That's why you're not able to keep them going is because your capacity is limited in those seasons, especially your time and energy and I will say energy even more than time because you have the time to do routines is your energy that is suffering and when it comes to having the capacity especially surrounding your energy, you need more support. You need more guidance. You need more you need people to support you and giving you energy in certain ways and helping you to understand you can keep going and giving use strategies that are going to help you and maintain your routine.

Ashley Brown 5:03
Because when your energy is not where it needs to be because of stress because of just life lifing, you need that accountability as well. And so routine building isn't rocket science, but it is a learned skill. And consistency is a learned behavior. Let me talk about this for a second. Like I said, routine building is a learned skill. And I know you probably understand this, because if you weren't taught how to build a routine for some of us, a routine just fell in our lap, like we just got into routine naturally. But when you're in seasons, where life is disorganized, discombobulated, where you're juggling all these moving parts, and they're not being managed well. That's when you get into the space of you know what, this isn't really helpful. And I need to build a routine in order to help me and then you start to think Well, wait, hold on, how do I even do this? Why do you think routine and things is such a popular business? Like, why do you think people even come to routine and things is because it's like, I need to know how to do this.

Ashley Brown 6:09
I need help with this. Because I haven't been able to figure this out on my own. Right. So routine building is a skill. But the thing that's also the skill and a learned behavior is consistency, because you can have all the know how about how to build a routine. But if you can't maintain consistency to that routine, what was the point of even building it, but that's a learned behavior consistency. And if you're wanting to be consistent, a part of being consistent is understanding when you have the capacity versus when you don't, and getting support and accountability in order to grow and increase your capacity. That's the key. Because it's not just because you don't have the capacity. It's not like, oh, well, let me just chuck this up. I don't have the capacity right now. I'm stressed, I'm overwhelmed. I don't have the energy. I feel like I don't have the time. So I guess routines are out of the cards for me. No, there are ways to increase your capacity. And that is through support and accountability when it comes to building and maintaining your routines. Because I can give you some energy, I can bring you accountability, I can show you how you actually have time for your routines, I can help you build your routine.

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And I can show you and teach you ways to respond in unideal situations that hinder you from even doing your routine so that you stay consistent, that is a possibility for you, that is totally possible for you. Because consistency is a learned behavior. And if you haven't learned how to be consistent, you're going to always struggle with that piece of it. It may be easy and simple for you to build a routine, which it is. But the consistency part is the part where many of us get tripped up and is where you're getting tripped up when it comes to your routines because you're like wait but I started off well. But then next thing you know, it's no longer there.

Ashley Brown 7:50
I got you, right. So remember, it can be a huge hindrance to your progress when you confuse capability with capacity. Because this thing of routine building and maintaining them this special and very powerful tool that you can use to solve problems in your life. When you learn how to maintain consistency with a powerful tool such as routine girl, you have hit the jackpot in your life, you have totally hit the jackpot in your life. And so if you've been feeling like you haven't been consistent with your routines, and being consistent has been hard for you think about if you're in a season where your capacity is limited. Are you feeling really overwhelmed with managing the things in your life? Are you in a high stress season where you're wearing many hats, and you just feel like you're drowning day to day, barely floating on the water. Those are seasons where your capacity is limited. And so in those seasons, if you don't have the support and accountability that you need to remain consistent, you're going to continue to not be consistent. And so that is something that I want for you to think about today.

Ashley Brown 8:57
I want you to process because this is something that I learned in my stay at home mom days when I was feeling like Wait, what just happened, I just turned my life upside down. I came home to be a stay at home mom, now I'm feeling super overwhelmed with managing everything. And I wish at that point in time I had support and accountability. That's why it took me so long to get my routines at to a certain point. I mean, they kept going in and out in and out until I realized at a certain point over and over and over that oh, this is what works. And oh, this is how I remain consistent. But the thing about it is also I didn't realize at that point, my capacity was limited. I didn't realize that. And so it took me so much trial and error to get to a point to where my life felt good using routines, because I just didn't know what I didn't know. And I didn't have the support and accountability to help me at that time.

Ashley Brown 9:48
And so that's why I feel so honored to be able to help women with their routines and help you with your routines because I didn't have that and I wish I did. So remember this, is not because you can't be consistent. It's not because something is wrong with you that you're not a consistent individual, because I'm pretty sure that you have made great strides in your life. And in making great strides in your life in some way, you had to be consistent to do that. So it's not about you. It's about the season of life that you're in and understanding when your capacity is limited, and what you need in order to help you in that time. And when it comes to building and maintaining routines. When you're in a season where your capacity is limited, you do need more support, and you need more accountability in order to increase your capacity, so that you can actually successfully incorporate a routine into your life and remain consistent with it. So hopefully, this gave you some insight. Hopefully, it was helpful for you today to just hear this perspective.

Ashley Brown 10:55
And, and I want to share with you that routine and things accelerator is going to be starting back starting January 1 doors will open January 1, but you can request to join now you can learn about the accelerator, which is a three month group program where you're going to be getting your core routines up and running a morning and a bedtime routine, those foundational areas of each day that you are living, you are getting those up and running through the routine and things accelerator. And so to learn about it, you can go to routineandthings.com/accelerator or just click the link in the show notes and request to join. So when doors open, you can join us and get moving on your routines and stay consistent with them because that's the thing. You're not just going to get the routine up and running and then it's not going to be existent three months down the line. No, I am specifically helping you to strategically practice your routines and strategically build the learned behavior of consistency so that you remain consistent. So that is there for you. I hope that you join and until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing, stay happy girl and I will talk to you soon.

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