What You Must Learn To Manage Well To Maintain Your Happy

Maintaining your happy is possible. All it takes is understanding how to make it happen. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast you’ll learn the one thing you must manage well in order to stress less and enjoy life more. Let’s get into it!
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Maintaining your happy is possible all it takes is understanding how to make it happen. In this episode of the routine and things podcast you learn the one thing you must manage well, in order to stress less and enjoy life more, let's get into it.

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Hey, welcome back for another episode of the routine things podcast. I am your host Ashley Brown. And I'm super duper excited that you're joining me today for yet another episode. Can you believe that it is December? Like December 2022. I remember doing episodes in January. And so we're already at the end of the year. Its about to be another year that is coming up very soon. But we're gonna stay in this year for now and soak up this year. But it's just crazy. And today on the podcast, I really want to have this conversation around what you must learn to manage well in order to maintain your happy and let me start here when I say maintain your happy I'm not like oh, it's gonna be rainbows and sunflowers and just happiness every day. Like in moments, Yeah, but we also know that life brings its challenges its hurdles its roadblocks. And that's just the nature of life.

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So when I say maintain your happy, what I'm really talking about is being able to at least stay grounded within yourself to a certain extent so that you can weather any storm so that you can weather the storms that come and not totally lose yourself and not get so deep into a funk when stressors arise, or not get to a point of being super overwhelmed because there have been stressors coming and you've been putting out fires and just things aren't moving how you expected them to. One thing that I've learned in my life is by managing this one thing that I'm gonna share with you well, you can maintain you're happy and you can get to a place where you can weather the storms that come and you'll have the ability to do so. And so that one thing that you must learn to manage well, in order to maintain your happy is your energy, boom. Mic drop, even though you're like why are you dropping the mic, Ashley? But honestly, that is it your energy. Let me talk about this with you for a moment when I look back at my life and when I even look at my life now for sure. The one thing that I feel that I have been able to do for the most part, there has been certain seasons where I have not done this well.

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But for the most part, what I've been able to do in my life is manage my energy well. I am not typically one to do the most I feel like I don't know if God put this inside of me like anytime I try to start doing the most God be like Nope, we ain't doing it stop. So anytime I'm about to overcommit, about to put a whole bunch of my plate, about to be overzealous in what I can get done. It just be like no, we're not even doing it today. And so that has been a blessing to just have that a part of my personality and character because I haven't found myself being burned out as much throughout my life because of that. And what I've realized is that it's because I manage my energy well and when I speak about energy Energy is withdrawn energy is expended in our action. So what we're doing right on a daily basis, as well as energy is expended and withdrawn from our emotions. So how we feel.

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And so when I think about those two things, especially in my actions, I have been very wise about how I do things, how much I put on my plate, the expectations I set for myself, that has been very huge for me, because if this was not the case, I would just constantly be overwhelmed and burned out. And so when it comes to energy as well, not only is it about your actions, and being wise about how you're doing things, which routines help you with, without a shadow of a doubt, it's also about you being able to manage your emotions. And that's something that I've recently learned and delved into even more so within the past, like three and a half years is how to manage my emotions. And when I remember talking, I did a podcast interview a few weeks back, and I remember sharing with her about how some of my routines actually helped me to manage my emotions well, and when I said that I was like ping, it was yet another reason why routines are the bomb.com.

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I was like, while I didn't really realize it until I articulated it and said it on the podcast that my routines, some of them, help me to manage my emotions better, specifically, my morning and bedtime routine. So I will share that those are the two routines. And so when it comes to routines, specifically because I truly believe that routines are an energy management tool, which allows you to one better manage your time, avoid burnout, and live life in a way that feels good, so that you're not as overwhelmed and stressed. And because this is the reason because routines one help you conserve energy by doing things in the most efficient and effective way. So we're all needing to conserve energy. Because if we're not conserving our energy, then we're just giving off copious amounts of energy throughout the day, withdrawing so much energy. That's why many of us are burned out and super stressed is because we're not conserving energy and routines help you conserve the energy that you have.

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So that's one but also routines help you in managing your energy because they help you deposit energy by doing things that give you energy by taking action in ways that bring you energy. And so when I talked about a couple of my routines helping me to have energy are specifically my bedtime and my morning routines. And those routines are staples in my life. Because of that reason, when I'm not getting enough sleep, I don't have the energy the next day like my energy is low when I wake up. So what has happened, when that has happened, what usually typically happens is when you don't get enough sleep the night before you wake up, you're starting with already a lower energy that you would have had if you would have gone to bed and gotten appropriate rest and sleep. And so you go throughout that next day withdrawning energy giving to those helping your family working, doing all the things.

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And you wonder why right? We wonder why at the end of our day, while we're totally depleted, and we don't have the energy to do anything else, once we get off of work. Its because we already started with an energy that was lower than what we needed it to be. And so that's why I will always have a bedtime routine. And it will always be in existence, because that is the routine that allows me to deposit energy consistently, because that's what I need in order to manage this thing called life well, in order to have the energy to do so. And then also my morning routine does the same thing. It deposits energy into me because I'm waking up in a very intentional way doing actions that are very intentional, that are giving me energy, that is helping me to be my best self. And even just having a morning routine is is like having a morning routine is setting an intention in general that starts to just flow into your entire day.

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Because when you start off in an intentional way, then you want to keep that going. It's like your mind is like oh let's keep this going girl. Let's keep this going. And so even in that it's so important that you have a solid morning routine as well. And that's why my morning routine will always be a staple routine in my life that I do consistently is because it's helping me to manage my energy by depositing energy within myself, giving me energy so that then I have the energy to go throughout my day so that when I get off of work and get done working, I can still spend time with my children without thinking about fifty eleven things, I can still clean the kitchen without being totally exhausted, I can still cook dinner without being super annoyed by the fact that I have to do it like, yeah, some days, it's going to happen just because really, if we could have chefs and cleaners, honey, Sign me up. So but right now, I have to do it.

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And so routines, all I want to say to wrap this up is that if you are wanting to maintain your happy if you are wanting to manage life in a better way, learning how to manage your energy is going to be so extremely vital for you. And the one tool that I know for sure that allows us to be able to do that and will allow you to be able to do that is the tool of routines. Routines are a tool that will help you in managing your energy. And so that's what I want to share with you today. Because I think this is such a huge insight that I've gained over the past few months that I'm going to continue to share about because I think we sometimes focus so heavily on time management, which is okay, which is fine, right? But really what ends up happening is and what's actually going on is that we're not managing our energy well. And so that's why our time is being sucked dry. And that's why we feel like we don't have enough time is because we are not managing our energy well.

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And when you learn to manage your energy will, it automatically helps you in managing your time better plus so much more. You just feel better throughout life because you don't feel like you're walking around at 0% or you don't feel like you're walking around at 20% every day is like okay, like when I wake up, I'm starting with 100% Maybe starting with let's be more realistic, I'm starting with 95%. And now I can start to see okay, and what ways can I conserve energy throughout the day? Do I have certain routines that's helping me with that and right and then also making sure that I do my bedtime routine so that I'm filling that energy tank back up and also have my morning routine that's filling it back up. And it just keeps going like that day in and day out.

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And so hopefully this gave you some insight. Hopefully this gave you some insight because when I realized this I was like yet another reason why I am helping women build and maintain routines because they're the bomb and they help us in so many ways that's just deeper than sometimes what we think. Alright, that's it for today. That is it for today. I want to share before you leave that the routine things accelerator will be starting in January. January 1st the doors open. I'm super excited about this. The routine and things accelerator is our highly anticipated three month group program where you are going to be getting your core routines up and running which are your morning and bedtime routines. Like I said those two staple routines needed if you are wanting to deposit energy manage your energy better those routines are it and those are great starting points. Also in the accelerator, not only are you getting your morning and bedtime routines up and going you're learning the art and skill of building and maintaining routines, which is really important.

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And once you learn how to build and maintain a routine and strengthen your consistency muscle. This is a tool that you are going to have at your disposal throughout your life. So when you need it, you know what you need to do in order to solve certain problems that keep arising in your life and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. So I'm super excited about the accelerator if you would like to request to join you can do so now by going to routine and things.com/accelerator or you can click the link in the show notes as well. Before you hop off today also be sure to rate and review the show. If you enjoyed today's episode. I would love to hear your thoughts. And until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing, stay happy girl, and I'll talk to you next week.

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