A Major Tip To Make Any Routine Stick

Looking to get better with maintaining the routines you start? It can feel outside of your reach to stick to any routine however it’s totally possible for you. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast I share a major tip to help you stick to any routine. Tune in to hear what it is?
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Looking to get better with maintaining the routines you start it can feel outside of your reach to stick to any routine, however, is totally possible for you. In this episode of that routine and things podcast I share a major tip to help you stick to any routine tune in to hear what it is.

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Hey, hey, welcome back for another episode of the routine and things podcast. Alrighty so for today's episode well quick before we even get into that the morning routine show is still happening over on Instagram. I'm going live a couple of times each week or really a few times each week and talking about routines giving you a holistic perspective of routines doing a deeper dive into routines. And so if you would like to join me for the morning routine show, which typically happens at 10am Eastern time, you can do so by following me over on Instagram at routine and things. The morning routine show also is to prepare us for the opening of the routine and things accelerator which doors open January 1st. And so hopefully you will join me for that the link is in the show notes if you want to request to join now. But let's go ahead and get into today's episode, which is all around in, I'll be discussing a major tip to make any routine stick.

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So this is something that I think is so important to share when it comes to remaining consistent with your routines. Because for many people sticking to a routine is so hard which when that happens, right? If you're listening to this and you're like yes girl that it's me sticking to a routine has been really difficult. What is occurring is that you're having difficulty with consistency, which I know you know, but I just want to make that clear. Anytime we are saying is difficult for me to stick to x, y or z it is I am having difficulty with consistency. And consistency is a muscle that can be strengthened that can be built that definitely you can have like it's not outside of your reach. I think some people think person, certain personalities are able to be consistent more. And I am gonna say that for certain people, especially if you if you are neurodiverse I have anything like a ADD ADHD or anything of that sort.

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Yes, being consistent, may be more not even more of a challenge, but more so you might need more support to be consistent. However, it is still possible for any and every person as long as you have the mental capacity, right? As long as you have the mental capacity. And so I just want to put that out there like it's not, it's typically not you why you can't remain consistent, but maybe you don't have the tools and resources that have allowed you to do so. And so today I'm going to be sharing what can really help you in sticking to routines. Okay, so let's go ahead and get into it. What I'm sharing is that strategy is the key. Strategy is the key to you sticking to any routine. Sometimes I think for many of us, we're like oh, a routine and we feel like oh, a routine isn't rocket science. Yeah, it's not rocket science. However, there is an art and skill to building and maintaining routines. And a lot of us don't think that's the case.

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We just think oh, if I just create a set of steps and I just started doing it, oh, it's gonna it's going to click, it's going to be incorporated to my life. I'm going to just keep doing it. Because even how you build routines, their strategy around that, but then also how you maintain routines, you need a strategy around that as well, which is basically helping you strengthen your consistency muscle and so strategy is key when it comes to sticking to any routine. Not just jumping into it, putting something together jumping into it and thinking, Oh, I'm going to it's going to be smooth sailing. Like, I wish it was that easy. I remember when when I first started becoming really intentional with creating routines. Back when I was a stay at home mom, this was back in 2018. I remember being like wait, how do I even build a routine. And so I started building my first routine, I started it.

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And then I was like, this wasn't as easy as I thought like, it wasn't as easy even though I was a pretty consistent person back then it was still like, Wait, this is consistency in a certain way. And like maybe I need to strengthen this. And so I started thinking about what what's going to help me in being consistent with my routines. And I started noticing certain patterns, right? And so when it comes to you maintaining your routines, it's all about do you have a strategy that is helping you do so. So when I think about this, there are three things that's important when it comes to strategy that you have to think about one, do you have the knowledge, right? Do you have the appropriate and accurate knowledge when it comes to how routine one needs to be built? And what's important to keep it maintained? You need knowledge around this, you need information.

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Because in order to implement anything, you have to know if it's being implemented correctly. And did you start off on the right foot, some of us we're not starting off on the best foot because the way that we're building routines is already incongruent with what's going to help it be successful like this already, we're starting off on the wrong foot. And if you don't have the appropriate knowledge about what makes a routine more successful, and what makes a routine, realistic and sustainable, then it's going to be harder to maintain that routine. So that's first knowledge is key. The second thing is that you have to put what you've learned into practice, practice. So that's not doing it one time, that's not doing it two times, that's not doing it three times practice is doing it over and over and over. And when it comes to practicing, there also has to be strategy when it comes to practicing routines. Like it has to be strategic practice, not just jumping into it and saying I built the routine, right?

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I learned what it takes, I created the routine. And now I'm going to start the routine. But how you practice your routines is so important, it has to be strategy in your practice, well, what's gonna happen is when you come to a roadblock, you're not going to know what to do, you're not going to know how to respond accordingly, that will keep you on track to your routine. And so strategy is so important in practicing routines, that's going to help you in staying more consistent because you know, this is how I practice my routines. Because when you have strategy with practice is allowing you to be more consistent with that routine to stick to that routine more. Because you know, this is what I do before my routine. This is what I'm doing during my routine. And this is what I'm doing after my routine. So that it becomes like this cyclical or pattern that is in your practice saying where it's strengthening your consistency muscle over and over and over.

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And many times the way that you practice one routine is going to be the exact way that you practice any routine. But you have to know what that is. And that's really key, you have to strategically practice your routines. The third thing that I want to share with you when it comes to making any routine stick is support is needed. Support is needed always, it took me a while to get my routines down pat, when I was a stay at home mom, because I didn't have support. It wasn't anything out here like my business when I started routines back in 2018. I'm not going to say that there weren't people talking about routines. And there were definitely books on routines that I have read and they did not work for me because the people that wrote the books were not in my season of life. But that's a conversation for another day. But when I started my routines back then I didn't have a lot of support. And so it took me longer to get where I was trying to go.

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And I also am the type of person where I'm like, I can do this myself, like I'm gonna do it myself. Like, that's definitely me. I've had to work on that. But that's definitely me. It's like, Oh, I'm gonna do it myself. This doesn't seem like it's gonna be that hard. It's fine. I'm smart, I'm capable. I'm going to do it myself. But as I shared on a podcast episode recently, it's not about your capability. It's more so about your capacity and when we are in seasons of high stress and overwhelm, and we have not been able to dig ourselves out the hole and get back on track to where we want to be and feel more organized and feel more grounded. That is a red flag that way and just an indication that we need more support because if your capacity is kept like time and energy, you need more support, right and so support is definitely needed when it comes to sticking to any routine, especially in the beginning and even right now like anytime.

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Anytime I do these podcast episodes, this is helping me stick to my routine. Like anytime I'm doing my routine or just in my life doing this podcast helps me stick to my routine it is a part of helping me stick to my routine. And so support is always needed throughout the entire process sit with that, do you need support right now? Are you trying to do and build and maintain routines on your own, but you have found it to be more difficult than you thought? It could be because you need more support or because you need to practice strategically, because you haven't had the knowledge of what really makes a routine work. And all three of these things are important. All three, not just one, all three are important, especially if you are in a high stress and overwhelming season of life. And so hopefully this was helpful. I wanted to share this because I think sometimes there's a misconception when it comes to maintaining routines.

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And the thing about maintaining routines is it is about the strategy. Do you have strategy that will allow you to properly maintain your routine and successfully incorporate into your life? That's all it is, as you know, I'm starting the routine and things accelerator yet again, January 1st, doors open. A group of ladies a group of women will be with me over the course of three months. And we are going to be working on strategically getting their morning and route and bedtime routines up and going that's what we're going to be doing the accelerator it's a three month group program, getting your core routines up and running morning and bedtime, you're going to be strategically practicing your routines, you're going to have supportive accountability, which is super needed when it comes to maintaining routines. And so that is what's going to be taking place I'm super excited about it. The first month we're going to be working on the knowledge component, right. You understanding what really makes a routine work, I'm going to be sharing my really like coveted.

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I haven't shared this framework much but I'm sharing my routine framework in detail. During the first month you're gonna be assessing your routines during the first month so that you know what's needed, what's working, what's not working. And then month two, we're going to jump into the bedtime routine, you're going to create it you're going to start strategically practicing your routine, you're going to get it successfully incorporated into your life. That's what's going to happen. And it's going to be a lot of different ways that we're doing that masterclasses, challenges, Q and A's, practice, practice practice throughout the month. And then in month three, that's when we work on your morning routine because in order to successfully have a morning routine, your bedtime routine has to be intact, right? It has to be incorporated into your life.

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And so then we work on your morning routine in month three, get that ideal routine up and going. So you can start your day with intention, you're going to learn how to maintain that routine, you're going to put it into practice strategically. By the end of this program, you not only will have a morning and a bedtime routine that is successfully incorporated into your life, you will know what it takes to maintain it, be able to maintain it because you would have strengthened your consistency muscle and learn the strategy behind remaining consistent and you will have and know the art and skill of building and maintaining routines. And once you know this, this is a tool that you will use for a lifetime. And so I'm super excited about it starting back up in January. If you want to request to join you can do so by going to routineandthings.com/accelerator or click the link in the show notes. Thank you for joining me today. It was my pleasure and I hope that you continue to enjoy wherever you are whatever you're doing, stay happy girl. Hopefully I'll talk to you next week.

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Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today's episode, take a screenshot and share it on social I would love to know you're listening and for tools to help you start maintain and enjoy your routines. Be sure to head to routineandthings.com Here's to staying happy

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