How To Implement Routines When Stressed

It can feel extremely difficult to keep your routines going when your stress level is high. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, you’ll learn how to still implement routines when you’re stressed. Let’s talk about it!
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Routines are my absolute favorite word, but you either love them or you're working on getting there. And either way, I strongly believe routines can be a springboard for improving your home, yourself and your life. I'm Ashley Brown. And this is the routine and things podcast. In each episode, I'll share practical tips and simple ways for you to consistently live your happiest life, one routine at a time. Trust me, you're gonna want to keep listening, because you're well on your way to getting and staying happy.

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Before we get into today's episode, have you ever wondered which routine is the best for you to start right now, if you are unsure of which routine will best meet the needs of your home and life at this very moment, you now have a way to find out. I've created for you a very simple and free routine assessment that will help you identify which routine you really need most right now, to take this quick assessment that will point you in the right direction and get you started with the right routine. Click the link in the show notes or head to Alright, let's go ahead and get into today's episode.

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Hey girl, welcome back for another episode of the routine and things Podcast. I'm Ashley Brown, your host and today's episode, or topic comes from the routine and things family. So I polled like a month back I polled everyone on Instagram, my followers, my family on Instagram. And this topic won. So let's talk about, its how to implement routines when stressed. And I'm going to be very honest, I knew that this topic was going to win. God, I knew hands down. I was like when I was typing it out because it was between this one and another one I was like, Oh, this one's gonna win hands down. Like because anytime I can help you understand how to still move forward with your routines and times when you don't want to write in times where everything else is saying like no, like, I just want to not do the routine. I know that this topic was gonna win. Because why not?

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Why wouldn't it? Like this is going to be really beneficial for you to hear what can really help you with implementing routines when you're stressed. Because here's the thing, there are stressors that's going to be coming in your life over and over and over that we are not exempt. No one is exempt from stressors arising in life that is just a part of the human experience. However, how we manage those stressors, how we perceive those stressors, is within our control. And so routines is one way to help you in managing the stressors that come in your life. But how do you implement routines when stressed, I'm going to take you through three steps. Okay, three steps. The first step, this is going to be a very short and sweet episode. But the first step is to acknowledge that you're stressed or overwhelmed. You have to acknowledge the feeling because sometimes we can be stressed and we can feel it. But we're not verbalizing.

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We're not really paying attention to it. We're not calling it what it is like when you acknowledge it. It's like right there in your face. Like I'm stressed. I'm stressed because when you ignore your feelings, you will typically act from your feelings, you will typically take action from your feelings which can lead to unhealthy behaviors and outcomes for your life. And so when you acknowledge it, this can help to prevent you acting from your feelings. It can lead you to act with more intention for what you really want for your life and how you really want to feel in your life. It can move you towards taking action from a place of intention. And so that is the first step you have to acknowledge that you're stressed. And if you don't know what it feels when you're stressed, I'll just give you some indications. For me, I get a knot in my stomach. When I'm stressed, my shoulders will go up to my ears, my back feels tense, like my upper back specifically, that's when I know I'm stressed I will also start to get more agitated. So I will start to get annoyed, easier, frustrated, easier, agitated, easier.

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I know, Okay, Ash you stressed let's let's figure this out. Let's get through this. Let's process the feeling. Let's take action in a way that's healthy. And so you want to acknowledge when you're stressed. Pay attention to your body start to pay attention to your body when you're stressed to see how it feels when you're stressed. Okay, so that you can quicker or how do I want to put this so it's easier for you to recognize when you are stressed because this will start the process and lead you back to your routines. So first acknowledge when you're stressed or overwhelmed. Once you do that, then I want for you to try viewing your routine as a stress reliever. View your routine as a stress reliever instead of another thing contributing to your stress because here's the thing you may, in certain moments feel like another thing on your plate you doing another thing is gonna cause you to be stressed, you're like, Girl, I don't feel like doing this, like this is just another thing I have to do. And I'm over here stressed.

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If you view your routine that way as another thing on your plate that is causing your stress, you're not going to do it. So that means you're not going to stay consistent with it, which means you're not going to have the outcome that you actually want for your life, which is less stress, better management of your energy, better management of your time, you're not going to have those things if you continue to view your routines as just another thing on your plate. Okay, another thing that's causing you to be stressed really your routines are stress relievers, your routine can help you relieve stress, because instead of focusing heavily on the stress, you get to focus on something else, you get to shift your mind to focus on something else. Instead of just focusing on the stress. You know how it feels when we focus on the stress girl, we focus on that stress, we just get more stressed. It's like stop focusing on the stress. It's just gonna piss you off.

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Like, focus on something else, shift your mind to doing something else and focusing on something else and that will relieve your stress. So view your routines as stress relievers that will move you more towards your routine every time if you're like you know what doing the laundry actually might relieve my stress. Me folding these clothes that has been sitting in this in this basket for a week, well actually might help me relieve my stress. If I just focus on that. Let me turn me on the show. Let me fold these clothes instead of thinking about the stress. Instead of focusing on the stressor, I'm going to focus on my routine that's going to help me relieve my stress. That's the second thing. The third thing that can help you implement routines when stress is to get help with a routine to get help with your routine. Okay, you don't always have to be the one implementing your routine you can get help with implementing your routine even if it's just a part of it. That's better than no help if you can have help right if you have help, ask for help get help so that you can continue to reap benefits of that routine because that will help you feel better like when you know something has been done.

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You talk to your partner, your husband your spouse and you sit up here say you know what babe can you help me in the kitchen? Can you do the dishes tonight? Girl know how that feels when somebody wants to do the dishes you don't have to do them you like oh, you feel lighter. You didn't even move a finger but you will feel lighter. So get help if you can get help or just a routine if you need to. If you're not feeling like doing your routine like for example maybe you're like I don't feel like cooking tonight I'm stressed I'm feeling stressed I don't feel like cooking. Girl, get takeout just adjust the routine a little bit get takeout. Yep, you still eating you're still gonna sit around the table and chit chat and eat y'alls food, right? So know that that is an option as well to adjust your routine as needed, Those are the things I wanted to share with you like I said short and sweet episode because it's really just all about acknowledging how you feel viewing a routine as a stress reliever and then get help you can or adjust the routine that's gonna lead you back to your routine. The goal is to always move towards your routine instead of away from your routine. Okay, so those are my suggestions.

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Those are my tips for you think about this the next time when you're stressed the next time you want to not do the routine the next time you're like oh I don't feel like it you can still do your routines when stress you can still do your routines when stressed and I'm telling you after you're done with the routine you're gonna be like Ashley was right. I'm not as stressed anymore. So move towards that routine or choose your routine. Was this helpful? Hopefully so if it was let me know I would love you to take a screenshot of today's episode, share it on Instagram tag me routine and things I would love to know that you are listening and I will definitely read it share. Last thing if you could, I would love if you would rate and review the show. It just helps the show out a lot. It helps for more women to find the show. It helps the show to grow. It's just a beautiful thing. I would greatly appreciate it. Until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing, stay happy girl and I'll talk to you soon.

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