Three Reasons You May Need To Switch Up Your Routines

Do you know the best time to change your routines? And how often? If not, this is a great listen. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, I share three reasons you may need to switch up your routines. Tune in!
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Do you know the best time to change your routines? And how often? If not, this is a great listen. In this episode of the routine things podcast, I share three reasons you may need to switch up your routines. Let's get into it.

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Before we get into today's episode, have you ever wondered which routine is the best for you to start right now, if you are unsure of which routine will best meet the needs of your home and life at this very moment, you now have a way to find out. I've created for you a very simple and free routine assessment that will help you identify which routine you really need most right now, to take this quick assessment that will point you in the right direction and get you started with the right routine. Click the link in the show notes or head to All right, let's go ahead and get into today's episode.

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Hey, welcome back for another episode. I am super excited you are here with me today, we're going to be talking about three reasons you may need to switch up your routines. And I wanted to talk about this today because I got this question on a recent Instagram Live video that I did with a group of women who really help mothers in having more wellness in their life. And this question was posed to me in that Instagram Live. And I was like, You know what, this is really a great topic to talk about on the podcast. And so that's what we're going to be discussing today. And before I get into reasons, you may need to change your routines and switch them up, I want to share a review and give our listeners some love today. So I am so grateful for anytime you review the podcast, it is really helpful and helping women find this podcast and in helping us grow as well.

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And so any review that I get, especially when it's thoughtful, and it is a positive review, I am so so grateful. So thank you, thank you so much. So the review that I'm reading today is from I love this name of fried wing. I love it. And her review says short and sweet is my go to very good advice. What I really like is that she gives so much information advice and doesn't matter what season of life you are in. She nailed it. It makes you feel heard. Thank you, girl. Thank you so much for fried wing. Thank you for this beautiful review, and rating. And I'm so happy that you are a listener of the routine things podcast, I appreciate you. Okay, so let's go ahead and get into three reasons a, you may need to switch up your routines, because it's going to come a time where you're like, Wait, when should I switch up my routine? Should I switch up my routine? Now? Is this a good time? How often should I be switching up my routines?

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So today, I really want to just share three reasons why you may need to change your routines. And like I'll always share it could be more reasons than this. But I feel like as I've worked with women, these are the three reasons why many times women need to change up their routines, that you may need to change up your routines. And so let's get into it. So reason number one that you may need to switch up your routine or change it is if the routine is no longer working or serving you. That's very clear. If your routine is not serving you any longer. If it's not working anymore, then that's a huge indication for you to change or switch up the routine. And this can look like the routine not really making sense anymore for your life. And so does your routine make sense? Does it still make sense for you to consistently do?

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An example of this, I can share I'll share two examples. One is maybe you used to wake up at 530 to get your kids ready for school or make lunches. But that has changed for you. Because maybe now your kids go to a different school where they eat lunch at school, or maybe your kids are getting older. So they make their own lunch. And so you may be like, Okay, you may be still waking up at 530 Because you've gotten used to that routine. But if it no longer works for you, and you're like wait, I wish I could wake up a little bit later. And you haven't really thought that those things have changed. You might stay in that routine, even though it's not really serving you anymore. It doesn't really work for you anymore if you want to wake up like 30 minutes or 45 minutes later in the morning. Maybe it's just not working so you can change it right you can push your time up to waking up at six or 6:15 instead especially if your kids are making their own lunches.

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They get up at a certain time they get up on their own or Maybe you just have to go in and wake them up a little bit, you may be able to get more sleep. So that's one example I can give. Another example that I can give is, let's say that you have been exercising at night, or you were exercising at night because your husband's schedule or your partner's schedule didn't allow him to help much in the morning. So what you would do, because you had to get the kids ready, you would exercise at night, because it just helped you get it in so that you wouldn't have to feel rushed in the mornings. But let's say now your husband got a new job, your partner got a new job, and now they're able to help in the mornings, could it be possible that you exercise in the morning, right? Because maybe you wanted to exercise in the morning at a certain point, because it's better for you, but you didn't do it because your life couldn't handle you exercing the morning, you had responsibilities.

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And you didn't want to put a lot of pressure on yourself to exercise in the morning. But now since that's changing, you have more help in the morning, maybe now you can exercise in the morning. So these are just examples for you to think about. But there's so many reasons why a routine may not be working for you. And maybe you're you haven't thought, wait a sec this. Is the routine still working? Or do you actually want to do this the routine in the same way that you've been doing it? Is there an opportunity for it to be changed now, right? It's very clear when your routine isn't working if you go to do the routine. And let's say you just keep getting interrupted or the time that you want to do the routine, you can't do it at that certain time.

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Those are really big red flags, I feel like you'll notice. And then you can be like, okay, maybe I need to change the time in my routine. So just think about this, does your routine still work for you? Is it still serving you is the timing of that routine, still working for you are the steps in that routine still working for you. And if not, you can change it up and you can switch it up. So that's the first thing. The first reason why you might want to switch up your routine is if the routine is no longer working on serving you. Two the second reason is if you recently had a major transition that caused your environment to change, the number of people in your home to change, or your schedule to change. So basically a major transition that has caused some type of change to happen in your life that may affect your routines, that's another reason that you would switch up your routine.

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So if you're moving into a new home, you probably will need to switch up some of your routines. I remember when I went from living in an apartment to live in a home, a two story home, my laundry routine looked a bit different because it was all on one level. Now that I have to go down to the basement, my laundry routine and then go upstairs to put the clothes away, my laundry routine looks different. And so your change in environment can cause you to make a shift in your routines. Like maybe if you did recently move into a home that looks different than your previous home, your morning routine with your family may need to switch up a bit just depending on what it looked like before. So if your environment changes, that is a good indication that maybe your routines need to change or at least some of them or maybe just one of them. Also, if the number of people in your home change, right, if you have a new baby, or you get another person in your home or your parents move in with you.

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And this may cause some of your routines to change. You may feel like okay, I was doing this because I was either here by myself or was just me and my family and now it's an additional person right now I have this new baby at home and me and the kiddos would be doing this in the morning. Now I have to breastfeed right so how is that gonna be like weaved into our morning routine? Right? How is our bedtime routine gonna look now that the new child is here, the new baby is here. How are your routines going to change if you've had a parent move in with you? Right maybe your morning routine will look different, your bedtime routines will look different, especially if you have to care for your parents. So it is really important that you think about this switching up your routines when people are added to your family added to your home.

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And of course if you have a change in schedule, your routines will probably need to shift in more so the timing of your routines will need to shift. So if you went back to work like you've been at home because you are were postpartum or are postpartum and now you're going back to work, your schedule is going to shift so maybe when you did the laundry it was on a weekday now you're going to work so now you're like wait, I need to do laundry on the weekends now. Or maybe you would clean certain things on during the weekdays and now you're like you know what, I need to clean those things on the weekend. Um, maybe your morning routine started at a certain time but now that you're going back to work, it has to start at a time earlier, so these are things to think about when it comes to changing up your routine. If you've recently had a major transition that caused your environment to change, the number of people in your home to change, or your scheduled to change, consider switching up your routine.

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And lastly, the third reason that you may need to change your routines is if you have changed as a person. And this is the one that I think many of us don't think about is when you change as a person, it is really important for you to consider changing your routine, especially the ones that are really tied to your identity. So for example, maybe the morning routine that you were doing that included journaling, maybe you're like, you know what that was for a season. And that benefited me for a season. But now I'm in a season where you know what I want to meditate, I want to meditate. This is a season I'm in, I'm growing as a person, I'm changing as a person, I want to actually practice meditation, I want to get into a flow and a rhythm with that. And so you can start to add that to your morning routine. If you start to see yourself shifting and changing change up your routines.

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Maybe before you had a tidy routine that you would do three times a day, maybe as you've started to just lean more into who you are. And maybe you're like, you know what, that's not really that important to me anymore to tidy that often. Maybe I just need to tidy once a day. And that's good enough for me, right? So think about if you have changed, if you find yourself changing and evolving, consider evolving your routines, changing your routines, when that is happening, and when it has happened. So this is something that I've really want for you to think about. If you have changed as a person, this is definitely a reason as to why you may want to switch up your routines or need to switch up your routine. Because when you change changing your routines to fit the new you is going to be better for you is going to feel like you and that's what I want your routines to feel like. I want your routines to feel like you like it they match who you are as a person. And so that's why this one is so important to think about.

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But that's it for this episode. That's why I want to share with you is the three reasons that you may need to switch up your routine one if the routine is no longer working or serving you too if you've recently had a major transition that caused your environment to change the number of people in your home to change your schedule to change. And three if you have changed as a person. These are major reasons why your routines may need to change or be switched up. Okay, well thank you for joining me for this episode. As always, you can take a screenshot, share it on Instagram, tag me at routineandthings and if you would be so kind to leave a rating and review I was so so appreciate it. But until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing, Stay happy, and I'll talk to you next week.

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