Four Things Keeping You Frustrated and On Edge

Certain seasons of life can feel extremely frustrating especially when you want life to look and feel good. Of course we can’t wave a magic wand and make things all better, but there are things you can do to take action right now. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, I’m sharing four things that may be keeping you frustrated and on edge. Plus I share tips on what to do about it . Let’s get into it! 

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Certain seasons of life can feel extremely frustrating, especially when you want life to look and feel good. Of course, we can't wave a magic wand and make things all better. But there are things you can do to take action right now. In this episode of the routine and things podcast, I'm sharing four things that may be keeping you frustrated and on age. Plus, I share tips on what to do about it. Let's get to it.

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Hey, welcome back for another episode of the routine and things podcast. I'm your girl Ashley, and I am back with another episode. In today's episode, I'm super excited to talk to you about this topic. And the reason why I'm excited is because I feel like this topic on four things keeping you frustrated and on edge is something that you can move beyond. And so it excites me to be able to give you some insight today about what could be keeping you frustrated in your life. If you're feeling that way. What can help you to move beyond feeling on edge in your life. So that you feel better in your day to day so that you feel better in your life or at least you start to make progress towards feeling better in your life. Before I get into today's episode, I do want to share that the routine things planner is back in stock it is available for you at routine and the routine and things planner merges planning and routines in order to help you get and stay organized to keep stress at bay to help you to keep the basics and focus the things that really matter in our day to day that when we are not tending to these things can tend to cause internal conflict and stress and overwhelm. And so the planner is here for you it is in stock. And it is at routine and So definitely check it out. Or you can also go to the link in the show notes to check it out as well and learn more. So today's episode four things keeping you frustrated in on edge. And these are four things contributing to life not feeling good for you. If right now in your life, you're like, wait, I'm in the season that feels very hard and challenging. And maybe you're not sure what's going on. And maybe you're just like, I want to move beyond this feeling. I want to feel good in my life, but I'm unsure about what is even causing it today will give you some insight on what could be the problem. And this is not an exhaustive list. But I feel like these are really key things to think about. Because I feel like the four things that I'm going to mention today, especially when it comes to managing life. So the four things that I'm speaking on today are really about, you know, helping you to understand what could be frustrating you about managing the life that you're living.

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And so let's just go ahead and get into the four things. So the first thing that could be causing you to be frustrated in an age is that you're not in alignment with your values. You are not in alignment with your core values, you are not living in your core values. And this can be a huge internal conflict because maybe you don't notice that you're not living in your core values. Or maybe you have strayed away from the values that you deem as important in your life and you haven't noticed that you've strayed away from them. Or maybe in your life right now there is something that is bubbling up to the top but you have this core value that really is near and dear to your heart that's been pushed down to the bottom. So for example, maybe you are huge on like, family right now and like family has taken precedence which for many have us that's what happens. I have two daughters, they're four and six. And many times family can take precedence, right in certain seasons when, you know, is schooled and it's extracurriculars, and there's a lot going on with your kids. But you also might have this core value that's really strong and important to you of self care. And like really, you know, tending to yourself that isn't coming through. And that can cause internal conflict that can cause stress. Because in your eyes, you're like, I want to be able to care for myself, but I'm not living that out there, I'm not making it happen, I'm not nourishing my body, I'm not moving my body, I'm not eating foods that are really healthy for me, or I'm not getting a break, right. And so this can really weigh heavily on your mental health, and your physical health, but it weighs very heavily on your mental and emotional health. And that could be why you're frustrated is because maybe a value that you have isn't coming through in your life isn't showing up in your life. And so if this is the case, I think it can be really great to like take baby steps towards, you know, tending to that core value, or bringing that core value back in your life little by little, it doesn't have to be like overnight, but maybe little by little start to weave in whatever that core value is to you.

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Whether that is self care, or that is family or that is, you know, maybe you have a passion that you haven't been really doing in your life. Maybe you have a hobby that you absolutely love and you're passionate about, but you haven't been doing it maybe your core value is peace of mind. And maybe you don't feel like you have peace of mind. So in what ways, what activities or things can you bring into your life? Or what type of mindset work could you begin to do in order to bring peace into your life. And so everyone wants for you to sit with this and think about this. But this is something that could be getting you frustrated and keeping you on edge is just not living out your core values. And this is very, very important for you to do. If you're unsure about your values, there are many ways that you can identify what your core values are going Google look up like a core values activity, and you should get something from there and just see, you know, are you actually living out your core values? The second thing that may be keeping you frustrated and not age is you're comparing yourself to other people. No, ma'am. No, ma'am. No, ma'am. Oh my gosh, Comparison is the thief of joy. It really is when we compare, compare compare for what I mean? Honestly, like when I think about that my brain is like I'm comparing my life to who, because we will think by looking at someone else's life that their life is so great, and that their life is so much better, and so on and so forth. And I'm not saying that their life isn't great. And I'm not saying that their life isn't wonderful, but to but to be looking into something that you have no clue about, and making assumptions is not healthy. And it only brings your mood down and only keeps you frustrated, because you're not able to really stay in your own journey. Right. Like when you're stepping out of your journey and trying to compare your journey to someone else's, that is a quickest way for you to even to feel defeated.

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And to feel like your life isn't as worthy as it is. And it is like your life is probably so beautiful, and has certain aspects to it. I know for sure they are beautiful and have light in them. But if you're comparing your life alongside someone else's, you might not be able to see the beauty in your own life. And so it's really important to kind of stay in your own lane and to recognize that the journey that you own is for you. And that all of our journeys are going to look different. And also just begin to come into acceptance of where you are and what you have. And that can be challenging. I'm here to tell you, at a certain point in my life, to come into acceptance of where I was was not easy at all like is not easy. And I'm not here to tell you it is easy to come into acceptance of where you are and what you have. However, it can be very rewarding and bring an immense amount of peace. When you do release and let go and accept. This is the season of life that I'm in. And that doesn't mean acceptance doesn't mean like you don't need to work towards changing or Editing how your life looks, that doesn't mean that But acceptance is I'm not in control of what is right now. And that's okay, I'm gonna be in control of what I can to a certain extent. But certain things in our life, we're not going to be able to be in control of those things. And so I think is really important to not compare, to live out your own journey. And to know that the journey that you're on the unique journey that you're on is yours. And that itself is a beautiful thing, even when it feels hard, and even when it feels challenging.

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Trust me, like, Don't compare, because we never know what other people are going through. Right is like comparing apples to oranges is like is no comparison. Our lives are no comparison at all. I don't care how similar they look, we are different beings who move in so many different ways. And we just never know. And so just, you know, stay in your own lane stay focused on your journey. And that will give you some relief, to not be as frustrated with the season that you're in, in that beyond age. All right, so moving on to the third thing that may be keeping you frustrated and on edge.

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And that is you are not keeping the basics managed well. So yeah, this is a huge one, because I feel like this is this is one of the things that many people get tripped up on that I don't even realize, I don't think that many of us know that. This is what is causing internal conflict. And this is what is also called saying external conflict. But really internal conflict in terms of not keeping the basics managed, like and when I talk about the basics, I mean, like keeping your own home in order when it comes to keeping the home clean, or like feeding yourself or your family and cooking and housework and working outside of the home and making sure that it stays in balance and not bringing work to home too much and not bring it home to work to too much. You know, like just having a sense of that you are managing the day to day basic things in a way that makes sense and feels good to you. When we come into our home, right, if you think about this, when you come into your house, the one of the things that can be very frustrating is when you come in, and just things look crazy. Your house looks a hot mess, you haven't cleaned it in weeks, you feel like you don't have time to clean and weeks, you're like we've been eating out too much. Like I'm spending all my money on eating out and buying these this food and I'm never cooking it or it's going to waste. I feel like I'm not spending time with my kids as much as I want to. And I haven't really quality time with them. Because I'm always working like those things can really put a damper on your mood. It can make you very frustrated in your life, when you're not managing the basics well.

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And so when it comes to managing the basics, I know I will share what I do in my life. And that is I plan in a way that keeps the basics top of mind in my life. I try not to get so hyper focused on like projects, and things like that. Because you know, sometimes we can have like this mindset of like, I want to work on this project or do this side hustle or I want to start this hobby when it's like but we need to really focus on what are the basics there? Are they being managed? Well, before we start this project, or before we start to really dive deep into a hobby or before we start a side hustle, or continue to build upon a side hustle like wait, are my basics manage well in my life, because if not, it's going to always derail that project that side hustle that hobby, and you're not going to feel good as you're moving through your life. And so I plan in a way that keeps the basics top of mind like cooking, cleaning, my family self care, those are basics. Like when I am tending to these things, I feel good in life and I'm pretty sure that's the same for you. And so I plan in that way and specifically I use a routine and things planner which is amazing for this specifically. But this is important for you to think about, are you managing the basics well in your life? If not, this could be causing that internal conflict because you're not tending to the things that really mean something to you are very important to you you're not tending to them or you're just not attending to the things that you know needs to be managed on a day to day basic basis. So think about this Now, that's the third thing that may be keeping you frustrated. And let's move on to the fourth thing. And that is you are unsure of how to take action to move towards what you want, or to move towards how you want to feel. This causes so much frustration. And also anxiety sometimes and just being on edge, because when you're unsure, you don't have that clarity to move forward. And so before you can move forward, right, like clarity is needed.

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And so when you don't have that clarity, and you're unsure about what to do, it can kind of keep you stuck and stuck. The feeling of being stuck, does not feel good. Like it really does frustrate you like I've Been there. Done that. And with this, I think the first step is to really get honest with yourself about what the problem is, either get honest, or try to identify what the root causes and what the problem actually is. Because before we can solve anything, we need to know what the problem is. And so really get honest with yourself start to investigate and look for evidence in your life just to show like what's going on here? Why am I frustrated? Does it have something to do with the fact that I'm not managing the basics? Well, does it have something to do with maybe I'm not planning.

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And I'm just letting things go with the flow, or I'm just letting things happen by chance, and I'm not really planning for my weeks, or I'm not planning for my days, and things are popping up that are really causing me immense stress, and frustration. So really get honest with yourself. And that can help you to kind of gain some clarity as well as pay attention in your life. When you're moving throughout your days and your weeks. Pay attention to what is causing you to be frustrated. And when you're frustrated, really taken a pause, stop pause and like, think about why am I frustrated right now. And if that's becoming a pattern, if you see as a pattern that's showing this is what's frustrating me over and over again, you can start to do something about it. You really can't, you can start to do something about it that gives you clarity to move forward in a way that is going to help you get to the point of managing life better, as well as just feeling good in your life. The routine and things planner is really great for this as well, just in terms of helping you to understand how to plan in a very realistic way, especially if your problem is you're like well I feel like I'm not managing life well because I'm never planning if you feel like this is the problem that you're having. Get the routine and things planner, or at least get some planner you know, of course I'm gonna hate my planner up because I created it. And it's helped many women. But at the end of the day I need for you to really focus on doing something about it and the routine things planner is here for you. Like I said, it's going to help you manage the basics well if you're struggling with that it's also really helpful if you feel like the problem that you're having in your life is the is not planning or lack of planning. The routine and things planner is here for you.

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And that's how I'm going to end this episode is by just sharing that the routine things planner is back in stock it is here is available for you it is a very helpful resource in your life, it merges planning, which is very helpful when it comes to getting you organized within it also works in synergy with routines in the planet, you're able to build routines and start to really implement them and incorporate them into your life and routines help you stay organized because they are foundational tools in your life that you repeat over and over routines are absolutely amazing. They are support systems for you. Especially in times that can be very unpredictable routines can be that predictability in your life in those times that helps to keep you grounded and keep you in a state of understanding that you know what things are going to be fine because I have this foundation and my life isn't all over the place right so you can check out the routine and things planner and purchase your own at routine and is available for you. But go through this list again and kind of start to think about if these are some things that have you frustrated and you can begin to work through them I hope this episode was helpful for you and remember when you do get the routine and things planner you will get the plan with consistency masterclass absolutely free this masterclass helps you to build a really intentional strategy that will help you be consistent with your planning. And when you're using the routine and things planner, it helps you build out a plan and routine, as well as helps you set up your routine and things planner. So that is available when you purchase the routine and things planner. Thank you again for joining me for this episode.

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