Epi 132: Introducing The Routine and Things Accelerator

If you’ve ever wanted support and accountability with getting your routines up and running, I have something very special for you today. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, I’m sharing all about the Routine and Things Accelerator, my brand new 3 month membership program to help you finally incorporate strong and healthy routines into your life. You don’t want to miss this!
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If you've ever wanted support and accountability with getting your routines up and running, I have something very special for you today. In this episode of the routine and things podcast, I'm sharing all about the routine and things accelerator, my brand new three month membership programs to help you finally get your routines up and running. Tune in because you don't want to miss this episode.

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Before we get into today's episode, I wanted to remind you that this is the last and final month to preorder the routine and things planner. The routine and things planner is all about helping you get organized and into routine so that you enjoy the heck out of life. It uses routine blocking, which is a very simple planning method, where you organize your tasks your to dos into four routine categories, including self care, children and family, cooking and cleaning. This means that you're going to be able to stay on top of major priorities in your life, those priorities that you are thinking about day to day. And it also means that you're going to be able to stay more focused, and also create the balance that you need in your life when it comes to getting things done. I am so excited about the routine and things planner and I hope that you grab yours today, there are limited quantities available. So don't miss out on preordering your planner. And when you preorder this month, you're also going to be getting a free gift with your purchase. You can head to routineandthings.com/plan to preorder your routine and things planner, or just click the link in the show notes.

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Hey, girl, hey, welcome back for another episode of the routine and things Podcast. I'm so happy you're joining me, because we get to chat today about something I have created for you something that I've thought about for a very long time. And I'm so excited that it's actually here and that you're going to be able to participate in this. It is the routine and things accelerator. Now, let me give you a backstory about this. Because at first if you follow me on Instagram, or even if you are on the email list, you know that I was going to come out with a routine things membership community. And this was going to be a long standing community that you could join whenever and that you could stay in for however long you wanted to stay in it.

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But something was not feeling aligned for me. I was like wait, like I don't want these women needing or feeling like they have to stay within a community for a long length of time. My sole purpose of routine and things, my business is to help women learn how to build and maintain routines so that they can move on and use their routines as support to live their life. So I knew going into it that I really did not want you staying within my membership community. And so as I continue to think about it, I was like hold up, this sounds more to me like an accelerator, a way for you to get results. But get results in a beautiful way and also in a faster way.

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And because right? When it comes to routines, I know if you're anything like me is like wait, I want to get these up and going. So what do I need to do? How do I need to do it? So that I can feel some relief in my life so that I'm not as overwhelmed, and that I have systems and processes in place that support myself and my family. And so the accelerator is going to do just that. And I'm so so excited. If you are listening to this episode as it is released, which is July 4, then that means you're in luck, because tomorrow doors open to the first cohort for the routine and things accelerator, you can be one of the founding members of this program and join me inside, which I'm so excited about.

Ashley Brown 4:12
Now the accelerator, the doors stay open for six days only. So from July 5 to July 10. That is the only time you can join on July 10 at 8pm Eastern Time, the doors will close to the accelerator and doors will open at another time. But I just don't know when that's going to be and so if you want to get inside the accelerator now is your chance. The summer is the perfect opportunity for you to work on your routines because when fall sets in, you want to have those routines down pat and so this is a great time for you to join the accelerator you're with me for three months and we work on specific routines that are gonna give you so much relief in your life going to help you lessen the stress and the overwhelm.

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And that's gonna help you to feel like you have more ease and that you can be more present and enjoy the life that's in front of you because you deserve it. Now this is a cohort style membership. So you're going to be with a group of ladies, which I'm so excited about. Because anytime you can be with a group, and we are all going to be doing the same goal incorporating three specific routines into our lives, you are going to be motivated, that is a motivating factor, being able to go through a program with many women to get the results you're looking for. Because y'all are gonna motivate each other, you're going to inspire each other, you're going to encourage each other throughout this process.

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This program is really hugely about accountability. Because let's be honest, when we're in seasons of life, that feel hard, that feel uncomfortable, that feel overwhelming, what we need, honestly, to get outside of that and to move beyond the overwhelm is accountability. Accountability and support, and continuing to make progress in the ways that we want to in the ways that we desire. And so this group, this accelerator is really going to help with that it's going to be hugely built on accountability. The goal of the accelerator is for you to incorporate strongly healthy routines into your life, specifically three, we're going to be working on three specific routines, a morning routine, a bedtime routine, and then a routine of your choice.

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Now, you may be asking Ashley, why are we doing three routines within this accelerator, because one you are fully capable of incorporating three routines into your life, and three months. Ask me how I know. You are fully capable of this. Two, once you have incorporated, that means built and maintained three routines, you are a pro at building and maintaining routines, you know how to build them, you know how to maintain them, you know how to get over roadblocks. You know what to do when things come up, you are then a pro. And if you can master incorporating these three routines into your life, that means at any point in time, when you need a routine, you know how to build it, you know how to maintain it.

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And that does you so well in life, because when you know how to pull out a tool and use it for your life, you don't have to look to anybody else, like you know how to do this thing. And so that is the point of this accelerator is to teach you how to do it. So that once you're out of the accelerator, you know what you're doing, you know what you're doing. So I'm super excited, we're going to be building a morning routine, and a bedtime routine, because here's the thing. First of all, those are two routines I hear all the time people want. I've heard from y'all, for these last three years in the business. And many people want to create a morning bedtime.

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So that's one but for me, I really want to help you create these routines. Because I know how important these routines are in my life. They are just everything. These are two parts of your day, that are always going to exist the morning and going to bed, waking up and going to sleep is always going to exist. And those are the foundations of your day, when you wake up. And when you go to bed because you're doing those, those are the consistent areas of your day, right? So why not have routines that are built around things that stay consistent, so that no matter what else is going on, no matter what stressors tried to come, no matter what little fires try to come about in your life.

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No matter what circumstances or situations arise, you know, that you have these consistent parts of your day that usher in peace and joy and love and healthiness to your life so that you remain balanced. Or just grounded. Let me say that you remain grounded. Even when things come up and arise in your life. These are the things that you can count on to be consistent, your morning routine, your bedtime routine. And because how you start your day is so important and how you end your day is so important. These are two important areas in your life that when you build them, and you have routines that support you in these areas. I mean, it changes your life honestly, it really does. You feel like you can tackle anything when you have a good bedtime and morning routine you really do.

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So that's why we're going to be working on those two and then I give you the opportunity to work on a routine of your choice, because I want for you to also decide which routine would best support you in this season of life as well during this time. And so that's what we're going to be working on in each month because it's a three month membership. Each month is going to be dedicated to a specific routine. So one month we're all going to be working on our bedtime routine. One month we're all going to be working on our morning routine. And one month we're gonna be working on a routine of our choice, and you're gonna have a step by step roadmap as to how to build and also maintain your routines.

Ashley Brown 9:59
This accelerator, it's all about helping you be consistent all about helping you be consistent and keep your routines up and going and giving you the opportunity to show that you can be consistent with things you can. And all you need is a little bit of support and accountability, and someone loving on and a kick in the butt at times. And that's all you need. And I'm here to give it to you. Okay, we're going to help each other in this accelerator, also included in the accelerator while you're going through it every month, you're going to have a masterclass, that's going to help you're going to, we're going to be doing group q&a days, we're going to have challengers together that really focus on helping you strengthen your consistency.

Ashley Brown 10:42
I'm going to be doing routine audits just in case you want some feedback on your routine, as well as guest expert interviews, I want to bring some people in, I want to bring a person in that can really help you and give you some insight around a certain part of your life that could be beneficial for you to have some routine around or to even just give you some tips and tricks that they know people that are very much organized in their life, and absolutely love routines. And so I'm super excited about the accelerator because I know it's going to be a great time, we're going to have so much fun. But most importantly, I'm gonna get you the results that you've been wanting, which is getting your routines up and going. Now's the time, right now's the time is a beautiful time for it to happen. So doors are going to be opening tomorrow, July 5 to July 10.

Ashley Brown 11:34
I'm so freaking excited, you're going to be with me for July, August September, three months with me and a group of amazing ladies. And we are going to get your routines all the way together is going to be such a good time. And this is the time I want to say this before I wrap up this episode is so important that you are committed to the process is so important that you are committed to this process. If you are even somewhat interested in joining the accelerator, I want you to know that is not enough for you to just be interested, you also have to be committed because that's how you are going to get the results. If you are in a season of your life where you are overwhelmed and where you are stressed where you are looking for a solution. This can be a solution for you. But you have to be committed to the process.

Ashley Brown 12:23
That's why if you join the accelerator, you have to commit to be in there their entire three months, you have to commit to showing up to the events that we have, you have to commit to keeping your routine going and being a part of your accountability pod and doing the accountability check ins because this is how you are going to get the results that you're looking for in your life which is more ease more enjoyment, no longer being overwhelmed. I want you to understand that overwhelm is a choice. Yes, we're going to be stressed in our lives at times they're going to be stressors that arise at times that's a part of living and being a human but be it getting to a state of overwhelm is a choice that we make. And that choice. I know you don't want to continue to choose that.

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So if this is an opportunity that you fill a if its going to help you is going to set you on a path to getting beyond the overwhelm which it will consider joining consider being a part of the first cohort of the routine things accelerator is going to be the bomb.com and I'm super excited. And this is my wheelhouse. I was a teacher for over six years. I love educating I love being a part of community I love helping women get from point A to point B this is my heart. This is my heart and you know I keep it real. So doors open tomorrow. If you want a reminder as we wrap up this episode please for a reminder, join the email list. join the email list I will send out an email to you tomorrow that let you know doors have opened.

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Tomorrow you get an email so join the email list. You can join the email list by going to routineandthings.com. Scroll all the way to the bottom and join the email list or just sign up for our routine assessment. You can also go to the link in our show notes to sign up as well. But that's it. That is it for today. I'm super excited that this is happening. Finally this is happening and I cannot wait to see you inside. I cannot wait to welcome you into the routine and things accelerator. Until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing, stay happy girl, and I'll talk to you soon.

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Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today's episode, take a screenshot and share it on social I would love to know you're listening and for tools to help you start maintain and enjoy your routines. Be sure to head to routineandthings.com Here's to staying happy.

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