Routine and Things Planner

Planners ship on the official launch date (October 5th). Preorder available now until July 31st.

Overwhelmed with managing everything on your plate? This one of a kind planner will help you get organized and in routine so you enjoy life as much as possible. Organize what truly matters while incorporating healthy routines in your life. It's simple to use and great for any season of life.

You'll use Routine Blocking™, a simple planning method for organizing your tasks into four routine categories including self care, children/family, cleaning, and cooking. Each block represents space in your life, an opportunity to decide how to best spend your time. This method of planning will help you organize your weeks with ease, stay on top of your priorities, and keep top of mind what matters, including you!

Women love it!

"I love the simplicity of the Routine and Things Planner! It's such a perfect way to name what ACTUALLY MATTERS in our week so we can maintain a beautiful balance between productivity, connection, and rest." 
- Emily S.

"I love the block planning method used in this planner. It makes my planning so much easier. I feel like the planning blocks cover every aspect of my life that could use organizing and I absolutely love that!"
- Rebecca M.

"As a mom, educator and student, it is particularly helpful to open up to a one page spread and see everything at a glance. I love that a self-care section is included so that I prioritize my well-being while making sure I stay on top of everything."
-Jenn B.

"The Routine and Things Planner is a necessity for a successful week. With the focus on routines, I am reminded of the routines that will help keep my house tidy, the family well taken care of, as well as self-care."
- Toni-Ann M.

"Using the Routine & Things Planner truly helped me to focus on the things that really mattered in my day. I loved how simple it was, which helped me to simplify how I broke up my days."
- Amber T.

"I absolutely love the Routine and Things Planner! I was able to make it my own which helped me organize my busy lifestyle and stay on track with my tasks. It’s not filled with a bunch of unnecessary things, provided just enough to plan with ease!"
-Tamara R.


What you'll love:

  • A dedicated section for weekly brain dumping
  • Routine Blocking™, a planning method to help you avoid burnout, maintain focus, and follow through 
  • You can conveniently see your entire week at a glance with the full weekly layout
  • Great for managing work, family, and household responsibilities
  • Simple design and simple to use
  • Routine building and assessment pages
  • Routine trackers to help strengthen your consistency

Planner details:

  • Measures 8" x 10"
  • Self-dated
  • Full month and week views
  • Quarterly routine pages
  • Weekly routine tracker
  • Hard cover with silver coil
  • 176 pages with 12 tabs
  • Printed on high-quality 120 gsm paper
  • Pocket inside the back cover
  • Monthly tabs
  • Monthly sticker sheet
  • Comes paired with matching keepsake box


When you preorder a planner in June, you'll get 1 month free inside the Routine and Things Accelerator which launches July 5th!

The Routine and Things Accelerator is a 3 month membership program dedicated to helping you incorporate strong, healthy routines into your life so you reduce stress, better manage your time, and create space for more ease and enjoyment. The accelerator includes monthly masterclasses, weekly accountability check-ins, group challenges, Q&A discussions, guest expert interviews, and more!

Please note: Planners ship in October. Plan to receive your planner no later than November.  Do NOT add any additional products to your cart unless you are okay with the item shipping with your planner in October. You can place a separate order for any planning pads you would like to receive now.

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