Routine and Things Accelerator

Let's work together to better manage your energy, time, and stress so you feel more in control in 2023! The Routine and Things Accelerator is a 3 month group program that teaches you to build and maintain routines while successfully incorporating two core routines into your life.

Month 1: You'll learn the building blocks needed to create and maintain strong routines. This will include learning my signature Routine Building Framework, assessing your current routines, and identifying healthy ways to respond to resistance that can hinder your progress.

Month 2: You'll focus on successfully incorporating a restful bedtime routine that promotes rest and sleep so you show up as your best the next morning.

Month 3: You'll start a supportive morning routine that will help you start your day on the right foot and set the tone for the day ahead.

After leaving the program, you'll have an impactful morning and bedtime routine to help you consistently manage your energy, create margin in you life, and reduce stress. Plus you'll have the skills for building and maintaining routines, which is a tool you'll use for a lifetime!


The accelerator will serve you best if:

  • You're in a season of busy and tired of feeling overwhelmed by all the moving parts in your life. You know having solid routines will help lessen the stress.

  • You've been wanting to start routines but you haven't had the time or capacity to get them up and going yourself. You believe with the right support and accountability you'll make the progress you desire.

  • You would love to have a strong morning and bedtime routine. You want to show up as your best self as often as possible and know these routines will help tremendously.

  • There's a lot on your plate right now and you're not enjoying life like you use to. You know it's time for a change and you're committed to taking action NOW rather than later.

In the program you'll receive: 

  • Access to the new and improved Rock Your Routine Masterclass

  • Live masterclasses for building and maintaining your routines (replays will be available)

  • Live Q&A/coaching calls to overcome roadblocks getting in your way (replays will be available)

  • Group challenges to strengthen your consistency and help you stay on track

  • Monthly accountability pep talks

  • Group accountability for ongoing support and encouragement (you'll be paired with 2-3 other members in a small accountability pod)

  • Routine audits (optional)

  • Private, intimate network to connect with other members outside of social media

About the host:

Hi, I'm Ashley! I'm the founder and owner of Routine and Things and author of the Routine Building Handbook. They call me the routine queen because I know a thing or seven about routines. Plus I have a strong passion for helping women manage their lives with ease and enjoyment one routine at a time.

I've put together this amazing group program to help you master the art of building and maintaining routines because I know firsthand they have the power to change your life!

Love Notes:

"If you are new to routines, Ashley is a great resource to guide you step by step in the process of setting them up without causing additional overwhelm. If you already have routines in place and are struggling with them, then The Routine and Things Accelerator will help you to refocus and recommit."
 - Michelle S.

"Ashley is a great support and has valuable information. My routines are better organized and flow better because of her system of routine building." Janie P.

"This is an exceptional way to learn how to develop your morning and evening routines. Ashley is a wonderful teacher. I would encourage anyone to take this program, even if you don’t think you need a routine, you do!" - Erreca W.

"The Accelerator has changed my mindset. It has allowed me to embed my own routines when I thought at this point of my life would be almost impossible. I have become more aware of what my goals are because my evening and morning routines are based on what best fits me. It looks different for everyone. Being a single mom of a 1 year old , I initially got lost in the shuffle of my daughter’s  routines. But the Accelerator has helped me to focus on my routines outside of career and motherhood and has helped me to be intentional and better organized. Loved the Accelerator!" - Ashley M.

"The energy and information was superb.  The steps were clear and organized.  The support made all the difference." - Ellie N.

"This program has helped me get the routines I had been putting off creating a great kick start! I loved that I was able to have the accountability of Ashley, my pod, and the group to support and encourage me along the way in addition to the masterclasses, pep talks, and Q&As. I especially enjoyed the challenges since they were a fun way to motivate me to take action on my routines and get consistent with them. I highly encourage anyone who needs a swift kick in the pants to try using the accelerator to get their routines set up and get started actually doing them." - Ria S.

"It was an amazing learning process. The techniques that were taught we simple and easy to use. Nothing complicated." - Donna H.

"I really enjoyed this experience and it definitely helped me to build on my routines, piece-by-piece, day-by-day." - Julia R.

Time to reset and recommit to the vision for your life. Learn to build and maintain routines that will help make it happen!

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