You can't enjoy life when you're stressed from managing it all. Here at Routine and Things, we help you get organized one routine at a time so you smile more and enjoy the heck out of life! When women feel good, the world is better for it. We believe by helping you create and maintain a life you love, this creates a ripple effect in your life, for your family, and for generations to come!

Hi! I'm Ashley, founder and owner of Routine and Things.  At my core, I'm a southern girl who loves God, iced lattes, and anything from Target. I'm also a momma of 2 cuties, author, educator, and self proclaimed routine queen!

I founded Routine and Things after experiencing a rough transition from working mom to stay at home mom. Long story short, I lost sight of myself and my home and it took me far too long to get back to living a life I enjoyed.

Wanna know what helped? Routines.

Routines became the constant I relied on and helped me get organized enough to begin enjoying life again. It hasn't been an easy road to get to my happy place but I'm using what I've learned along the journey to equip women like you, to live your happiest life one routine at a time. 


Cheers to you! Here's to getting and staying happy!