Visibility Strategy Call

Someone needs what it is you offer, but how can they get it when they don't know you exist? Let's work together to change this! During our 1.5 hour visibility strategy call we will work together to:

  • Identify the best visibility strategies for your business/work
  • Find the right people and businesses to reach out to
  • Hone your story and message
  • Create your ideal pitch email (with three topic ideas)
  • Create subsequent follow up emails

You'll also get:

  • A copy of my personal spreadsheet you can edit to make your own
  • A copy of my pitch that has been used to create many opportunities to share my work with the world

Just for fun, here's proof I'm the right person to talk to. 

  • With less than 1,000 followers, I've spoken on topic rated podcasts such as About Progress, With Intention, Minimalist Mom Podcast, and so many more.
  • I've gained well over 1,000 followers with a couple of months all from simple visibility strategies.
  • I've gotten opportunities to speak at multiple summits to showcase my expertise and help many women and moms.

You have gifts to share and believe it or not, people are looking for exactly what you offer. It's time to shine a light on your work and in return, shine a light in the lives of others!

Schedule your strategy call today! 

Note: After your payment, you will receive an email to schedule your strategy session as well as a prep form to complete before our call. I look forward to working with you!

  • $247.00