Plan with Consistency Masterclass

**Free when you purchase the Routine and Things Planner**

Whenever you purchase a new planner you always have great intentions for staying consistent. But after a few weeks you realize you're not using it as much anymore and promise you'll start back the next month but it never happens. Once you've stopped planning, you find it hard to jump back into it. You begin to think, "If only I could have stayed consistent."

Here's the thing. It's not you, it's your strategy.

Planning is a tool used to organize your mental to-do list into an actionable plan and with any tool, your success is in how you use it (i.e. your strategy).

If you've recently purchased the Routine and Things Planner and want to have a strategy for staying consistent month after month, the Plan With Consistency Masterclass is for you!

You want this time to be different. Let's work together to make it happen.  


You'll benefit from the Plan With Consistency Masterclass if:

- You've purchased paper planners in the past that have only been used for a few weeks or months

- You haven't had great success with staying consistent with paper planners and are starting to believe they may not work for you

- You like pen to paper planning and would love a strategy to help you remain consistent month after month

- You've ordered the Routine and Things Planner and want your planning to be effective and consistent


What's Included:

A 30-minute virtual masterclass to:

Effectively set up your Routine and Things Planner - This includes helping you build an effective planning system using the monthly and weekly spreads so your planning captures the moving parts in your life. You'll also learn how to make the Routine Block section work best for you. 

Create your Planning Routine - We'll work together to build your weekly planning routine so you have a tool for staying consistency with planning.


Masterclass Host: Ashley Brown, Founder and Owner of Routine and Things and author of the Routine Building Handbook

  • $29.00