Routine and Things Planner

Overwhelmed with managing everything on your plate? Reduce daily stress and keep overwhelm at bay using The Routine and Things Planner. Designed to help you get organized and into routine so you enjoy the heck out of life! It's simple to use and merges the power of routine and planning, necessary tools to help you get organized and STAY organized.

Inside you'll use the Routine Block Planning Method, a simple planning method for organizing your daily tasks into four routine categories including self care, children/family, cleaning, and cooking. 

Each block consistently anchors you back to what truly matters day to day and represents space in your life, giving you the opportunity to decide how to best spend your time. Using the Routine Block Planning Method, you'll manage the foundational areas of your life, become a good steward of your time/energy, and engage in consistent self care!


What you'll love:

  • A dedicated section for weekly brain dumping
  • Routine Blocking™, a planning method to help you avoid burnout, maintain focus, and follow through 
  • You can conveniently see your entire week at a glance with the full weekly layout
  • Great for managing work, family, and household responsibilities
  • Simple design and simple to use
  • Routine building and assessment pages
  • Routine trackers to strengthen your consistency

Planner details:

    • Measures 8" x 10"
    • Self-dated
    • Full month and week views
    • Quarterly routine pages
    • Weekly routine tracker
    • Hard cover with silver coil
    • 176 pages with 12 tabs
    • Printed on high-quality paper
    • Pocket inside the back cover
    • Monthly tabs
    • Monthly sticker sheet (in back pocket of planner)
    • Comes paired with matching keepsake box

PlANNER BONUS: When you purchase the Routine and Things Planner you'll be sent the Plan With Consistency Masterclass absolutely free to learn and create a strategy to help you stay consistent with your weekly planning! 

  • $45.00
  • $56.00
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Realistic helpful planning

I am the "buy a planner every once in a while bc maybe it might make my chaos disappear" type of person. I started listening to the Routine and Things podcast just as the planner was launching and realized that very possibly this might actually help bc it was designed for people who have chaotic full lives, just like me! I believe listening to the podcast episodes and following all the tips in the planner really make a huge difference in giving me the space and confidence to help actually implement these structures into my life. It's been one week, but by spending a bit of time sorting things and evaluating what I wanted to put where was very comforting when it got to Thursday and I still felt capable and ok if not everything happened the way I had planned. This honest realistic way of planning is what I needed, so thank you!

Diana SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Beautiful and functional planner!

United States United States

The BEST planner I’ve ever used

I had pretty much given up on paper planners- I’ve bought SO many through the years and none seemed to work for me, or I’d use for a couple days and never again. I now realize it’s because none of them were set up for how my brain- and life ACTUALLY work. When I opened the Routine and Things planner I just jumped in-messy handwriting and all- and started mapping out to do’s for my new business as well as everything I want to do to care for my family, self and home WELL. These things were falling through the cracks because I didn’t have an easy way to keep track. Everything about this planner just WORKS- the way it’s laid out, the section to track one new routine (instead of the 10 I tried to do and just ended up feeling overwhelmed), the space to write and the fact that it’s undated so if I miss a week I’m not hard on myself- all of it. This was just so intentionally created- I’m blown away!! SO THANKFUL to finally something that will work for me and create some calm in my routines and daily life! Thanks Ashley!! ❤️

Heather P.
United States United States

Love this planner

I love that the planner gives me a holistic weekly view. It has helped me over come the constant thought loop of “not having enough time”, because I can easily see and manage how many hours and things I have going on weekly and daily. Game changer!

A Routine and Things Customer
United States United States

Has kept me sane

This fall has been INTENSE in all ways for me and my family. I'm so relieved that I started using this planner at the beginning of this season, as it has not only kept me afloat--it's kept me sane. The layout matches my needs really well--I especially love how I can depend on the 'Brain Dump" section (done just once a week) to draw out my daily to-do's from, and the "Important Events" section is so helpful, especially how it's divided from the to-do's. The one thing I'd consider is having the routine blocks be fill-in-the-blank, instead of decided in advance. Again, this planner has been the key to us navigating such a stressful, full time and I hope more women can access it.