What I'm Looking Forward To In 2023

I’m keeping it short, sweet, and special this week. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, I’m sharing what I’m looking forward to most in 2023. Tune in to hear what has me excited for the new year ahead!
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I'm keeping it short, sweet and special this week. In this episode of the routine and things podcast I'm sharing what I'm looking forward to most in 2023. Tune in to hear what has me excited for the new year ahead.

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Hey, girl, hey, welcome back for another episode of the routine and things podcast. This is the final episode of 2022. Dang Girl. We done made it to the end of the year, ain't God good. We made it to the end of the year. I'm so grateful about that. I hope you are too. I'm pretty sure you are. But we're about to step in 2023 I don't know what the vibes are gonna be or what's going to take place in 2023. However, I am very hopeful. I think that 2023 is going to be a very abundant year in general for me for you. We're claiming it, Do you claim it? I really do. I think it's gonna be a really, really abundant year and I'm super excited. So in today's episode, I wanted to share what I'm actually looking forward to when it comes to 2023.

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And it's three things I want to keep it to three, right, we can like think about so many things we're looking forward to in 2023 and plan for so many things. But it's three things in particular for me because I like to keep things simple that I'm looking forward to for the new year. And I'm super excited for these things and ready for these things to come into fruition. And so it's three things. Before I get into the three things I do want to share that this is the final week for you to request to join the routine and things accelerator which doors open January 1, which is right around the corner, the routine and things accelerator is a three month program that is going to help you get your core routines up and running a morning routine and a bedtime routine those foundational routines that are definitely needed when it comes to you managing your energy well and enjoying life and living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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And so you can learn more about the accelerator by going to routineandthings.com/accelerator or you can also click the link in the show notes to learn more as well. Okay, let's get into what I'm looking forward to in 2023. I really wish sometimes you could talk back to me and let me know what you're looking forward to. But if you remember to do so at the end of this episode, like go on Instagram and your stories type out what you're looking forward to in 2023 If you have the time and tag me, and I would love to read it and also share it might give somebody else inspiration. So what I'm looking forward to in 2023 is first and foremost continuing the practice of self growth. I shared about this on the last podcast about how I am all about self improvement self development and so that is not going to change.

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And so I am looking forward to my self growth in 2023, which will be through therapy which will be through my self care practices like my bedtime and morning routines which include meditation and journaling and connecting with God. And so that is what I am thoroughly looking forward to. It's been some changes that have gone on in my life transitions that are being made and I'm looking forward to the transition, the change and everything that comes with those things and so me being able to stay grounded within myself stays strong to my values and staying in connection with God is so important. So just continuing the practice of self growth is definitely what I'm looking forward to and I'm excited about it. I am. The second thing that I'm looking forward to is a girls trip.

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And you may be thinking girl we are all ready for a girls trip. But I'm not talking about like a group trip with my girlfriends. I'm talking about a girls trip with my daughters. So I am super excited to go on a trip with them this year. This is something that I am going to plan. I want to plan to do it like within the third quarter of the year like anywhere between July and September I want to plan to do a girls trip and specifically around our birthday time. So my oldest daughter's birthday is in June, me and my youngest daughter's birthday is in July. So I want to plan a girls trip I think it would be so cute to take them on a trip with me. My oldest will be six my youngest will be four.

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Oh my freaking Gosh, when I say that that just is like craziness to me, but they are growing and I just feel like it would just be so special to take them on a girls trip. Even if it's like a little staycation we don't have to go far. We ain't got to jump on no plane, y'all because you know, we don't have to jump on no plane, although we could we'll see. But a girls trip somewhere would be absolutely adorable. And I think that I would thoroughly enjoy it and have some bonding time with my babies. So that's what I'm looking forward to as well. And the last thing that I'm looking forward to is continuing to impact the lives of women through routine and things woooh this is my heart. This is like a piece of my heart routine and things because I know how impactful it has already been for women that it continues to be for women for you.

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And I want to continue to make an impact in this world and your life continue to help you with building routines, maintaining routines, because I know the power that they have to shift your life in such a positive and beautiful way. And so that is something that I'm looking forward to I have some things I want to do and 2023 including continuing to have the planner which will be coming out again in the fall, that's going to be cool for 2023 as well as the routine and things accelerator which is starting up January 1st, so that I'm super excited about join the waitlist join or request to join now. And I'm also excited about doing something special where I can connect with you and help you to improve your home and family routines, which I think is going to be really awesome. So stay tuned for that.

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So I'm just really excited about the possibilities for routine and themes continuing to spread the word and message about routine and things and what it offers women in their lives. And can I just say thank you. I want to just sit here for just a second and just say thank you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being in community. Thank you for the messages that you have sent me for the DMS you have sent me for the email messages for the reviews that you have put on the podcast. That just brings me so much joy because sometimes in business and when you're helping others you don't know if you're being helpful at times you're like is what I'm saying resonating or helpful for people because that's why we do what we do especially me and so I want to just say thank you.

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Thank you for being a part of the routine and things family thank you for always coming back to listen even if this is your first time tuning in, thank you for even being here and opening your ears to even what I have to share. Right. So thank you so much. I appreciate you. I appreciate the love and I am praying that you're 2023 is absolutely amazing. No matter what goals you have, no matter what vision you have for your life knowing that it's possible. Knowing that you can make it happen knowing that even through challenge transition change that there is light that there is love and that there is something to be learned and gained. So I'm rooting for you now and into next year. And I'm hoping that it is such a beautiful and abundant year for you. That is my prayer for you.

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Thank you for joining me. Final roll call for the routine and things accelerator if you want to learn more and request join you can do so. Doors open January 1st. January 1 is when doors open and we kick things off. Hopefully you are joining me if you want to get your core routines up and going a morning routine a bedtime routine so that you have these staple routines are helping you in your life to manage life well to maintain your happy I hope you join. You can do So by going to routineandthings.com/accelerator or click the link in the show notes, but until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are. Whatever you're doing, stay happy girl and I will talk to you in the new year.

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Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today's episode, take a screenshot and share it on social. I would love to know you're listening. And for tools to help you start, maintain and enjoy your routines. Be sure to head to routineandthings.com. Here's to staying happy

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