You're An Amazing Mom

Do you know how absolutely amazing you are as a mom? Well if you’ve been questioning your mom skills lately this is the episode for you!

 In this episode of The Routine and Things Podcast, I’m giving you your roses today and sending you encouraging vibes reminding you of just how amazing you are as a mom. Listen now for some encouragement and love.

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[Intro] Routines, my absolute favorite word, but you either love them or you hate them. And either way, I strongly believe that routines can be a springboard for improving your home yourself and your life. I'm Ashley Brown. And this is a routine and things podcast. In each episode we'll dive into a specific routine or point of view that will move you closer to enjoying life more and more each day. Trust me, you're gonna want to keep listening because you're well on your way to getting and staying happy.


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Hey, welcome back. So this week, I am giving you some encouragement. That is what I am doing. I am giving you encouragement and letting you know even though you probably already know and if you don't, reality check today, that you are an amazing mom. I want you to receive that today. I want you to sit with that for just a moment. You're an amazing mom. Do you believe it? You should because you are. The fact that you're listening to this podcast means you are dope, mom. And you are awesome and amazing and wonderful. And all of those good things, all of those beautiful things. And I want to love on you. Although Mother's day has passed, I'm going to keep it alive. I want to keep it alive because I really feel like every day is Mother's Day. So we are going to keep it going. I want to shower you with love. give you your roses today and let you know just how amazing you are. And I say this because I see you. Yeah, I don't, I don't physically see you. But I see you if you know what I mean. I know how much you do for your family, always doing so much for your family. You are committed to your family committed to your children, making sure that they are growing up to be beautiful people, beautiful individuals. I know that, you are strong, you are resilient and that is what makes you amazing.


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Even when things get rough, you are still holding your head high. You are still being mindful about what you're doing and why. I know that motherhood gets tough, trust me, trust me. But what I know about you is you are still going you are still in the race. You don't give up. You continue to move forward in your days when things get hard, even when you really want to give up. I mean, are you kidding me? by some people throw in the towel but not you girl. I know you do not throw in the towel. You keep moving. And what's so beautiful about you is you withstand the pressures of life, right? Pressures come from all around, but I know for you, you are still standing. And you still care deeply and lovingly about your little humans, even in those days, like, you see them and you recognize that you are here for them. Right, and you recognize that you can't give up because they're looking at you. They're waiting for you and you want them to feel safe and secure. I mean, me how more amazing is that? That in the times where you are not feeling your best you are still trying to give your best to your children and to those around you. I mean that that is just beautiful.


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You are also amazing because you provide for your family, for your children financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. That is how you serve your family. You make your little ones feel special. I mean come on. You make them feel special even when you just pay attention to them and listen for just that moment. It makes them feel like they are so loved. And they love you for that. You are so amazing to them. You are so amazing in general because without you, life wouldn't be the same. You are beautiful, special, loving, caring, smart. You are wonderful, mama. I want you to know that today. You are wonderful. Sometimes you may be having thoughts and thinking, am I a good mom? When you have those thoughts if you're thinking that right now, I want you to know, stop. Stop thinking you're a bad mom. The fact that you're thinking that means you're a awesome mom. You are the best mom. You are the best mom for your kids. You are an awesome and beautiful and loving individual. So don't question if you are a good mom. You are a great mom. You're an amazing mom. Your kids love you. They adore you. They do even if they may not say it, they do. They say it in their ways. Right? Our children have a way of telling us that they love us and adore us by just coming up to us and saying "mama, can you give me some food?" So I'm saying you are amazing to your family and you should feel amazing. The fact that you are trying each and every day and you get up out of your bed and you provide and care for your family and for your children. That is amazing.


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So I want you to repeat after me. I am an amazing mom. I am an amazing mom. Because you are, you are amazing girl. You are amazing. And then I want you to repeat this as well. I am adored by my kids and family. I am adored by my kids and family. Because you are, because you are.


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Alright girl, that Is it for this podcast episode. I just wanted to love on you some. I hope that felt good for you. I hope that you got something out of it. I hope that it brought you some encouragement, some inspiration today, and just made you feel really really good because that's what it was supposed to do. That is it for this episode. If you could please if you haven't subscribe to the podcast. If you're enjoying it subscribe. Also rate and review for me I would really appreciate if you would rate and review the podcast or me. If you are enjoying it rate and review. Also, share this with a friend, share it on social media, Instagram, Facebook, spread the love. I appreciate you. I appreciate you and I want you to know that. Every time you listen or even if this is your first time listening, I am so thankful that you found this podcast. I am so thankful that you listen. So I just wanted to let you know that today. Alright, so stay tuned for next week, we are going to have a special rock your routine episode. So you don't want to miss this, all about self care. How do you rock your selfcare routine? So make sure you come back next week, because I'm going to be here. I hope you are too. But until next time, I hope that you're enjoying wherever you are and whatever you're doing, mama. Talk to you soon.


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