Three Powerful Tips To Bring Your Vision To Life

You have a vision for your life. A vision for your family, your home, and yourself that you want to bring to fruition. With the new year approaching, this is your year to make a major comeback, so how can you actually make it happen? In today’s episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, I’m sharing three powerful tips for what can help you bring your vision into focus. These tips will keep you focused, intentional, and purposeful in your doing so you see your vision come to life in the coming year. It is possible. Grab a cup of coffee and tune in today to learn how!
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[Intro] Routines, my absolute favorite word, but you either love them or you hate them. And either way, I strongly believe that routines can be a springboard for improving your home, yourself and your life. I'm Ashley Brown. And this is the Routine and Things Podcast. In each episode, we'll dive into a specific routine or point of view that will move you closer to enjoying life more and more each day. Trust me, you're gonna want to keep listening, because you're well on your way to getting and staying happy.

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Hey, girl, welcome back. How are you? How are you feeling today? How are you doing? Just checking in with you. How was your Christmas? How was it? Did you have a great time? Did you enjoy yourself? Did you soak up all the goodness with your fam? I hope you did. Girl we're about to step into a new year this week. Isn't that crazy? It's also super exciting to we're about to step into a new year. Which Oh, my gosh, I have such a big goals for 2021. Do you? Do you this is what this podcast episode is all about today? It's three powerful tips to bring your vision to life. What vision do you have for 2021? Think about that. Do you have a vision? Have you been thinking about it? Have you been planning for it? I'm pretty sure you have because because I feel like I know you well enough by now that you have been planning for 2021. And we're going to make a strong comeback. Are you with me, we are going to make a strong comeback in 2021.

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So I want to be able to give you some really amazing and powerful tips to help you make that comeback and stay on track with bringing that vision to fruition, bringing that vision that you have for your life for your home to life in 2021. It's possible. Before I started sharing the tips with you though, I want to share that today is the last day to register for the Rock Your Routine Training™ workshop. It closes today. Yes, I know so sad. But it does. And I really hope that you can join, I'm going to be sharing with you how to create and cultivate a life giving routines for your home for yourself for your life. And in the workshop, you will be creating those routines and you will have them by the time you leave. Also you will be equipped with the tools and the mindset to stay on track. And you have 30 days of accountability, all of January, you're with me, girl, let's go. You are gonna make it happen. You are going to keep going with your routines. The entire month of January and beyond. January is just like that big momentum booster. But you're going to keep going after January, so that you can join me for the workshop and registration closes tonight. And I don't want you to miss it. So click the link in the show notes to register or you can head to Let's get into your vision.

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What is your vision girl for 2021? What do you see for your life? And what do you see for your home? What do you see for yourself? I think about vision all the time. And I love thinking into the future. I'm like one of those people. I feel like I sit in the future more than I sit in the past which I think is a is a beautiful thing. But also I have to like remind myself but but you're here, you're in the present right now. So that can be like a give and take. But anyway, let's get into the three powerful tips to bring your vision to life. Because I'm here to tell you, you are going to bring your vision to life and you can, you have it in you.

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The first powerful tip I want to share with you when it comes to bringing your vision to life is to get clear on what your vision is. Now you knew I was gonna say that. Get clear about what is that vision? What is that vision? Do you know it? Do you feel it? Can you feel it? What do you want for you? What do you want for your home? What do you want for your life? I want you to do a visualization with me. So for this you have to close your eyes. Yeah, unless you're driving or you can't close your eyes because your kids are jumping all over you or you're scared they're going to mess something up. Then just you know, keep your eyes open but think about this with me. So let's do this visualization. And this is your vision. no one else's. No way anybody else wants for you. What you want for yourself, your home, your life. Okay?

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I want you to close your eyes if you can. And I want you to imagine an ideal day. Like what you will call a perfect day. We know perfection isn't real, but what you would deem an ideal day for you. In this ideal day, where are you? Where are you?

You can be anywhere you want to be?
Where are you?

Can you see where you are? Physically? Where are you?

How does it look?

Where are you at?

Now, what do you see? What is around you? where you are? What do you see?
What do you hear? Are there any sounds around? Is it silent? What do you hear?

Who are you with? Are you with people? Are you with family? Are you with friends? Who are you with?

What are you doing? What are you doing in this day? What are the things you're getting into in this day? What are you doing?

And the last thing how do you feel? How do you feel in this day? How do you feel? Say it out loud? How do you feel?

Okay, that's it. You can't open your eyes. So how was that? How was that?

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I love visualizations because they helped to bring out what maybe you wouldn't even think about if you didn't take the time. And they can help you to focus like and really dig into really what it is that you want, and what you see for yourself. So I want you to hold on to that. I want you to hold on to that visualization, I want you to hold on to that day. Because I'm here to tell you, you can make it possible, you can make it possible. So that was the first step getting clear on what your vision is. So if you did that visualization, hold on to that day, you also write it down, I would definitely write it down. Another way that you can get clear on what your vision is, is just by taking out a piece of paper and writing out this question, What do I want? And without limitations and start writing down everything you want for your life for your home for yourself and just write it. That's another way for you to get clear on what your vision is. So I hope that was helpful. So as powerful tip number one, get clear on what your vision is. Powerful.

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Tip number two, is to become comfortable with shifting your vision if needed. I know you're like Ashley, you had me visualize all of that, my ideal day and you sitting behind that mic talking about shift your vision if needed and get comfortable with it. Yes, girl, we have to become comfortable with shifting the vision if needed, with the changing of this vision if needed. Because here's the deal. You have this plan for 2021 just like we had a plan for 2020. Look what happen. Look what happened, broke our poor little hearts. Look what happened. So although sometimes we can have this vision and the plans that we want for our life and when something intercedes, then interrupts that if we are not comfortable with pivoting, with shifting a little, with maybe even shifting a lot, what we will do is we will just go clear off the path of that vision. Even though maybe in this shift, we could have gotten back on track. But because we weren't comfortable with changing up a bit, or because we weren't comfortable and shifting a little bit, we then got off path instead of becoming comfortable knowing that change can occur. That helps us to know, okay, well, I knew this could happen. And I'm okay with this.Because I know how to get back to the path that's still going to move me towards the vision that I have for myself, my home or my life.

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That's why becoming comfortable is really important, becoming comfortable with shifting with changing your vision if needed. Because when we stay fixated on trying to reach a certain goal, or when we say fixated on trying to get towards a certain vision, although everything around us is starting to change and shift, which could be even ourselves, because that's a big thing, too, is that sometimes we can have a vision, and then we start to change. And then we don't want to get off track with that vision. Although the person we are now wasn't the same person as when we had the vision in the first place. So that takes shifting so that you now are creating a vision that is in alignment with who you are now. But also, sometimes we're forced to shift that vision like in this year. I mean, we were forced to shift our vision. But it's only a shift. Many times it's only a shift, it's not a complete overhaul. It's not like do away with the vision. It's just like a little shift. And we are still going on path to meet in that vision. But maybe we have to take a little side path. Maybe we just walk around the rock, right. But we can still get on path to get into that vision and see that vision come to fruition. But we have to first become comfortable with shifting if we need to.

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This is what I want for you to understand as well. The vision that you have is yours. If you are supposed to bring that vision to life, you will like God makes no mistakes. If it you're supposed to bring that vision to life, it will be brought to life no matter if you have to shift or not. Okay, so realize that, own that. That if something is for you. If God has something for you, it's for you. Nobody can take it away, not even COVID. Okay. Not even the craziness of this world. It is for you. Become comfortable knowing that God got you. And if you have to shift, that doesn't mean that your vision goes away. It just means that how you then get to that vision might have to be changed or tweaked a little. Because I want you to understand the most important piece of that visualization was the question of how do you feel? How do you feel? And whatever the response was to how do you feel that can be met in so many different ways. It doesn't even have to be met by that ideal day. It can be made in another type of ideal day. But that's the important piece there. How do you feel because our circumstances and situations can change in a drop of a dime. But you always have control over how you feel. Always, always.

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And then also want to share that even in changing your vision or having to do this because something comes into play or maybe you change or your vision changes. I want you to think about this that you might find in changing your vision that the new vision that you have is even better than you could have imagined. It's like if you pray for something, and then you get something more and you're like God, you done sat up here and gave me more than I even asked for. Yeah, because sometimes we can't see past our nose. My mom always said that phrase, which is so cute. But sometimes we can't see past our nose but God can so lean into the change. Um, you know, I always say that lean into the change, because that will open up so much freedom for you and you will also be able to see in the change, the beauty of it, the positive in it. So that's powerful. Tip number two, become comfortable with shifting your vision if needed.

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And the last and final, powerful tip is to use routines to stay focused on your vision. Use routines to stay focused on your vision. Now, you know I was gonna cover teens in here Yes, because routines are the bomb calm. Because the thing about staying focused, this is the thing about staying focused that I've learned over the years because I am one to really be able to focus. There's something I've learned about myself, I'm pretty good at focusing my attention, which I'm very grateful for. What helps with this is decreasing mental clutter. Staying in alignment with what you value, and matching your actions with your vision. That's what helps you stay focused towards the goals that you have, towards that vision you want to see come to life, and routines, help you do all three of these things. And it decreases the mental clutter because routines help you work smart and not hard, you have a process for how you are getting something done that you don't have to think about. Because you already know what the process is how the process is going to go, it decreases the mental load. And that's going to help you focus on getting towards that vision.

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Also routines help you stay in alignment with what you value. So if you say that you value a clean home, then having cleaning routines that put this into play is allowing you to continue to move towards that vision that you have. And the routines also help you to match your actions with your vision. And maybe you have a vision, to be able to have more time to yourself. So if you cultivate a self care routine, maybe a morning routine, I love a good bedtime routine. Where you are able to give to yourself isn't that matching your actions with the vision of you having more time for yourself? Routines do it all. And that's the great thing about routines that I love, that's what I love so much about routines is because they give to you and a multitude of ways. They are the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving. Creating more and more freedom. More and more time, more and more energy so that you can move towards that vision and actually see that vision come to life. And also, the great thing I love about routines is they can pivot. Even if your vision pivots, you can revamp a routine in a heartbeat that will still help you to get towards a vision, if that vision has to change. Look at that, look at what routines can do for your life. So beautiful. So that is the last and final tip is to use routines to stay focused on your vision.

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And these tips, I'm telling you can really help you this year. Bringing your vision to fruition is totally possible for you. Don't let nobody tell you otherwise. Don't mistake this, it is so possible for you to feel the way you want to feel in your life in your motherhood, in your home. It is so possible for you to have that ideal day that you thought about. It is possible for you and you can make this happen. You can make it happen and you will make it happen. Remember these three steps, they are powerful enough to get you to the life in the home you see for yourself in 2021 and beyond. And lastly, some routine wisdom for you is to cultivate routines that keep you in alignment with your vision.

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The Rock Your Routine Training™ workshop will help you do this. Registration for the workshop closes tonight. If you're ready to bring your vision for 2021 to life come join us on January 2nd from 12 to 3pm. It's going to be such a powerful, fun, and action packed few hours, just three hours of your time spent cultivating routines for your home for your life so you can thrive and move towards that vision you have. So to register for this you can head to the link in the show notes or go to I would love to see you in the workshop. See your beautiful face.

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Alright, well that's it for today. Enjoy yourself, girl. We're about to head into the new year. Have a party for the new year, just with you and your family. Because we made it through by the grace of God, by the grace of God and I'm thankful. All right. So continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing, stay happy and I will talk to you in 2021!

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[Outro] Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today's episode, could you do me a huge favor and take a screenshot and share it on social and for more routine goodness. Be sure to visit Here's to staying happy.
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