A Breakdown Of The Routine Block Planning Method

The Routine and Things Planner is back and in this episode I’m breaking down the Routine Block Planning Method, the signature planning method used inside to help you get and keep your life more organized. I share what the Routine Block Planning Method is, how it helps, and what makes it something you need in your life right now. Let’s get into it!
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The routine and things planner is back and in this episode I'm breaking down the routine block planning method, the signature plan and method used inside to help you get and keep your life more organized. I share what the routine block planning method is how is helpful and what makes it something you need in your life right now. Let's get into it

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Reduce daily stress and keep overwhelm at bay using the routine and things planner, our one of a kind planner merges routines and planning to help you get organized and stay organized. You'll build and incorporate routines into your life little by little and using the signature of routine block planning method you will organize your weekly tasks and so for routine categories to maintain a strong foundation for your home and your life. The things that typically get lost in the day to day shuffle will now be brought to the forefront every single week, which will help you lessen stress and avoid becoming overwhelmed. To get your very own routine and things planner be sure to head to routine and things.com or click the link in the show notes.

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Hey welcome back for another episode of the routine and things podcast I am so happy because today is such an amazing day. Because the routine and things planner is back girl is back is better than ever. You know I love this planner. And I love it for you and today I'm breaking down the routine blog planning method for you so that you know what you are getting when you purchase the routine and things plan and when you invest it's really an investment into yourself into your life when you get the routine and things planner so when you purchase this planner I need to share this with you because this is actually new. When you purchase the routine and things planner this year you are going to be getting my plan with consistency masterclass, absolutely free. This masterclass will help you set up a strategy for staying consistent with planning. If you have struggled with planning this masterclass is it is going to help you to create a strategy so that you want set up your planner your routine and things planner in a way that works best for you. But it's also going to help you set up a really amazing planning routine that you can use with your planner in order to stay consistent. So these two things together is really going to help you to maintain consistency when it comes to your weekly planning. Okay, so that's what you get when you purchase a routine and things planner this year, and I'm super excited to be able to offer that to you. Like I said the planner is back in stock, you can go grab it, we have less than 200 planners available, so get yours where you can get it.

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Alright, let's get into today's episode, which is breaking down the routine block planning methods. So with inside of the routine and things planner, we have a signature planning method. And this routine block planning method is really helpful as a visual cue but also is very helpful in helping you to stay organized and keep top of mind the things that when they aren't tended to when they aren't being paid attention to can cause you to be stressed and can cause you to become overwhelmed in your life. And these are really areas of your life that are really important to keep top of mind like yourself care your family, right, of course, we're going to always keep them top of mind that just comes naturally. But then also cleaning and cooking. Right caring for your home is very important that we have those three things right, caring for yourself caring for family caring for a home. I've realized by working with so many women that these three key things, these three key areas of our life are really important for us to tend to in order for us to feel good within ourselves. And so this planner really helps to bring this into view and to keep this at your top of mind or keep this at top of mind for you. So I'm going to be breaking this down for you today. So first let's talk about the planner just briefly what is it what is the routine and things planner is to help you get organized and into routine so that you enjoy the heck out of your life it merges planning and routine. These are two different things.

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Okay. Planning can help you get organized, helps you know what to expect. It helps you to know what is happening in your life. Routines are different, they help you stay organized because you are taking consistent action in your life in certain ways. And when you have that consistency of action in your life in certain ways, is helping you to stay organized and know what to expect. It just really alleviates a bunch of stress. And it helps you to be able to more navigate. When stressors do arise that may try to throw you off in life. It helps you to be able to devote more energy to the things that come into your life that you weren't expecting, when you have routines that are really helping you to are really helping to support you in your life, if that makes sense. Routines are support systems. They are supportive practices for you. Because when you feel like you have that support.

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Then when other things come in, that you weren't expecting, or stressors arise, you feel like okay, I have enough bandwidth, to be able to tackle this, you don't feel as if you are stripped away of your capacity when you have routines a part of your life. And that is really major. Right, we have to have capacity in life, for the unknown, if we are going to feel good when we are living and moving through our life and routines really helped with that. And so the routine things plan emerges routines and planning and one. And so that's why it's such a powerful tool for you and such a powerful planner. Who is this for is for women and busy seasons of life wanting to manage the things on your plate if you are a busy woman. Right, some some people don't like to use that word busy. So let's change that word. If you are a woman who has a lot on your plate and who is managing a lot at once.

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This planner is really helpful for you. It's very, very helpful, especially if you want to live life with more ease and you want to live life with more intention. If you are in a high stress season right now, if you are super overwhelmed right now, this planet is going to be helpful to get you organized and to keep you organized. So that alleviates your stress reduces your stress. This is also for women who are wanting to plan with simplicity, and incorporate supportive routines into your life. So if you are a woman who's like I like to keep things simple, I like to just have the basics, I don't need all the fluff fluff, I don't need all the Hoover I just need, what I gotta do, and how I'm gonna get it done. Right. Like if you like simplicity like me, you would love this planner. Also, if you want to incorporate, if you have the goal of incorporating routines, really supportive routines into your life right now, this plan will help you do it because it helps you every quarter, you're going to be building a quarterly routine. And you're going to going to be holding yourself accountable to that routine and tracking that routine throughout that quarter so that you incorporate it into your life over time. And so if you're wanting to have or build a supportive routine and incorporate into your life, this planner is really great for you. Also women who want to make sure that you are staying focused on the things that matter in your day to day. If you are the type of woman this like I really just want to make sure that my home is nice and tidy. Cooking for the fam where we know what we're eating, and I want to make sure that I'm getting my time in for myself and keeping track of the children's activities. This is great for you. This is a perfect planner for you. Because it's really gonna help you stay focused on those core foundational areas of your life that you know, matter to you and matters when it comes to live in life in a way that feels good.

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Right? Instead of focusing on the big picture, you want to ensure that important daily tasks are being done so that to maintain a strong foundation. This is really for you. So that is who the planner is for and how will it help like I told you before, it includes planning and routine building. And they do two different things. And so when these two organizational tools come together in synergy, they're very powerful in helping you to stay organized in your life and to have a plan and to have structure and to have support in your life that's helping to guide you. And so it's such a beautiful planner for you to have. Now let's get into breaking down the routine block planning method. I'm going to share three things about the routine block planning method.

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That makes it such a beautiful type of planning method in general. So the routine block planning method is essentially in it's a huge visual tool. So if you're a visual person you will absolutely love this is blocks. So it's called routine blocking, for a reason, is blocks. And at the top of these blocks, you have four different categories. The first category, which are foundational areas of your life, the first category is self care, it is so important and I specifically put self care in the first block, because we tend to overlook ourselves when it comes to life. Especially when we're in busy seasons or seasons that are very full, and we have a lot on our plate, we tend to overlook our self care, I don't want to overlooking your self care, I don't need for you to overlook yourself. Because if you're not well, if you're not feeling good, your family not feeling good. It may seem like they're feeling good, but they're not. Okay, it's important that you take care of yourself, always, as you're taking care of other people. So self care is the first block. The second block is children and family. So that block is specifically for your children specifically for your family items that you want to make sure that you maintain and keep track of the third block is cleaning.

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So these are any cleaning tasks that you may need to do throughout the week, right clean and comes up. This can include outsourcing to just to make sure that you have it on your schedule to get done. And then the last block is cooking. And of course, these are where you can write down the meals throughout the week. So if you want to write your meal plan in these blocks, you can or you can also just plan on when you're going grocery shopping or putting in your Instacart order, however you want to use this blog is really up to you, I give you many examples, or a few examples in the planner. So you can see how actual women have used this. So these are examples from actual women that actually helped me create this planner and help to give feedback on the planner. So those are the four blocks that you're going to be planning within and this is a weekly view. Another thing, let me share this with you about the planner too is that you will be able to see your entire week in a layout, which is really helpful, you won't have to like flip a page to see it. And I just feel like that's so helpful. So you can see everything at once, when you lay your planner flat, which is really awesome.

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So you have those four routine blocks, in the routine block planning method. And what this really helps you do when you are focused and tending to these four areas of your life is you are able to manage the foundational areas that really mattered, you're able to manage the basics. Sometimes in life, we can get away from the basics. And that can cause us a lot of stress when we get away from tending to our home. When we are starting to miss appointments for ourselves or our kids. When we are finding that way. I'm always scrambling to try to figure out dinner every single night is exhausting. When we're not taking care of us you're like wait, when is the last time I was able to sit down and chill by my daggone self when we're not tending to these really major areas in our life, right? The basics. Because the basics are so major in our lives, it tends to cause a stress. And so this really helps you to create a strong foundation of the basics. If you've gotten away from the basics, this is really going to help you get back on track with the basics because once you have a strong foundation, it's only up from their life feels so good. You just feel like you can tackle anything like the world is yours when you feel like you have the basics under control. Am I right? Or am i right?

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So that's the first thing that this method really helps you do. It helps you manage those foundational areas, the basics, it also helps you to become a good steward of your time and energy. I've talked about energy before energy management is huge. When you have routines, a part of your life routines are helpful with energy management. Because you're not using a lot of brain space, or brain energy to think all the time about what you're doing. You're just following this routine over and over and over. It frees up a lot of space in your brain which helps you to have more energy in general. And so it helps you to become a good steward of your time. Because with that visual of the blocks you're able to see where is life full, like what core foundational areas are really filled and when

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Which ones are not? And how can I more balanced this out? You can start to move things around on this grid as you please, because you're able to now see, well, I got a whole bunch going on on Monday. But I ain't hardly got nothing going on on Thursday, can I move something to Thursday so that I'm not doing way too much on Monday is a really great visual cue. So yeah, you would definitely love this, if you are a visual person, because it's really going to help you in managing your time and energy and thinking about what how can I balance some of the things I have on my plate. Like, it's really great for that. The last thing that routine block planning really helps you with is it promotes consistent self care. This is so huge, because when you are caring for yourself consistently and this, and let me just say this briefly, caring for yourself looks different from person to person, everybody doesn't like to get their nails done, don't like baths, don't like to go get massages, right? If that's not you, that's not your self care, you get to decide what your self care is you get to put into the Monday block of self care what you want to do for yourself. So if that's read a book, if that's go for a walk, if that's drawing with your kids, you get to put whatever you want to put in that Monday block of self care, the same for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And I want for you to fill in every single block of the week with what you're going to do for self care. I know personally for me, a lot of the times I'll put in that block, exercise, move my body. I like a bath. So I'll put bath. Sometimes I'll put going outside and taking a walk with the girls like that is my self care. Those are forms of self care for me, so you get to decide. But the major thing is that it promotes that is not going to keep you away from caring for yourself. Because as you may have noticed, in certain planners, there's not a space that really says how are you taking care of you?

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The routine and things planner, you would really have to just scratch out that block if you didn't want to remember yourself, because every week you're gonna flip to it and you're gonna see self care, you're gonna be like, Yep, okay, I need to care for myself. So eventually, if you're not filling in every box, or you're not filling in any box in the beginning, by the time you get to probably about the third week, you're gonna be like, Okay, let me just put some in this block. Let me put some in this space, okay, so it's really going to help promote that self care for you and you can ease into it. If you're not used to self care right into things for two days a week, right in something you're going to do for self care and you can start to grow it from there. But that's a huge part of this planner is that it helps you to keep your self in mind hosted keep you on your list on your to do list, okay?

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You need to be on your list. Alright, caring for you. So that is the routine blog planning method. You can also watch the free routine block training video that is at routine and things.com If you would like to see it visually and learn a little bit more about it, it's there for you. But I want to give you this synopsis because the routine of things planner is back girl and it is here for you and it is up for grabs.

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Hopefully this was helpful before I leave I want to share a few reviews of the routine in things planner from women who have used it so that you can hear what they have to say about it so I'm going to share two so this review is from Polly and Polly said I am the buyer planner every once in a while because maybe it might make my chaos disappear type of person. I started listening to the routine and things podcast just as the planner was launching and realized that very possibly this might actually help because it was designed for people who have chaotic full lives just like me. I believe listening to the podcast episodes and following all the tips in the planner really make a huge difference and given me the space and competence to help actually implement these structures into my life. She's talking about routines. It's been one week but by spending a bit of time sorting through things and evaluating what I wanted to put where was very comforting when it got to Thursday and I still felt capable and okay if not everything happened the way I plan this honest, realistic way of planning is what I needed. So thank you.

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So that review was from Polly and then I'm gonna read the one from Elena. Elena said, I have pretty much given up on paper planners, I've bought so many through the years, and none seem to work for me, or I use for a couple of days and never again, I never realized it's because none of them were set up for how my brain works. And life actually work. When I open the routine and things planner, I just jumped in messy handwriting and all and started mapping out two dues for my new business as well as everything I want to do to care for my family, self and home. Well, these things were falling through the cracks, because I didn't have an easy way to keep track. Everything about this planner just works the way it's laid out the section to track one new routine instead of 10. I tried to do and just ended up feeling overwhelmed the space to write in the fact that is undated. So if I miss a week, I'm not hard on myself at all. This was just so intentionally created. I'm blown away, so thankful to finally have something that will work for me and create some calm and my routines and daily life. Thanks, Ashley.

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Thank you see, I love these reviews. You can read all of the reviews at routine and things.com forward slash plan is there but I want to share those two because women are finding this planner extremely helpful. And it is if your brain works in a visual way. If your brain works in love simplicity. This planner is going to be very very helpful for you. So hopefully this was helpful to hear and like I said, there are under 200 planners left and up for grabs. You can get the routine and things planner today by going to routine and things.com and when you get the routine things planner this season, you will also be able to get my plan with consistency masterclass, absolutely free so go get yours, routine and things.com or click the link in the show notes. Thank you for joining me today and until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are. Whatever you're doing, stay happy girl and I will talk to you next week.

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Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today's episode, take a screenshot and share it on social I would love to know you're listening and for tools to help you start maintain and enjoy your routines. Be sure to head to routine and things.com Here's to staying happy.
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