What To Do When Your Routine Doesn't Excite You Anymore

Is your routine feeling a bit bland? Are you no longer excited when you think about doing your routine? Well check out today’s episode. In this episode of the Routine and Things Podcast, you’ll learn steps to take for bringing the spark back to your routine. Here’s what to do when your routine doesn’t excite you anymore.
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Is your routine feeling a bit bland? Are you no longer excited when you think about doing your routine? We'll check out today's episode. In this episode of the routine and things podcast you'll learn steps to take for bringing the spark back to your routine. Here's what to do when your routine doesn't excite you anymore.

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Hey, hey, welcome back for another episode is your girl, Ashley, I'm so happy you're listening to this episode today. So let's go ahead and get into it. So today I'm talking about what to do when your routine doesn't excite you any more. I hope that you're not in this space. But I'm just assuming, I hate to make assumptions. But I'm assuming that you are if you're listening to this episode. So let me help you out with this. Because it sucks when you start to feel like your routine is not exciting, especially the routines that you want to be exciting. Of course, there will be routines that are not exciting, like doing the laundry, maybe doing the laundry for you is exciting. So if it is sorry about that, but it's not for me, maybe routines like doing the laundry or cleaning the kitchen or tidying up the home doesn't excite you. But we know there is going to be routines that we do that are exciting because they just help the flow of our home feel better.

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And it helps our minds to be clear, because some routines may not be exciting for you. And that's okay like doing the laundry or cleaning up the kitchen or tidying up the house. Those routines may not be exciting for you. And that's perfectly fine, because you know they have a bigger purpose, but for routines, where excitement is driving you to do that routine, maybe like an exercise routine, or morning routine, or bedtime routine. If you feel as if a routine that you have the driving force is the excitement that you had around it. Because that's what really makes you do that routine and helps you stay consistent with that routine. Continue to listen to this episode, because I'm going to share what you can do to bring that spark back in your routine. And for that routine to be exciting for you again, there will come a time when your routine doesn't excite you anymore. It may feel a bit bland. So what do you do when this happens? Because I want you to know is normal for this to happen at times.

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You know, I mean life we do the routine things change, we change we grow. And then something that excited us before, doesn't quite excite us anymore. And so what do we do when this happens? Here's what you can consider doing. I'm gonna share a few things with you. First investigate, to see why your routine isn't exciting anymore. We always want to assess first. Sometimes we want to jump to just trying to fix the problem, but it's like, how do you fix a problem when you don't know what's broken? You have to assess the situation. Investigate to see why the routine does not excite you any more. What about the routine is not exciting for you? And really think about it and be honest with yourself please this is you know, telling the truth is important here. Why isn't the routine exciting anymore? Maybe you had a movement routine or an exercise routine? And you're like you know what?

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It just ain't hitting the way it used to hit like this is not this is not I'm moving me or driving me anymore being really honest with yourself and saying, You know what, because I'm not really I'm not really into this person no more than I'm doing this program with. Because sometimes that's it that's it or this isn't exciting because it doesn't have music. And now I feel like I need music when I exercise before I wouldn't be able to pay attention to the person. But now, I don't want to just hear this person talk the entire time, I need some background noise here. So being really honest about why this isn't working, maybe your- is not exciting, because of the fact that you're tired of exercising by yourself. And you're like, you know what, this worked for a bit. But now I really would love to exercise with some people that might make it exciting.So investigate, really assess to see why the routine isn't exciting anymore. And be truthfully, honest about it.

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The second thing I want for you to consider is of course, bringing back the excitement, adding an element into your routine that gets you excited, or brings you some type of joy, right? Like this is important for you. And it can just be one element, it doesn't have to be you don't have to throw your whole routine out the window, let me say that if your first thought is you want to just get rid of the entire routine, because it's not exciting. Nope, take a step back, you want to assess first what's not exciting, then you can add in an element that makes it exciting that might just add back the spark to the routine.If you add an element that excites you. So examples of this may be food, I don't know what routine you're doing, but maybe it's like, oh, I want a snack with this routine, like a good delicious snack. Or I want some aromatherapy with this routine, right some candles, some incense, maybe like a rose mist, the smell of rose to me is so beautiful.

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Maybe you need music, you're like music would make this so much more fun, so much more exciting. Or maybe you're like you need accountability. Like I was saying before, maybe you need some people to do it with you. And that can bring back the spark, I want you to check out episode 086. Because this gives you 15 ways to make your routine fun. And so you can check out the episode and see if anything I share my actually be helpful for you when it comes to adding an element into your routine to get you back excited about it. So that's the second thing to consider. And then the third thing I want you to consider is you may have to overhaul the entire routine. I know I just told you don't, I don't want that being your first thought. I want that to be your last resort to overhaul your entire routine.

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But sometimes starting fresh can bring about excitement because it's new, because it's new, because it's a new challenge. It's a new way of doing something. And for some of us, that is the exciting factor is that now you're doing something new. And so you are more excited about it. Because you get to start something brand new, you get to start fresh. And so consider that maybe that's a part of it. Maybe you just need a whole new routine, a whole new vibe. And so if that's the case, you can definitely build that routine out. You know, we have the routine button handbook available, at routineandthings.com/book, and that can help you in building your routine. But know that is it's okay. If you need to overhaul your entire routine, start fresh. If that's going to make it exciting for you, then do it. But know that the routine may not be perfect when you first start it. So give it some time. Give it some time.

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So those are the three things for you to consider. When your routine does not excite you any more. Was that helpful? What are you thinking right now hopefully you're like ruminating with the things that you might be able to add to your routine to make it exciting. But first, it says what is causing your routine to not excite you anymore. Then bring back that excitement with some elements that you can add to your routine to excite you. And then like I say your last resort is overhaul the entire routine, and start fresh. Save this episode for later because you may need to come back to this. Sometimes there are times where our routines are just not exciting anymore. And so when that becomes the case if that becomes the case to save this episode for later so that you can get back on track with having a routine that is bringing about some real joy and pleasure and excitement in your life.

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Don't forget this month we are crowdfunding please check out the crowdfunding campaign. I am trying to raise $25,000 in the business this is an ambitious goal for me due to a lot of different factors but I truly believe that we can make it happen that you can help me make make it happen, I would be so grateful if you would contribute whatever you have to the campaign. You can check out more information about how to contribute by going to the link in the show notes, or heading to routineandthings.com. Thank you for listening today. I hope you found this helpful. rate and review the show. If you did find this a helpful episode. If you love listen to the podcast, and until next time, continue to enjoy wherever you are, whatever you're doing, Stay happy, and I'll talk to you soon.

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